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Full Achievements Guide – Car Demolition Clicker 1 - steamclue.com
Full Achievements Guide – Car Demolition Clicker 1 - steamclue.com

Guide to unlock every achievement of Car Demolition Clicker


Welcome to the Car Demolition Clicker Guide 100%. This guide was made because the existing 100% guide was lacking. This guide will tell you the fastest and most efficient way to unlock all achievements in this game, including the secrets.

Level Advancement

First car down. Destroy your initial car
Nice tools: Visit construction site stage
Let's refuel: Visit gas station stage
Rocket test
Way too cold
Sweet Tooth Approved. Beat Darkside Truck
You can only damage the car in front of your car with a pistol when you start the games. The first order of business is to upgrade your weapon until you are making a few extra dollars per shot. Your first drone will be purchased once you reach $500. Another $500 will get you a second drone and a third. Drones can earn pa*sive income by firing upon vehicles on each stage. You will be prompted after completing the first stage to join a group. This isn’t crucial yet. I’ll explain faction achievements in their section.
As you progress through the game, you'll can upgrade your drones and make them more powerful. However, you will eventually hit a wall that the drones can no longer keep up the HP of the boss trucks. After you buy the minigun, the game will ask for diamonds to upgrade your weapons. DO NOT SPEND ANY DIAMONDS! Once you reach the point in the game where your minigun becomes useless and your drones cannot handle the bosses, go to the menu on the map and select "Power Reset". This will reset your progress back at level one, give a x1.2 damage multiplier to everything, and also convert your cars into diamonds.
It took me seven resets until my drones could destroy everything without my input. The drone upgrades will be less expensive if you choose the Lab Rats faction. With enough damage multipliers, your drones can be easily reset and take out everything, even the Darkside truck. This will give you the last achievement.


Fully loaded: Fill all drone slots
More than one: Buy a 2-gun drone
Three times a charm : Buy a 3-gun drone
Tentacle power: Buy 4-gun drone
Floating menace
This walkthrough will include references to previous sections, such this one about the helper helicopters. The first level of the game will allow you purchase your first set. You will need three drones to get "Fully loaded" and they will cost $1,500 each. When you finish the first level, you will be asked which faction you want. The Lab Rats perk allows you to get 50% off drone upgrades.
Once you beat at least 57 cars in the game, you can use the "Power Reset” option from the menu. I recommend grinding out at least 50 cars at a given time and then resetting to speed up the process. This will increase the power of your drones with the x1.2 Damage multiplier that you receive on each reset. It will also allow them to earn more money per shot. (It took seven resets to make my drones strong enough for me to take out the vehicles.)
It is easy to upgrade your drones, but there are many ranks that you must pa*s to move up to the next drone type. For example, the basic one-gun drone has four levels you must go through before you can upgrade to a 2-gun drone. The same is true for moving from two to more guns. There are four levels in the two-gun drone. When you level up, your drone icon will change color. Its level will reset to 1. You can keep moving up the levels and unlock stronger drones.
The four gun drone is the final achievement. You can unlock the level four version, which has no cap. Before unlocking the final drone, you will need 200 levels of the Level 3 drone. Although it is smart to upgrade your drones equally when you start the game, I found that my drones were killing everything in my path so I decided to spend all my money on one drone instead. You don't need every drone to reach the final level.


Still in progressA: 50 faction points for the "Lab Rats!" faction
Yes boss A: Collect 50 factions points for "The Mob."
Behind the curtain: Unlock Observers faction (Secret)
Just looking
Loyal to death Collect 1000 factions points
This guide has covered factions. I have said that "join Lab Rats because they make the drones cheaper for upgrading", but there are other factions you must join to obtain achievements. After completing your first level, you will need to join one or more of the three factions: The Mob Lab Rats, The Observers, or The Mob. You will be forced to choose one of the other factions as the Observers faction is now locked. The reset feature will be used multiple time during your playthrough. Simply choose The Mob for one playthrough, get 50 points, reset, then return to Lab Rats for drone perks.
For each vehicle you damage, you get one faction points. To achieve the respective achievements of The Mob and Lab Rats, you must destroy 50 cars in each faction. This will give you the opportunity to join The Observers. Simply reset, pick The Observers to destroy 50 cars and you'll get the "Just watching" achievement. The Observers receive a 50% discount when they purchase drones, however, I find that sticking with the Lab Rats is the best option in the long term.
You will need a lot of grinding to achieve the "Loyal till the end" achievement. I find it easiest to do this by entering a level where your robots can smash through the first cars but struggle with your boss. As long you don't upgrade the drones too far, you can get "stuck" in this way. To bring up the game's in-game menu, use the Escape key. Make sure you check the boxes that allow for auto-restarting and boss restarts. Leave the game on and go away. Your drones will take care of the starter car, you'll lose to the boss and the game will automatically restart. Doing so will help you earn more diamonds in the future when you need to reset.


Too bright Destroy the neon sign (Secrete17Y
On the right side, you'll see a yellow and blue neon sign at the first alley. This sign can also be shot off the wall.
Just a little help : Get a perk
Perks can be found in the menu on right side of screen. Click to open it, and damage upgrades, targeting options, as well as flaming barrels will appear. Click any perk and you'll unlock this achievement.
It's all money : Keep 10 milion dollars
You can unlock this by leaving the game alone, and letting the drones do their job while you grind cars to earn 1,000 points. You might consider setting up automatic grind on a later level so your drones get more money each shot.
New start
You can't unlock every achievement without resetting all your progress. This achievement will be granted when you grind for diamonds to unlock this final weapon.
Lock and load
This achievement is the most difficult. I mentioned earlier that your weaponry would plateau at the minigun. This is because the game will ask you to use diamonds in order to purchase additional weapons. I told you not to do it and this achievement is why. Diamonds you spend will not return to you when you reset progress. This means it's important that you keep them in your inventory from the beginning to save time.
Don't spend any diamonds to upgrade your gun and drones. If you give enough money to the drones, they'll be able take care of you and get you through this game.
The Chaos Engine is your final weapon. It costs 250 dollars, but you will need more if you want to get the final weapons. The total number of diamonds required to reach and buy The Chaos Engine is 517. (. Thank you to NeedAName for the precise number calculation.)
This will require multiple resets, as every time you reset your game, the diamonds from the destroyed cars are converted into new ones. It depends on how much time you leave the game to grind. I can't give a precise number. I upgraded my drones to make them strong enough to take down the regular vehicles in a level. But I lost to the bosses. I let the drone run for several hour while I did chores around the house and went to work.
When you reach 517 diamonds, then you can restart the game. Join The Mob faction and get a 50% off weapon upgrades. The fastest and most profitable weapons are automatic and rapid-fire. While the rifles shoot slowly and yield a lot more cash, it is faster to use a fast-fire weapon if one is available. The Chaos Engine is the final weapon you can upgrade. You don't need it to be at its highest level. All that is required is to own the gun to unlock the achievement.
Assuming everything has been done, you can unlock this achievement by unlocking The Chaos Engine.
The "without post release ones" clause refers merely to achievements that have a red background. These achievements were added in patches shortly after the official release. "Sweet Tooth Approved", a single achievement with a green background, is the only one. This achievement will be unlocked long before this one is released so don't worry.


These are the 22 achievements of Car Demolition Clicker. It's not a perfect game, but it's an amusing and entertaining time waster. If you're interested in that sort of thing, it's easy to add 100% to your list of completed games.
I'd love for you to send me any questions or comments. I try my best to keep up with each guide so I will be glad to answer any questions. This game does not have any "glitched” achievements that aren't properly unlockable, so you don't need to worry.
If you found this guide helpful and would like me to thank you, I'd love to give you a Profile Award. Or spare trading cards. You can trade with me, so feel free! 🙂
See you at the next game!


Written by Dinopunk

This is all we can share for Full Achievements Guide – Car Demolition Clicker for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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