Full Achievements Guide – Commander ’85

Full Achievements Guide – Commander ’85 1 - steamclue.com
Full Achievements Guide – Commander ’85 1 - steamclue.com

Quick guide to get the 9 minifigures in the game.

How to perform a hack

First we will complete the hacking achievements. At the start of the game, don’t pick up the school badge from the middle drawer of the desk, ignoring computer prompts to do so. This will give you infinite time in which to do the following hacking achievements.
To the left of the keyboard are a phone and a modem.
Put the phone on the modem.
Turn on the computer by pressing the red button on the keyboard.
Enter your username.
Go to advanced.
Kill process 1.
Kill process 2.
Kill process 3.
Kill process 4.
Dial phone number.
Brute-force attack.
Use the four available threads.

Dial number need to hack

Action Figure – Lawyer
Action Figure – GameDev
Action Figure – Forensic
Action Figure – MP
Action Figure – Killer
Action Figure – Mad
Action Figure – Alien
Action Figure – Thief
Action Figure – Dancer

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