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Full Achievements Guide – Temtem 1 - steamclue.com
Full Achievements Guide – Temtem 1 - steamclue.com

Temtem has Steam Achievements as of the Arbury Update, and I am here for you to help you unlock them!


My very first guide! LET'S GOOO!
Temtem has a variety of in-game trophies known as Kudos. Every achievement should unlock the corresponding Kudos. There are many Kudos, but not all Kudos are tied directly to Steam achievements.
Currently, there are 47 Steam achievements.

Dojo rematches

Once you have defeated a Dojo Leader during the story, you are eligible to challenge them to a replay once per week (resets Mondays). You will not be able to challenge the Dojo leader next week if you defeat them once. Dojo matches work on the same principle that competitive PvP battles. You will need to make a team loadout.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - 462C6FB Sophia
Sophia can be defeated in a Dojo Leader match.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - 306FBDE Tihani
Defeat Tihani in a Dojo Leader rematch.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - D4A8AB0 Dr. Sasaya
Defeat Dr. Sasaya in a Dojo Leader rematch.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - B261210 Yareni
Defeat Yareni in a Dojo Leader rematch.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - 6AFC6DF Musa
Musa is defeated in a rematch with Dojo Leaders.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - 3D1C707 Rawiri
Rawiri will be defeated in a Dojo Leader match.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - BAAEF7D Murdag
Defeat Murdag during a Dojo Leader Rematch.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - A2C622D Percival
Percival can be defeated in a Dojo Leader match.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - BEA2105 I'm the leader
All Dojo Leaders were defeated in rematches
These are easy to remember. You just need to defeat each Dojo leader once more and unlock their respective achievement. Once you have defeated each of them, the "I'm a leader" achievement should appear. You do not have to defeat them all within the same week. For example, if Tihani, Sophia, and Musa are defeated this week, they can be defeated next week to earn collective achievement.

Radar Expert

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Radar Expert - 490F4FE Complete 400 encounters successfully using a radar.
You must defeat a Dojo leader to obtain a radar. There are 3 radars per week available from 3 different Dojos. All Dojo Rematches, with the exception of Rawiri and Murdrag (except Sophia) will give you a Radar that corresponds to their typing. Sophia gives Water and Wind types of temtem radars). Dojo Rematches can no longer obtain Radars. Radars are now available for purchase using Feathers from Tamer's Paradise. Simply complete any radar using chaining encounters until you reach the maximum. 400 300. The radar will snap and you will achieve this feat.
NOTE: Don't touch the radar before you max it out.
UPDATE: Although the radars should have only 300 encounters, the achievement description is still not updated. You should still obtain the achievement for successfully completing one of 300 new encounter radars.

Gear Up!

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Gear Up! - 6D2E0B1 Add a gear piece to a Temtem.
To unlock this achievement, all you need to do is equip any item of gear on any temtem. You can inspect a temtem in any squad at any moment.

Techniques 101

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Techniques 101 - D832E7F Teach an Technique Course to A Temtem.
This one is fairly self-explanatory. You will need at least one technique cla*s and a temtem with the ability to learn it. Simply go into your squad and interact with a member of your temtem to "equip" one or more technique courses. These can be found under temtems learned skills). You can also access temtems from your TemDeck.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Inheritance - 3106590 Breeding a Temtem with an Egg Technique
The Omninesia island (, second island) hosts the breeding centre. One parent must have an "equipped" Egg Technique in order to pa*s it on. Before you can finalize breeding, you will be able view a preview with approximate stats. Egg Techniques will then be pa*sed on to the child through (moves marked by an egg icon). This achievement will be displayed once your egg with the Egg Technique hatches.

Can't Wait

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Can't Wait - 94B25BF Instantly hatch Temtems Using an IncubatorTicket
The Omninesia island (second is home to the breeding center.) is on the other side. To hatch an egg, you will need an Incubator Ticket. Incubators are located in the breeding center, near TemDecks. Incubator tickets can be purchased as loot from the world or through various activities.

Absolute Unit

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Absolute Unit - E788BAE Capture/Hatch a perfect Temtem.
You must capture or hatch an SV-rich temtem to achieve this achievement. This is the easiest way to do it.
NOTE: When achievements had just been added, a bug allowed some people to achieve this achievement by catching one of the temtems with 50 SVs. It has since been fixed.

Full Potential

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Full Potential - 5623976 Obtain a level 100 Temtem complete with all perfected stats, fully TV-trained and all egg methods in its learned.
Self-explanatory. The only requirement is to get a perfect (- all SVs must be 50 – complete TV training, all Egg Techniques and train it up to maximum level (which it is 100 – and you will achieve the achievement.
NOTE: It is possible to trade a level 100 temtem with another player, but that is not confirmed.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Fruiterer - AA4DFB1 Temtem's TV with fruits.
Self-explanatory. You only need to obtain one TV stat for any temtem. To get 500 you can use fruits. Omninesia, which sells fruit that adds or removes 20 TVs); Kisiwa (just outside Uhuru; sells fruits to add or subtract 1 TV); and Arbury (, a smoothie vendor located in the Greenglen Forest that sells smoothies to add or remove 50 TVs).


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Hacker - 5F8E500 A Perfect Temtem's Supervised Version using telomere hacks.
To increase the SV value of any temtem, from 50 to 100, use a Telomere Hack. Hotfixes also work.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Hoarder - 44DF676 You can store an item as many as 99 times in your backpack.
To unlock this achievement, you have to max your item stack. This achievement is easiest and most commonly unlocked by purchasing 99 Temcards at any store that sells them. Logging in will unlock the achievement if you already have 99 items from before achievements were added.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Prankster - 38188D2 Ring the bell in any elevator.
A secret achievement. All elevators in the game feature a bell icon beneath the floor selection buttons. The achievement can be accessed by pressing the bell. Currently, this achievement is only possible in Cipanku, (fifth island) town Neoedo.

Belsotos Eat Poop

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Belsotos Eat Poop - 7EE1C7F Obtain the main questline.
A secret achievement. This achievement is available if you finish the main story.

Saipark Scout

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Saipark Scout - 1E97013 Capture one the two Temtem species at Saipark.
Once you have obtained the Rock Hopping Gear, Saipark can be visited in Deniz (. (resets every Monday on). There is an additional temtem available that has modified features. The setup is changed every two weeks. Each week, the two temtems will be high in SVs and may have Egg Techniques taught. Another week, the temtems offered at Saipark can have increased Luma chances, such as 3x to 4x Luma chance for). You only need to capture one of two available Saipark items to achieve this achievement.
NOTE: Only special Temcards known as Saicards may be used in Saipark. They can be purchased at the Saipark's vendor or at the station right before you enter. You will also find), another common temtem in the Saipark (Pigepic. These temtems don't count towards achievement. Only two are valid for the current week.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Rider - 552FFD6 Three food parcel deliveries must be made in one day.
Parcel deliveries are daily quests. The Postal Service building can found in Kisiwa (on the fourth island,) at Uhuru. Talk to the staff member and they will help you with your food parcel delivery needs. Randomly, you can get 1 to 3 parcels per day. To unlock this achievement, you must complete 3 delivery quests. Simply deliver them the NPCs you are requesting and once you return the quest giver to the Postal Service building, the achievement will unlock.

Lair Explorer

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Lair Explorer - 4EBF789 Complete and explore a Lair.
Lairs require 3 – 5 people to participate. Completing Lairs will give you various rewards (. Hacks) are also available. Once per week, you will receive a mythical Temtem Egg. There are currently two lairs – Anak Sanctum, located within the Anak Volcano () in Omninesia) or Highbelow Sanctum, located in Sacred Lake (). This achievement will be unlocked if you complete either one.

Elite Lair Explorer

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Elite Lair Explorer - 2AC57B4 Complete a Lair with a three-player party.
Self-explanatory. Just complete a Lair using a three-player party. Finishing a Lair using a minimum of three players can take up to an hour.

Altars (Tuwai evolution)

These achievements can be unlocked if you create a Tuwai for each of the corresponding shrines. To gain access to these altars, you will need to first defeat altar "worshippers", their leader. Although they can only be defeated once, you will need a group of temtem that has the required typings.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Dojo rematches - BEA2105 Aisha's Hearth
Interact successfully with the altar at Aisha’s Hearth.
Aisha's Hearth, located in Kisiwa's (fourth islands). A squad of Earth-type temtems will be required to challenge worshippers. The altar transforms your Tuwai to Turoc.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Altars (Tuwai evolution) - 579410D Chieftain's Barrow
Successfully interact with Chieftain's Barrow altar
Chieftain's Barrow lies in Arbury (6th island). A squad of Melee-type temtems will be required to challenge worshippers. The altar transforms your Tuwai into Tutsu.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Altars (Tuwai evolution) - 5914359 Inner Flame
Interact successfully with the altar at Inner Flame
Inner Flame is found on Omninesia's second island (. To challenge the worshippers, you'll need a squad of Fire typetems. The altar transforms your Tuwai into Tulcan.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Altars (Tuwai evolution) - 2BB81E1 Dabmis' Rest
Successfully interact with Dabmis' Rest altar
Dabmis’ rest is located in Deniz (). To challenge the worshippers, you will need a squad Water type temtem. The altar evolves your Tuwai into Tukai.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Altars (Tuwai evolution) - 1B3C95E Kami Shrine
You will be able to successfully interact with the Kami shrine altar.
Kami shrine is located in Cipanku, (fifth islands). To challenge the worshippers, you will need a squad with Digital type temtem. The altar transforms your Tuwai into Tuwire.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Altars (Tuwai evolution) - AF2F424 Sons of Crystal
You can successfully interact at Sons of Crystal with the altar.
Sons of Crystal are located in Tucma (on the third island). To challenge the worshippers, you'll need a squad or Crystal type temtem. Your Tuwai transforms into Tuvine through the altar.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Tuwailicious - B15BA3E Get your squad ready for all of Tuwai’s evolutions.
Secret achievement. To unlock this achievement, first you need to transform 6 Tuwai (() into 6 different evolutionary forms.) refers to the Altars Section of this guide. Once you have 6 Tuwai Evos, simply add them into your active squad to unlock the achievement.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Fashionista - F400F25 Purchase 20 different clothes
Self-explanatory. You can buy 20 different clothes items in clothing stores or receive them as reward. This will be automatically granted to you if you have already acquired at least 20 clothing items prior to the addition of achievements.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Trendsetter! - 2630323 Choose a fully dyed item of clothing for each slot.
Self-explanatory. You can purchase dyes at any clothing shop, or get them as rewards for different activities. Most clothing items have two dye slots. Simply dye everything that you are wearing and you will see the difference.
NOTE: Dyeing is a single-use item. Once you have used them, they are gone.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Trendsetter? - 2F0FDCD Don't repeat any dye on a fully dyed item of clothing.
Self-explanatory. The same as "Trendsetter!" This achievement is the same as the "Trendsetter!" Both achievements can both be unlocked simultaneously.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Activist - 010A425 Complete all FreeTem levels in one week.
FreeTem release is a weekly activity in (. It resets on mondays in). The Omninesia () second island is where you will find the FreeTem office. It is right next door to the breeding center. To achieve this achievement, you will need to release the required amount of temtem in order to unlock the highest reward tier. The number of temtem required changes each week. Check the board next to FreeTem NPC for the requirements.

Temtem Up

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Temtem Up! - 4D62F59 Win in a ranked fight
A successful PvP achievement. Self-explanatory. You can simply make a squad (competitive at any TemDeck). Then, wait for a match and defeat your opponent.

I'm in Danger

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - I'm in Danger - 8CBBDDE Complete all cla*sificatory rounds by playing 10 ranked competition matches.
You need to play 10 competitive qualifying matches before seeing the TMR ranking. This achievement requires you to complete 10 qualifying matches. To achieve this achievement, you don’t need to win any.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Rookie - B2106F5 Play in a Temtem competition.
Tournaments are a weekly activity that is competitive. Three tournaments occur around Saturday/Sunday (depending upon your) time zone.
Official tournament times: Sunday, 1 am to UTC, 9am UTC and 5pm UTC
Open the Tournament tab from the game menu to see countdowns to all of them. This will make it easy to select one that's most convenient for your time zone. You can subscribe to any one of them, and then be online when the tournament starts. The tournament will start automatically if there are not enough players.
You do not need to play in any tournament to unlock this achievement. Even if the match ends in defeat, the achievement is still possible.

Feel Lucky

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Feeling Lucky - 8F14279 Drop the WishYouWell Coin in every well
To achieve this achievement, you will need to drop a WishYouWell token into one island's well. WishYouWell Coins can be found all over the world as loot, as rewards for most activities, or traded by other players.
More information about Wishing Wells can be found on this site, including their reward pool and locations.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Fisher - F42A129 Before showing a 4/5, show a 5/5 Koish.
Fishing is a weekly pastime at the Nuru Lodge, Kisiwa (4th island). You can catch a different kind of Koish each week near the lodge. The lodge has a board that lists and describes the 5 traits you must look for in your Koish to get the weekly rewards. You can earn rewards for bringing back a 4/5 Koish (. The 4 traits you choose match the) requirements. A 5/5 (will get you more rewards. All 5 traits are identical to). If you catch and bring back a 5/5 Koish first, you can earn rewards for both 4/5 Koish as well as 5/5 Koish. This is how you get the achievement.
There is no strategy, only RNG. In the previous updates, a "pity clock" was added. It means that every 1000th Koish is guaranteed a 5/5. It might take some time, so make sure to bring snacks.
NOTE: Every player has their own requested Koish. To claim the rewards you must be the Original Tamer.

Tempedia completion

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Tempedia completion - E7D6B30
Back to the Roots
Capture and evolve 151 Temtem species.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Tempedia completion - EA51B48 Collector
All Temtem species are available for capture, evolution, and hatching.
Both of these achievements require you finish your Tempedia. They can also be counted towards the mythical temtem. You will need to collect all temtem that are available in the game to earn the "Collector", achievement. Temtem currently has 164 species. If you get all of them, both achievements will be unlocked. Another mythical Lair, which will increase the number of temtems species, will be added later.
NOTE: If Temtem was introduced before achievements were introduced, or you already have some temtem in your tempedia, then you will have to rehatch. recatch. or reevolve them. The achievement counter begins at 0.

Blin Blin

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Blin Blin - 3DBB174 Capture a Luma Temtem.
Self-explanatory. If you have done this before achievements were introduced, you should automatically unlock the achievement when you log into.


Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Indecisive - 17B7246 Capture/Have each starter Temtem.
This achievement can be achieved by hatching or catching all three starter temtems, Houchic/Smazee/Crystle. As per the Arbury update, all three of them are still available in nature. Here's how to find them.
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Indecisive - 1679DF5
Houchic & Smazee can both be found on Arbury (6th island).
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Indecisive - 7FF110E
Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Indecisive - B479FF2
Crystle may be found in Tucma on (or).

Interior Designer

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - Interior Designer - 9B13419 Decorate a house with at minimum 20 different pieces.
This achievement requires you to own a house. Omninesia's second island, (, is where player housing is located. To get a house, you must complete a quest. Once you have your home, you will need to purchase at least 20 pieces of furniture and place them in the home. You can purchase furniture at Furniture Stores in all islands.
NOTE: If your house was decorated before achievements were added, this achievement should be earned upon logging in.

New Parent

Full Achievements Guide - Temtem - New Parent - 6D8B8F9 Rename a non OT Temtem.
To achieve this achievement, you must rename an item you received from another person. This can be done at the Citizen's Bureau Central Offices Building located in Neoedo in Cipanku, (fifth islands). 20 000 Pansuns are required to rename a non-OT temtem.


Well, that's it! Hopefully, this guide helped you achieve that sweet, 100% completion rate.
This guide will be updated if any new achievements are added, or requirements are changed. It is possible to remove some achievements. In this guide, I noticed two missing (. Also, there was an achievement for obtaining Fat Burner Gear item and capturing/hatching an all-green Stat temtem.
Bye! Have fun hunting!


Written by VectorX

I hope you enjoy the Full Achievements Guide – Temtem guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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