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Full Achievements Guide – Thymesia 1 - steamclue.com
Full Achievements Guide – Thymesia 1 - steamclue.com

You will find all the tips and tricks you need to achieve your goals.


Welcome to my Bloodborne 2 100% Guide! Wait nvm Thymesia…
I haven’t seen a good 100% guide before so I decided that I would make one.
First, there are the easy accomplishments:

  • Test Ride – Reave the plague weapon for first time. Simply use your fully charged claw to take out an enemy.
  • Take a break. Use the bonfire, I'm referring to beacon.
  • Memory Interrupted- Let your health reach 0.
  • Darkness!!! Finish the tutorial.
  • Start Recalling. Enter a mission, (Sea of Trees.
  • It's mine now! – You can unlock a plague weapon by collecting shards. Just keep playing and you'll be able to easily unlock it.
  • Alchemist – Completely upgrade any potion. I upgraded the basic potion. The price of upgrading gets more expensive so you can save your upgrade materials.
  • Weapon Master – Fully upgrade a weapon that is plague-resistant. It should be easy. I upgraded both the spear/halberd & the greatsword. However the shards drop regularly enough that you shouldn’t have any issues.


Boss/Level Achievements

These achievements are also easy to achieve. Simply kill the bosses and complete all levels.

  • Odur – Sea of Trees
  • The Hanged Queen Royal Garden
  • Submission 3: God of the Fools, Sea of Trees
  • Submission 4: Mutated Odur, Sea of Trees Submission
  • Varg – Hermes Fortress
  • Urd-Hermes Fortress Submission 1
  • Corvus, Sea of memories


  • Sea of Trees (-5 missions)
  • Royal Garden (-4 missions)
  • Hermes Fortress () missions
  • Sea of Memories (mission)
  • Completed memory – Complete all of the missions and submissions.



There are five possible endings. All require different cores to be combined.

  • Power of Vile Blood- Fool's God core & Sound of the Abyss Core
  • Blessing Pure Blood – Urd core and Varg Core
  • Harmonized Force- Mutated Odur core or Hanged Queen central
  • Power of Cleansing- Mutated Odur cores and Hanged Queencores Keep holding on to the
    Use the button/joystick for movement up during the cutscene.
  • Chaotic power – Combine any two cores, but don't make an end.
  • Memory Seeker: All the endings.



  • Piece of Cake – Kill a boss with no potions Varg was my easiest boss. Good practice for:
  • YOU WILL NOT PASS!! – "Kill Varg" tutorial. Simply parry his combo attacks. Then, hit him once with your claw. Rinse, repeat. (. You can also save a backup of your save to avoid having to do the entire tutorial again)
  • Lord of Plague- Unlock all plague guns If you complete each submission, it should be very easy. Some weapons can be dropped by bosses. I didn't need any to farm. (is required unless you wish to upgrade them fully)
  • Herb Gatherer- Get all potion ingredients. You can earn most of them by playing this game. Oregano, the only one left, was easy to farm by going on the Sea of Trees mission.
  • Is this Alchemy. – Create a potion formula. Use the guide below.
  • Plague Doctor – Create all the potion recipes. Here is a link to all the recipes. – [reddit.com]
  • Rolling Required – Break 1000 Barrels. The easiest way to break 1000 barrels was to go the second bonfire (I mean beacon) in Sub Mission 1 of Sea of Trees. You can also farm the barrels there. This is a podcast.
    Have fun.
  • Peak Performance – Reach max level I just defeated the final boss.
  • Good Listener- Collect all lore. Here's a great guide on how to do that:
  • Memory Weaver- Collect all story pieces. This one might be bugged because you can get the endings without getting all the story bits. Just keep fighting the last boss and getting the endings. (That's what i did anyway).
    It is out-of-order BUT:
    https://imgur.com/gallery/UO1nWld – [imgur.com]
    This screenshot shows all of the story bits left unlocked. You can then swap between this and that video.
    I hope that you understood the story parts in the tutorial.
  • The Great Collector: Collect all entries to this collection. This is a must-have for anyone who has completed the Plague Doctor or Good Listener achievements.
  • Thymesia- Every other achievement.



That's it! 38 achievements! Congratulations!
I hope you enjoyed my guide.


Written by The_Vecter

I hope you enjoy the Full Achievements Guide – Thymesia guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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