Full Achievements Guide – Trek to Yomi

Full Achievements Guide – Trek to Yomi 1 - steamclue.com
Full Achievements Guide – Trek to Yomi 1 - steamclue.com

A simple guide to 100% the Trek to Yomi


The Trek to Yomi is a short 2.5D side scroller game.
Before we start the guide, I would encourage you to play through the first playthrough blind as to 100% the game it will take a minimum of three (3) playthroughs (without save manipulating).
There are only three endings (and a secret one) that can be obtained in each playthrough. To be optimal I would recommend doing your first and blind playthrough on Ronin (hard) difficultly, otherwise, you may have to do a fourth playthrough.
The game isn’t too difficult and is quite forgiving making the Trek To Yomi an achievable 100%.
The first playthrough took me five (5) hours and subsequent playthroughs took around three (3) hours.
Rough Estimate Time to 100%: 12 Hours
Anyways, good luck.

General Achievements

Unmissable Story Achievements

Young blood – Kill your first enemy
End of kindergarten – Finish Chapter 1
After the storm – Finish Chapter 2
Dust and ashes – Finish Chapter 3
Fleeting destiny – Finish Chapter 4
Afterlife traveler – Finish Chapter 5
Trek’s end? – Finish Chapter 6
Samurai dies twice – Complete the Game

Difficulty Achievements

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken – Complete the game in Ronin mode. This is hard mode and many encounters in the game are much more difficult
Unstoppable – Complete the game on Kensei mode. Kensei mode is unlocked when you complete the game once on any difficulty.

Ending Achievements

Follow your Heart – Choose Yuki at the end of chapter 6 after the boss battle
Follow your mind – Choose Duty at the end of chapter 6 after the boss battle
Follow your blade – Choose Revenge at the end of chapter 6 after the boss battle
Early End – Kill the boss in Chapter 3. This is the secret ending. After you kill the boss you can still continue with the story in chapter 4. You will only get one attempt per playthrough at this.

Other Achievements

Hitless Challenges

I’ll put this spear into… – Kill Sadatame without getting hit in Chapter 2
That woman is a demon! – Kill Aiko Demon without getting hit in Chapter 4
Forgive me, sensei – Kill Sanjuro Demon without getting hit in Chapter 5
Clash in a mirror – Kill Hiroki Demon without getting hit in Chapter 6
No, that’s not possible… – Kill Kagerou Shogun without getting hit in Chapter 3. I would recommend to manually backup the game before attempting this challenge as once you die you will be sent to chapter 4.


Leave no stone unturned – Find all lore collectables
Dedicated Collector – Collect all upgrades
I used this guide to get the achievements:


Miscellaneous Achievements

Big Bertha – Kill 3 enemies at once with the Ozutsu. There will be parts of chapter 4 where there are enemies who are all in a line. I would recommend doing this either in Easy or Kensei.
Malicious mischief – Kill 10 enemies without using any weapon. These are just environmental kills. This will come through naturally
This will come in handy – Collect your first upgrade.
Men-Kaeshi-Dou – Execute 50 successful counters
Bloodlust – Perform 50 finishers. This is a staple on Ronin difficultly.
Untouchable – Complete a whole chapter without dying and using a shrine. Self explanatory, although I would attempt this on the easiest difficultly in chapter 2. Chapter 1 has a shrine that cannot be avoided.


Thanks for reading through my guide.
Due to technical issues, there are no pictures 🙂

Written by TonyCrossbow

This is all we can share for Full Achievements Guide – Trek to Yomi for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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