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Full Achievements Guide – Turbo Dismount 1 - steamclue.com
Full Achievements Guide – Turbo Dismount 1 - steamclue.com

This is a fully up-to-date 100% achievement guide to complete Turbo Dismount as efficiently as possible. There is already one other 100% guide for this game, but I found that it wasn’t quite as helpful and up-to-date as it should have been during my playthrough. Hopefully, this guide can be helpful for any future people deciding to go for every achievement in this game.

Non-Workshop Achievements

Insult to Injury

Customize Mr. Dismount or a vehicle.
From the main menu, after loading up the game, click on “Customizations”. From there, click on “Select Vehicle Logo” (or any of the non-reset options there) and your PC’s file explorer will pop up. Pick any image from your computer you wish to use and you will get this achievement.

Let’s See That Again!

View a replay in slow motion.
After any dismount, a replay of your last dismount will start playing. Drag the speed multiplier in the bottom left of your screen all the way to the left and this achievement will pop.

Speed is Key

Launch three consecutive dismounts at max velocity.
There is nothing that can help you achieve this beyond your own ability to do it. You will almost certainly get it on the way to completing every other achievement.

Just a Flesh Wound

Lose only a single limb during a single dismount.
This is not an achievement I would recommend focusing on. You will more than likely end up getting it on accident while getting the other achievements. If you don’t end up getting it or want to get it out of the way fast, I recommend doing simple dismounts at medium to low speeds in an attempt to only knock off one limb.

Border Incident

Detonate ten mines in a single dismount on Run DMZ.
After choosing the “Run DMZ” level, I recommend clicking the “Steering” option once (so your path goes to the right, and then left again) and picking the “Sasquatch” vehicle. Just launch yourself at this point and you should get the achievement. If not, just try again until you do.

To Space!

Reach a height of 1000ft (305m) in Space Program.
The measurements in-game can be changed to “Imperial” in the settings if not already so you can see your height in ft.
When you spawn into “Space Program”, you’ll want to pick the “Squealer” vehicle. After that, set up turbo pads on the last two obstacle spots. Now you’ll want to dismount at less than half speed. If you did it right you should climb onto the ramp without flying off or having your vehicle completely break down. The turbo pads will boost your speed to a large degree while actually on the ramp and launch you way above 1000ft into the air.


Do a successful barrel roll and landing.
For this, you’ll want to click the “Steering” option once (so that your path goes to the left of the ramp) after being brought into “Scaramanga”. You’ll also want to place one turbo pad in the first obstacle spot. Choose the “Sasquatch” vehicle and dismount at a hefty speed (above half to just under full). If done right you should pull off a successful barrel roll. I believe you are required to land on the other side, and not just anywhere on the map, as I didn’t get the achievement until landing on the side opposite from you.

Look at Him Go!

Reach a record time on Skid Marks.
After choosing “Skid Marks” pick the “Squealer” vehicle. Place turbo pads on every obstacle spot and launch yourself at a high speed. You should have no trouble beating the record time.


Cross the finish line on Skid Marks at 88mph.
The measurements in-game can be changed to “Imperial” in the settings if not already so you can see your speed in MPH.
This can be achieved with most vehicles by doing trial and error with the speed gauge until finding the sweet spot with any vehicle.
This can also be done by selecting the “Komrade” vehicle and putting a single “Road Bump” in the final obstacle spot. Dismount at full speed and you should get the achievement this way. I did not use this strategy, so I cannot confirm its effectiveness.

Ping Pong

Get hit by five different NPC vehicles in T-Junction.
After selecting “T-Junction”, I recommend picking the “Street Slicer” vehicle (or any small vehicle that won’t get in the way of you being hit) and launching yourself into traffic with the first steering option (that should take you to the traffic, then make a left). It might take a couple of tries, but you should manage to get the achievement fairly quick.

The Dude Abides

Do ten strikes with the Bowling Pins.
Select “The Original Cla*sic” and put “Bowling Pins” in every obstacle spot. Select the “Sasquatch” vehicle and dismount at any high speed. Repeat the process after knocking down however many pins you manage to knock down in a dismount.

Timmy’s Nightmare

Complete 100 dismounts with the Pink Lightning.
This and In It to Win It can be gotten together to save time. Also, note that you must complete each dismount to earn progress on this achievement.
To make progress on them at the same time, I recommend picking the level “Like a Glove”. Choose the “Pink Lightning” vehicle and stay on the first “Steering” path (that goes forward and quickly takes you to a parking spot on the left). Dismount at low speed and your character should slowly move into the empty parking space without hurting himself. After the countdown to level completion ends, you should get a “Nailed It” as opposed to the normal “Dismount Complete!” or “New High Score!”.
If you have already completed In It to Win It or don’t wish to earn these two achievements together, you can go to “The Original Cla*sic” map and put a “Mega Wall” in the first obstacle spot. Just launch yourself at whatever speed you wish into the wall repeatedly.

In It to Win It

Nail it 100 times.
Refer to Timmy’s Nightmare for the optimal way of getting this.


Try everything once.
This requires you to try every level, vehicle, and character. Levels and vehicles will all start with an exclamation point if you haven’t tried them yet. Characters will not have an exclamation mark, but there are few of them, so they should be easy to keep track of.
I also read that you might have to touch one of each obstacle as well, but I did not do this and still got the achievement. If you do all of the above and don’t get the achievement, try doing this as well.

Adventurous Mind

Play a Steam Workshop level.
Using any of the levels in the sections below this will grant you this achievement automatically.

Mine Skydive Mini!

All achievements in this section will a*sume you’re using the following level. This level is highly recommended as it is the most reliable and fastest way to get this achievement.
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=395575633&searchtext=mini – [steamcommunity.com] 
Using this level will also grant you Adventurous Mind if you don’t already have it.

Dizzy Yet?

Pull ten somersaults in a single dismount.
You can use really any vehicle you want for this. Just dismount into the hole and hope you get enough somersaults to get the achievement. On my successful run, I hit the bottom of the level without getting the achievement, but then got launched back up and got it.


All achievements in this section will a*sume you’re using the following level. This level is highly recommended as it is the most reliable and fastest way to get this achievement.
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=304599944&searchtext=Crash – [steamcommunity.com] 
Using this level will also grant you Adventurous Mind if you don’t already have it.

Turbo Lover

Drive through 1000 turbo pads.
Using this level is the fastest way to get this achievement. Make sure to place the last turbo pad at the end via the obstacles editor. This level has 16 turbo pads whereas the base game level “Skid Marks” has 5.

Plam Tree Explosion

All achievements in this section will a*sume you’re using the following level. This level is highly recommended as it is the most reliable and fastest way to get these achievements.
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=481195672&searchtext=giant+palm+tree+exposion – [steamcommunity.com] 
Using this level will also grant you Adventurous Mind if you don’t already have it.


Fully obliterate Mr. Dismount.
This will most likely happen naturally while using this level to get the other achievements here.

Paul Bunyan

Cut down 100 trees.
This achievement will be earned while going for the other achievements in this section.


Totally demolish a single vehicle.
Refer to On a Mission from God

On a Mission from God

Totally demolish all vehicles (that can be demolished).
The first thing that should be said about this achievement is that the description isn’t fully correct. You must not only completely destroy every destructible vehicle in the game, but you must also do a dismount with every non-destructible vehicle as well.
Using this level, you should go from first to last on the vehicle page, including non-destructible vehicles. Make sure every vehicle gets completely destroyed if it’s destroyable. This means the vehicle should be reduced to a cha*sis, wheels, and seats in most cases. Exceptions include: Heavy Metal, and The Swinger, which only have small pieces to knock off. Some vehicles have exhaust pipes on their back or underneath the cha*sis that must also be destroyed. There should also be no color on most vehicles, such as on the “Jamboree” which can have some tricky panels on its backside. The “Old Creeky” vehicle has several planks of wood on it that need to be s*ripped off. The “Tumbler” vehicle has a sneaky exhaust that can be hard to notice if you don’t know about it. I can not confirm whether or not you need to complete each dismount, but I would just to be safe.
The non-destructible vehicles consist of (ordered from first to last on the vehicles page): Pink Lightning, Red Hot Engine, Mall Racer, Street Slider, Boss Throne, Jugger, and Whiplash.
If you wish to keep track of your progress, you can apparently check it in your save data using Regedit, but I didn’t use it and how to do that will not be explained here.

The Millenial

Launch 1000 dismounts.
This will likely be your second to last achievement in the game. You can continue to play this level if you would like, or you can play any map you wish to play until this is complete.

French Revolution

Perform 1000 decapitations.
This will likely be the last achievement you get. You can keep using this level if you would like to, or you can just play around on any maps until it becomes completed.

Written by Fenom007

This is all we can share for Full Achievements Guide – Turbo Dismount for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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