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Full Automation – Hacknet Manager for All Upgrades – Bitburner 1 - steamclue.com
Full Automation – Hacknet Manager for All Upgrades – Bitburner 1 - steamclue.com

RAM Usage: 5.7GB
This script will fully automate the purchase of all Hacknet upgrades in the fastest method possible.
The fastest method is exponential returns awarded through selecting the cheapest upgrade at all times, therefore making your money work for you faster. Determine the cheapest upgrade, wait for funds, purchase, rinse and repeat.

Create ES5 Script

This script utilises ES5 JavaScript interpreter, otherwise referenced as Netscript 1.0 meaning a file extension of .script is required.
While inside the Bitburner Terminal create a new script by typing the following:

 nano nameOfYourFile.script 

Example: nano hacknet_infinite.script
Note: This script requires 5.7GB of memory available

Script Code

Copy the contents of the script and save into the new script file you just created.

// Create Function to Return Balance
function myMoney() {
 return getServerMoneyAvailable("home");

// Disable Logging for the Following Commands Below (We Dont Want To See Them While we Wait for Our Balance to Grow)

// Create Function to Purchase Upgrade Based on 3 Flags for Node, Item, Qty 
// # Note Qty is not utilised but the Framework is in Place to Future Proof
function purchase(node, item, qty){
 var node = node, item = item, qty = qty;
 if (item == "New Node"){
 print("Purchasing New Node")
 if (item == "LVL"){
 hacknet.upgradeLevel(node , qty)
 print("Purchasing LVL Upgrade for Node: " + node)
 if (item == "RAM"){
 hacknet.upgradeRam(node , qty)
 print("Purchasing RAM Upgrade for Node: " + node)
 if (item == "CPU"){
 hacknet.upgradeCore(node , qty)
 print("Purchasing CPU Upgrade for Node: " + node)

// Create Function to Find the Cheapest Upgrade and Set Flags to be Used by the Purchase Function
// We will set the Default Flags to Purchase a New Node, Only to be Overwritten if a Cheaper Option is Available
function check_cheapest() {
 var new_node_cost = hacknet.getPurchaseNodeCost();
 var node = "Default";
 var item = "New Node";
 var qty = 1;
 var cheapest = new_node_cost;
 var node_qty = hacknet.numNodes();
 // Iterate Through all Node Upgrade Options, Overwrite Flags if Cheaper Upgrade is Found
 for (var i = 0; i < node_qty; i++) {
 var node_lvl = hacknet.getLevelUpgradeCost(i, 1);
 var node_ram = hacknet.getRamUpgradeCost(i, 1);
 var node_cpu = hacknet.getCoreUpgradeCost(i, 1);

 if (node_lvl < cheapest) {
 cheapest = node_lvl;
 node = i;
 item = "LVL";
 if (node_ram < cheapest) {
 cheapest = node_ram;
 node = i;
 item = "RAM";
 if (node_cpu < cheapest) {
 cheapest = node_cpu;
 node = i;
 item = "CPU";

 // I am not a JavaScript Programmer so I am not Adept at String Manipulation in this Language
 // Print a Summary Log of Cheapest Upgrade Found
 print("Cheapest Hacknet Upgrade Available;")
 print("Node : " + node);
 print("Item : " + item);
 print("Qty : " + qty);
 print("Current Balance : $" + myMoney());
 print("Upgrade Cost : $" + cheapest);

 // After Determining the Cheapest Upgrade we will wait for Balance to Increase Enough to Purchase (This is why we turned off logging)
 while (myMoney() < cheapest) {
 print("Waiting for funds to increase")
 // Call the Purchase Function
 purchase(node, item, qty);

// Run the Cheapest Upgrade Function in an Infinite Loop
while(true) {



After saving the script you can run it by typing:

 run nameOfYourScript.script 

Example: run hacknet_infinity.script

Under the Hood

This script iterates through all upgrade options, sets flags for the cheapest option and waits until there is enough funds to purchase.
Currently it does not utilise the quantity function, as the cheapest option is always to purchase in single units to get your money working for you faster under the pa*sive income method. This is why the variable Qty is set to 1 and not overwritten in the loop.
If you read through the Hacknet API on the official website there is an example script which uses a value of 10 when purchasing basic levels for Nodes. IMO buying single units will net you more money in the long run due to exponential returns from the smaller purchases of single levels.
I am not a JavaScript programmer, I went into this game with zero knowledge of this language only having a background in Python. Would appreciate if somebody wants to do some string manipulation for me on the summary section of the script to tidy it up on fewer lines. \n\n 🙂
P.S This is not Asynchronous as there is no benefit in multi-threading this task. No matter how many resources you have your bottleneck is bank balance. Therefore implementation through .script is not only appropriate it is optimal as it makes use of less memory intensive commands.

Written by Laingsta

This is all we can share for Full Automation – Hacknet Manager for All Upgrades – Bitburner for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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