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Full Guide – Daraney – Guardian’s Rise 1 - steamclue.com

Guide to the current version of September 2020

Guardian Training

Fyrea’s House

Check all the sparkling inventory of the house.
You can heal the party if you eat something from the board next to the bed.


You start the “Tutorial” and the “Crafting: First Steps” synthesis quest.
The Traveller Crystals will heal the party.
In the Tavern “Flame Guard”, check all sparkling inventory (as far as possible).
Talk to Bresk and send him to the Desert Ruins.
A little translation for those who don’t know German (Gertrude):
“Such cool and refreshing beer!
Even the meat loaf and cabbage here have an excellent taste!
But do I have to pay for a glass of water…?”
Enter the shop and buy the Recipe for Fyrea’s Armor (+1) for the quest and the recipe for Healing Potion (S) with the rest of your money.

Star Desert

Another tutorial and unlocking of Arte and Ability Page.
New Ability Pages will unlock once an Arte levels up.
Items: Redwood (collectable), Orcanic Ore (collectable), Crystal of Essense, 4x Leather Rip, Crystal of Life, 5x Desert Ore
Drop Items: Orcanic Ore, Leather Rip, Earth Powder
Fight the mobs to obtain crafting materials and money to learn either artes or buy new recipes.
You need some translator item to read the inscription of the monument.
Collectable items will respawn when you change map (another source of income).
You won’t be healed when level up, so return to the Traveller Crystal or home to heal.
Don’t forget to save, as the monsters will level up with you (mob level is average level of the party).
You can climp over the roots to reach other levels of the terrain.
For the time being you can only go west.
Note: As long as you have only Fyrea, buy the Recipe for Striped Leather Gloves, as she can equip them.

Guardian Training II

Path of the Guardian

Enter the temple.

Temple of Guardian

Enter the training room.

To the Burning Cave

Star Desert Oasis

Before you proceed, have bought the best LP/EP regenerative Accessories, best weapons and learned more abilities.
Also have all basic reciepes and try to craft them at least once.
Items: Orcanic Ore (collectable), Crystal of Magic, Crystal of Essence, 2x Healing Potion (M), 2x Crystal of Essence, Redwood (collectable), Healing Herb (collectable), Crystal of Life
Drop Items: Earth Powder, Orcanic Ore, Leather Rip, Small Essence Fragment, Healing Potion (S)
Heal at the Traveller Crystal.
When you touch the blue magic circle, you can take a bath.
To go ashore, touch the circle again or one of the blue flowers.

Burning Mountain

You can walk up north to the temple and get a Crystal of Essence, read a message and find another Traveller Crystal.
Go down again and then take the small path to the east.

Burning Cave

Items (F1): Crystal of Life x3, Crystal of Barrier x2, 3x Healing Potion (M), Crystal of Essence x2, 7x Fire Powder, 3x Magical Ore
Items (F2):
Drop Items: Magical Rip, Fire Powder, Small Essence Fragment, Healing Potion (S)
The Flaming Willowwisps have a higher fire resistance and cannot burn but can steal your EP.
With Luck (or not) you might encounter a Fierce Monster.
If you trigger another encounter, you have to leave the map first so that it can respawn.
Full Guide - Daraney - Guardian's Rise - To the Burning Cave - 948F1D97D
Fierce Flaming Chimera: might drop Fierce Chimera’s Leather Gloves or Scale Gloves or Fierce Chimera’s Tooth (weapon).
Trigger mob: Flaming Willowwisp
Proceed to F2 and read the stone plates.
Prepare at the Traveller Crystal.
Trial Room 1 (east): Read the stone plate.
Items (Trial Room 1): Flame Key A, Crystal of Essence, Flame Orb A (Boss)
Boss Flaming Minotaur: Use this change to try out your defensive and supporting skills as well as some skills that you haven’t used yet. Stun can be a nuisance. Drops Orb of Life.
F2: Set the Flame Orb A onto the left pedestal and heal up.
Trial Room 2 (west): You need the Fire Keys to proceed here.
Items (Trial Room 2): Flame Key B, 2x Crystal of Attack & 3x Healing Potion (M), Flame Orb B, Flame Jewel
Unlock the first gate with the Flame Key A and the next one with the Flame Key B.
Equip the Flame Jewel as a shield!
F2: Set the Flame Orb B onto the middle pedestal.
Trial Room 3 (north): Thanks to the Flame Jewel you will be protected from ground damage.
Read the stone plate.
Find you way and the intersection near the chest to the north to the west.
Items (Trial Room 3): “Normal: Flaming Jump” (Arte for Fyrea), Flame Orb C.
F2: Save and put the last Flame Orb C onto the right pedestal.
Use the Teleporter to the Final Room and obtain the Temple (Entry) Key.
Note: You will only finish the “Crafting: First Steps” sythesis quest when you enter/leave the Flayk Shop with the requested armor equipped.
Rewards: 8x Leather Rip, Recipe: Orcanic Dagger.
You start “Crafting: A New Weapon” synthesis quest.
Craft and equip 1 of those daggers.
Rewards: 8x Orcanic Ore

The Temple of Flames

Burning Mountain (Top)

Unlock the temple.

Temple of Flames (FT)

Step onto the magic circles.

The Finishing Exam!

Temple of Flames (FT)

Items (Entrance): Crystal of Magic, Crystal of Essence, Crystal of Life
Items (Western Path): Crystal of Agility
Items (Western Path 2): Crystal of Agility x2, “Unique: Dragon Jump” (Arte for Fyrea), Crystal of Life x2, Crystal of Armor, Crystal of Attack, 4x Essence Potion (M), 4x Healing Potion (M), Draconic Eye C
Items (Northern Path, W): Draconic Eye A, Crystal of Attack, Temple Key C (Boss), Crystal of Life, Red Dragon Horn
Items (Eastern Path): Crystal of Attack, Crystal of Magic
Items (Eastern Path 2): Crystal of Agility, Crystal of Armor
Items (Northern Path E): Draconic Eye B, Crystal of Armor, Crystal of Attack, Crystal of Armor, “Normal: Dragon Born” (Arte for Fyrea), Red Dragon Scale (Boss)
Items (Northern Path 2, E): Crystal of Attack, Crystal of Life, Temple Key B, 7x Leather Rip
Items (Northern Path 2, W): Crystal of Life x2, 3x Essence Potion (M)
Dropped Items: Sharp Tooth, Poisonous Herb, Healing Potion (S), Healing Herb, Fire Powder, Neutral Essence
Right at the Entrance is another Traveller Crystal.
There are paths to the East, North and West.
Read the stone plate.
Western Path: Read the stone plate for the riddle.
Western Path 2: In case you are muted, use normal attacks but still defeat the spiders first!
Northern Path (west): Find the Draconic Eye A.
For the further process you need a key.
Eastern Path: Read the stone plate and insert the Draconic Eyes into the Dragon Statues.
Find the image next to a Dragon Statue (snake).
Northen Path (East): Recover at the Traveller Crystal and find the remaining Draconic Eye.
Northern Path 2 (East): Find the Key and the image (turtle).
Boss Flaming Gargoyle: Remember to use this change to grind some of your unused Artes. Drops Orb of Life and “Unique: Licking Wounds” (Arte for Fyrea).
Return to Eastern Path and insert the last Draconic Eye to solve the riddle and obtain the Temple Key A (chest on the empty dragon floor tile).
Return to the Northern Path (West) and unlock the gate.
Boss Flaming Cerberus: Drops Orb of Life.
Unlock the next gates.
Northern Path 2 (West): find the last image (fish).
Return to the Western Path and solve the riddles.
Answers: Fish, Turtle, Snake.
Reward: Draconic Heart.
Entrance: Set the found Key Items onto the pedestals.
Guardian’s Trial Room: You can still recover at the Traveller Crystal.
Boss Guardian’s Tester: Drops Orb of Life, “Unique: Steel Scales” (Arte for Fyrea), Flame Jewel II.

Crafting of an unique Weapon

Temple of Flames

Guardian’s Trial room: Find the Essence of Flame.

Star Desert Oasis

A short comment.

Star Desert

There are 2 people standing at some pillars, so talk to them.

Temple of Guardian

Enter the Training Room.

Time to get some rest

Star Desert

The people are gone now.


Go home and then to the table.

Where could he be?


Talk to Ak’eta (near the solitary house),
Koka’ru is near the main path to the shop.
Talk to him and unlock the Side and Bounty Quests.
You can find the Blackboard in the Tavern (sword).

Get the time by

Flayk – Side Quests and Bounty Quests

Bounty quest will give a message when completed and can be finished in each tavern.

  • Kitu: “Silver Crystal” side quest, Northern Desert
    Reward: 2x Crystal of Barrier
    Full Guide - Daraney - Guardian's Rise - Get the time by - 2B3A99F9B
  • Zi’ma: “Lost Present” side quest, Western Desert
    Reward: 3x Crystal of Attack
    Full Guide - Daraney - Guardian's Rise - Get the time by - A7F87054D
  • Kare’to: “Herb Delivery” side quest, collect 10 Healing Herbs (bugged) at the Star Oasis
  • Tavern: “Interrupting Orcanus” bounty quest, Star Desert, kill 8 Desert Orcanus
    Reward: 940 D, 2x Crystal of Attack, 2500 EXP
  • Tavern: “Slime in the Desert” bounty quest, Star Oasis, kill 10x Desert Slime
    Reward: 1000 D, 3x Crystal of Life, 2850 EXP
  • Tavern: “Weird Thing Reported” bounty quest, Burning Cave F2, defeat the Weird Creature. It drops a Black Orb of Life and Feather of the Phoenix.
    Reward: 1650 D, 4x Crystal of Life (bugged, connected to wrong boss and no reward)
  • Tavern: “Anti-Venom Research” bounty quest, Eastern Desert, kill 14x Desert Scorpion
    Reward: 1050 D, Desert Storm (weapon), 3250 EXP
  • Tavern: “Spooky Ghosts” bounty quest, Northern Desert, kill 14x Wandering Ghost
    Reward: 1650 D, Desert Gloves, 3970 EXP
  • Tavern: “Weird Wolfes” bounty quest, Gap of Sand (3), kill 30x Desert Wolf
    Reward: 3500 D, “Unique: Tail Whip” (Arte for)
  • Tavern: “Eyes in the Darkness” bounty quest, Underground Ruins (2), kill 50x Gleaming Eye
    Reward: 16.500 D, 6x Crystal of Life
  • Tavern: “Elemental Gargoyle?” bounty quest, Gleaming Cave, kill Gleaming Gargoyle
    Reward: 24.500 D, 4x Crystal of Magic


Star Desert

The Eastern Desert is unlocked.

Discover some places! I & II

Eastern Desert

Items: Desert Ore (collectable), Strong Wood (collectable), Poisonous Herb (collectable), Crystal of Barrier, Crystal of Essence x2, 7x Leather Rip, 4x Healing Potion (M)
Items (drops): Earth Powder, Snake Skin, Sharp Tooth, Poisonous Herb, Leather Rip
When you step on the red magic circle you can witness a scene with those two visitors from earlier and you start the next main quest.
Full Guide - Daraney - Guardian's Rise - Discover some places! I & II - 79F1A20E9
Fierce Earth Gargolye + Desert Snake: First get rid of the snake. Protection against Paralyze/Stun may help as well as the buff of the Fiery Stealth Slash. Might Drop “Fierce: Stone Slash” (Arte for), Fierce Earth Gargolye Ring or Ring.
Triggering mob: Sandy Snake

Western Cave

Items: Crystal of Attack, Crystal of Life
The door is locked, but you can recover at the Traveller Crystal.

Eastern Ruins

Items: Desert Ore (collectable), Strong Wood (collectable), 2x Crystal of Attack
You can recover at the Traveller Crystal.
But you cannot enter the Desert Ruin yet.

Northern Desert

Items: Desert Ore (collectable), Strong Wood (collectable), Poisonous Herb (collectable), Silver Crystal (quest), 3x Essence Potion (M), Crystal of Barrier,
Items (drops): Earth Powder, Magical Essence, Magical Leather Rips

Northern Sand Path

Items: Desert Ore (collectable), Strong Wood (collectable), Poisonous Herb (collectable), Crystal of Barrier, 3x Anti-Venom, “Recipe: Leather Dress”
Items (drops): Earth Powder, Magical Essence, Magical Leather Rips
You can recover at a Traveller Crystal.

Western Desert

Items: Silver Ore (collectable), Crystal of Agility, Strong Wood (collectable), Poisonous Herb (collectable), Crystal of Life, Emerald Necklace (quest), Crystal of Attack
Item (drops): Poisonous Herb, Earth Powder,
You start the Character Quest “Desert Traveler”.
Get her a Water Bottle at the Star Oasis (green magic circle).
Save her!
Boss Desert Orcanu: a stronger variant that can stun.
You return to Flayk with your saved new friend and Limare wil join your party with level 21 (?).

Written by Firefly130984

Here we come to an end for the Full Guide – Daraney – Guardian’s Rise guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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