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Before I get eaten alive by the rust community cuz ngl yall can be….harsh sometimes xD
NO, I don’t know everything. Yes, I’m a noob and that’s how I learned some things…the noob way lmfao, and some things are just simple research from the net. And if you’re just starting the game this might be for you…I learned some things here and there while playing with a clan back in the days.
Also, I must add…if you have 0 aim skill good luck w this game lol
DISCLAIMER: I haven’t played this game in a while so idk how outdated this is lol but i tried
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  • Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game developed by Facepunch Studios.
  • Rust was first released in early access in December 2013 and received its full release in February 2018.
  • Rust is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS. Console versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox were released in May 2021.
  • The objective of Rust is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen materials.
  • Players must successfully manage their hunger, thirst, and health, or risk dying.
  • Despite the presence of hostile animals such as bears and wolves, the primary threat to the player is other players due to the game being solely multiplayer.
  • Combat is accomplished through firearms and various weapons, such as bows. In addition, vehicles controlled by non-player characters will occasionally roam, attacking armed players.
  • Rust features crafting, though initially limited until the discovery of specific items in the game’s open world.
  • To stay protected, players must build bases or join clans to improve their chance of survival.
  • Raiding is a major aspect of Rust.
  • Rust supports modded servers which can add additional content.

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Playing with low FPS.

If you play with low FPS, you will lose all battles with enemies, keep in mind your PC and your settings. You have to realize Rust is a really big and heavy game. You will need quite a decent PC. I do own a trash laptop and I can run the game on the lowest settings but the only thing I can do is farm, keep watch over the base at night, and sort out the loot in the boxes so I mainly do that (I usually play with a clan) IF I play rust.

Choosing A Server

  • Picking the right server will have an immense impact on the user experience. The best server for a particular person will depend on how they want to play the game.
  • PVP servers are the most hectic but also the most exciting. Some people enjoy more of an RP/PVE experience, meeting other users and building elaborate structures.
  • Before choosing a server, it might be beneficial to play on an empty server or test server to get a feel for the game.
  • After deciding what type of server to play, choosing a populated server is almost always the recommended way to play. More players mean more action and interaction on the island.

If you really never ever played rust before choose a beginner-friendly server.

  • Your very first choice in Rust is choosing a server to play on. Many newcomers just go for a highly populated official sever, but these are often full of experienced players. As a newcomer, you need some time to figure out how to play without repeatedly getting killed right after spawning. You should therefore join a beginner-friendly server.
  • To get started, click ‘play’ in the main menu, and then go to ‘community servers’. You will see a search bar at the bottom of your screen. Type something like ‘beginner’, ‘friendly’, or even ‘PvE only’ to find the perfect starting server. Note that players can still kill you, but are far less likely to.

Full Guide - Rust - Choosing A Server - 4370A1296

Waking Up

…and here is where it all begins. You wake up nak*d (the spawn is random). Rust is brutal and unforgiving, no tutorial, no directions, just a world to explore and survive in. You will have to find food, water, and shelter. When you spawn in Rust for the first time, you find yourself on a beach with nothing but a rock and a torch.

The Torch

The main thing that makes most players die pretty easily in the game. Because you only have a torch and nothing else ofc you start the game with farming (more on that a little later). But because the night approaches quite fast and you’re running around with a little torch you make yourself a really visible target. That’s why you should only use the torch 1. if you really need it and 2. indoors.
Full Guide - Rust - Waking Up - 56AF1DDA3

The Rock

The second tool you get after just spawning in is the rock. (not Dwayne Johnson). That rock will be your first usable tool and at the same time your first weapon. You can use it as an axe, pickaxe, or melee weapon. It is important to note though, that it is not very good at any of those actions. You usually just use it, in the beginning, to break down rocks, trees, etc. to craft better weapons and tools.
Full Guide - Rust - Waking Up - F45B8BDFF

The Map

You also have a map. To look at it, press G. It will show you your current location as well as the position of team members if you have any. The team leader can also mark important objectives for the team to see, each player can also mark the map but it will only be visible to them if they are not the team leader.
Full Guide - Rust - Waking Up - 577B354C5


In the bottom right corner of your screen, you can see your health bar, food bar, and thirst bar. If the food or thirst bar goes below 40, you will start to lose health. If the life bar goes to zero, you will die. To heal, you need to get your thirst bar over 40 and your hunger bar over 100.
Full Guide - Rust - Waking Up - F3DDC1085

Starting Up

Equipment and Gathering

When you wake up on the beach you literally have almost no equipment. To get better tools, start collecting wood and stone. There are two ways to do this:
1. You can pick up small quantities (50) of wood, stone, sulfur ore, and metal ore from the ground.
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2. You can chop down trees, stone nodes, and ore nodes with your rock. As you might notice, a red X will appear on the tree after you hit it the first time. If you hit that, you will get done faster. It’s the same for nodes, just not with an X. Instead, you will see a sparkling spot.
3. You will also need cloth, which you can obtain by picking up hemp plants.
Full Guide - Rust - Starting Up - 3C27716AF

Starting Tools

But farming everything with the rock is not really effective. Your primary goal, in the beginning, should be to get better weapons and tools, such as:
Stone Hatchet
Crafting Cost: 200 wood, 100 stone
The stone hatchet chops down trees a lot faster than the rock. It is also better at chopping up dead animals (or people).
Full Guide - Rust - Starting Up - 55E34B6CD
Stone Pickaxe
Crafting Cost: 200 wood, 100 stone
The stone pickaxe is good for farming stone, metal ore and sulfur ore. It’s also a better weapon than the rock.
Full Guide - Rust - Starting Up - 78A4EEE06
Rust is a brutal game, so you will need something to defend yourself. There are two main weapons at the start:
Wooden Spear
Crafting Cost: 300 wood
You can either throw this spear or use it to poke holes into something. But keep in mind that if the spear hits something it can stay in the animal/human and now the other player can throw it back or animal can run away with it.
PRO TIP: You can try to make an animal follow you into shallow water, it will become very slow and you can safely kill it without getting hurt.
Full Guide - Rust - Starting Up - 056FD4AB7
Hunting Bow
Crafting Cost: 200 wood, 50 cloth (+ 25 wood, 10 stone per 2 wooden arrows)
You have to get good with this weapon. It is THE main weapon for the first day in Rust. It shoots arrows at short to medium distances. You can kill most animals with 3-4 shots; only bears are quite dangerous because they take 8 hits before going down.
As soon as you have killed your first animals/people, chop them up using your tools (or your rock if you don’t have any other tools yet). Try to get at least 30 bone fragments.
Bone knife
Crafting Cost: 30 bone fragments
A bone knife is a great tool for chopping up dead bodies. It gives you maximum resources. Always try to get it as soon as possible, since chopping up bodies with stone tools or your rock will waste some of the body’s resources.
By killing animals you will also obtain some other resources:

  • Leather: Used to craft clothes
  • Animal fat: Used to craft Low-grade fuel
  • Cloth: Used for crafting bows, sleeping bags, and clothes
  • Bone fragments: Used for crafting bone knives, bone clubs, or bone armor



Now that you have your basic equipment, it’s time to settle down.

Base location


  • For your first base, you are looking for an area with a lot of resources, mainly wood. If there are no trees, go somewhere else, because you will need a lot of wood. You will also need stone, so don’t forget about that either.
  • Try to find a well-hidden spot with plenty of nearby resources, but don’t walk further than necessary.
  • The best place is in a forest. As explained in the previous point, you need plenty of wood to get started, and it also gives you cover. The desert, on the other hand, is dangerous, and the snowy areas are unsuitable for new players without clothes.

But there are some other things you should have in mind as well:

  • Climate: If you are planning to build in the snow biome, have in mind that it is quite cold there during the day and frickin’ freezing during the night. To stay alive during that time you will either need to stand next to a fire or wear a lot of clothes.
  • Roads: Settling next to a road enables you to farm barrels and loot crates on the street. That will be very helpful when you are trying to find new stuff and progress in the game. It will also attract other people though, so my advice would be to build at a spot that is close to the road but not visible from there.
  • Ocean: Same as with roads, you can farm barrels and crates on the ocean. You will need a boat and low-grade fuel for that.
  • Monuments: Those are relics of past glory on the island. Examples would be the Power Plant, Launch site, or Oxum’s gas station. You can find them on your map. They provide you with a lot of loot but also with potentially unwanted attention since Monuments are natural hotspots in Rust. The main thing that monuments have to offer though is a Recycler. It enables you to grind down items and components to gather raw materials such as scrap, metal fragments, and cloth. This is VERY important, especially later in the game when you need scrap to research stuff.

Full Guide - Rust - Building - 7FEACAAF6
Now that you have decided on a location, you will need the following.

Main Tools

Full Guide - Rust - Building - ED56F6661Sleeping Bag
Crafting Cost: 30 cloth
By placing a sleeping bag you set your respawn location. When you die, you can choose in which sleeping bag you want to wake up, or if you want to respawn in a random location. Place this sleeping bag somewhere around the spot you want to build. Nothing is more annoying than farming up materials for your base, getting killed by a bear, and then having to run across the whole map to get it back.
Proceed to farm materials for the base. Your first base will probably be a 2×1 or a 2×2 (meaning 2×2 square foundations or 2×1 square foundations).
It’s very important that it includes a triangle airlock at the entrance to prevent people from getting into your base when they kill you at the entrance.
3k wood and around 5k stone should be enough for the start. While farming you can already start to craft:

  • 1 Tool Cupboard
  • 3 key locks
  • 2 doors
  • 1 building plan and
  • 1 hammer.

Tool Cupboard
Crafting Cost: 1000 wood

  • You place it inside your base and authorize it so no people who do that will be able to add/change things on your base. It also holds the resources necessary to upkeep the base. It will show you what materials it needs to keep the base from decaying. Securing it is very important, so I advise you to secure it with a lock.

Key Lock/Code Lock
Crafting cost: 100 wood/100 metal fragments

  • If you are playing solo, the key lock is the way to go. You just put it onto your TC, doors, or boxes, lock it, and you are done. DON’T CRAFT A KEY! It is not necessary, but very dangerous since anyone who kills you will gain access to your goods.
  • If you are playing with other people, try to get 100 metal fragments as soon as possible, place the code lock and lock it with a suitable code. Once you have entered the code, you don’t ever have to put it in again.

Building Plan
Crafting Cost: 20 wood

  • Used to build structures out of twig, which is very fragile. You should upgrade it right away with Hammer.

Crafting Cost: 100 wood
You can use it to:

  • Upgrade building parts by looking at them, holding right-click, and selecting the future grade
  • Rotate building parts that have been placed in the last 10 minutes by holding right-click and selecting “Rotate”.
  • This is very important since all building blocks have a soft and a hard side. It’s much easier to break them from the soft side, so make sure the strong side is facing outwards.

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Double Doors

Sometimes when you meet a better-equipped player, the best thing you can do is run back to your base and hide. That is risky though because you can accidentally give the other player all your stashed material if you open the door and die.
You should therefore create an ‘airlock’ as soon as you are able.

  • Build at least two rooms with locked doors and stash your items in the last one.
  • If an enemy player gets through the first, they will still not be able to reach your stored items.
  • Just remember to always lock the door behind you first, even if it means dying.
  • Your stash is probably worth more than the items you have on your body.

Full Guide - Rust - Building - 6E468FEE3

Keep your base from decaying


  • Buildings don’t last forever, and certainly not in Rust. Your base will ‘decay’ over time, and the only way you can prevent this is by doing the upkeep.
  • First, you must build a tool cupboard from 1000 wood, and place this in your base. Then, you must put a certain amount of the building materials you used inside the cupboard. The bigger your base, the more upkeep it needs (keep that in mind before starting on your mansion).



  • Repair damaged building parts >30 seconds after they have been damaged.
  • Destroy building parts that have been placed in the last 10 minutes by holding right-click and selecting “Destroy”. Only works if you already have a TC
  • Pick up items like furnaces, boxes, etc.
    Your next steps will be to kill some animals, craft >50 lowgrade fuel, and craft a furnace. Use that to smelt metal and get metal doors (This will make your base fireproof.) Also, try to collect 50 scraps and make a Workbench Level 1. This will get you from the stone to the metal age.
    Full Guide - Rust - Building - C48A0880A



Do not farm more than necessary


  • This is perhaps the most common mistake people make in Rust; farming far more than necessary.
  • Although it can be very tempting to gather large amounts of resources at once, it makes dying all the more frustrating. It is far better to gather small amounts of the resources you need right now and return them to your base regularly.
  • That way you only gather what you need and the risks of losing it all are far reduced.
  • Also try gathering near the places where you have your sleeping bags so in case you do die you can spawn near there.


Don´t farm in open spaces.

Clearly, you start nak*d, people that are much more than you will farm faster, so they will start destroying houses a lot faster than you. If you go in open spaces, people can kill you easily, unless you are inside a bush, or you are doing zig zag. Go to small spaces, do zig-zag, and farm, if you hear footsteps, run for your life.
Full Guide - Rust - Farming - AE68B7295

Wipes In Rust

  • For those new to survival games, a wipe is essentially a server reset.
  • On the last Thursday of every month, Rust resets its servers and all progress is erased. Wipes keep the game fresh by putting the community on a level playing field each month.
  • It is very important to begin playing the first few days of the wipe. After just a few days, skilled survivors will have good guns and a well-built base in place. An Eoka pistol is no match for military-grade weapons.
  • Later in the wipe, Rust users begin to seek out PVP and raid other bases. This is because successful squads have already crafted enough weapons to take down an entire Stone base. The game becomes less about survival and more about conquering the whole island.
  • Being the top clan on the map is an unofficial but often sought title. For these advanced players, beginners in 2X2s will have absolutely no chance.
  • Getting off to a quick start and potentially teaming up with others will give new survivors the best odds in a wipe.

Full Guide - Rust - Wipes In Rust - 48C26D3FC

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  • The Furnace can be used after it has been crafted and placed. Once the Furnace has been placed it can be operated by a player and shows an empty 1×6 grid.
  • To use the Furnace a player must place Wood in it and ignite it. The furnace will burn up to two Wood and create the smelted version of the materials every 30 seconds.
  • Players do not have to be near the Furnace for it to operate, and it will keep burning until it is turned off, runs out of fuel, or if any item slot is filled and it cant find space for either the smelted material or charcoal.
  • People that are starting on Rust always smelt one kind of ore in one complete stack, which makes smelting too slow. So here it comes the “Furnace Split” or “Faster Smelting”.
  • Instead of using a complete stack, you use 3 or 4 stacks (if you use 4 stacks, other materials will be dropped out of the furnace, but they won´t disappear).




The Furnace can be crafted with:

  • 50 low-grade fuel (Each low-grade fuel craft makes 4 low-grade fuel. 13 crafts will make 52 low-grade fuel which is enough to create the furnace. Each craft costs 3 animal fat and 1 cloth. Thus, 13 crafts will cost 39 animal fat and 13 cloth.)
  • 100 wood
  • 200 stones



The Furnace can be repaired with a Hammer:

  • 27 low-grade fuel
  • 50 wood
  • 98 stones

The Furnace can be repaired with a Repair Bench:

  • 25 low-grade fuel
  • 50 wood
  • 100 stones
  • Max Condition Loss = 20%


Smelting Rates

In Rust, the conversion rates are usually 1:1.
Wood Burns at a rate of 30 wood per minute, or one wood every 2 seconds.
Unrefined Resource – Smelts Into – Unit Fuel Cost – Yield per Minute – Ore-Product Ratio

  • Metal Ore – Metal Fragments – 5 Wood – 6 Metal Fragments – 1:1
  • Sulfur Ore – Sulfur – 2.5 Wood – 12 Sulfur – 1:1
  • Wood – Charcoal – 1.33 Wood – 22.5 Charcoal – 4:3
  • High-Quality Metal Ore – High-Quality Metal – 10 Wood – 3 High-Quality Metal – 1:1

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727054914 – [steamcommunity.com] 
Full Guide - Rust - Furnace - 787B47EF0

Component System (Crafting)

  • These things are components, practically, all materials in Rust are made with these, you can find them around the world in some boxes, barrels, and cars. When you want to craft something, you can just look for what materials it needs and search for them around the world.
  • They are in Radtowns too, but be careful! You can die of radiation, you should search in barrels and boxes for a suit to protect you.
  • These things are in Radtowns, is a Recycler, is used for turning components into materials.
  • These zones are dangerous, they are always full of people.
  • Not everything requires components. Many early game items can be crafted without components or blueprints.




  • Rarity: Common
  • Found: Sunken Chest, Sunken Crate, Tool Crate, Barrels, Primitive Crate, Military Crate, Elite Tier Crate, Military Tunnel Scientist, Roaming Scientist, and Outpost Scientists
  • Stacks to: 1,000
  • Recycler return: Cannot be recycled
  • Used for: Researching items, crafting of a few items, mainly workbenches, research tables, and the ever-important nail gun, gambling for a BP using a workbench




  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Crates, Sunken chests, and Sunken Crates
  • Stacks to: 20
  • Recycler return: 13 metal frags, 10 Scrap
  • Used for: (Binoculars (1), Armored Door (5), Armored Double Door (5), Ladder Hatch (3), Garage Door (2), External Wooden Gate (5), External Stone Gate (10), Flame Turret (3), Reactive, Target (1), Snap Trap (1), Vending Machine (3), Shotgun Trap (2), Chainsaw (2))


Metal Blade


  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Sunken Chests, and Sunken Crates
  • Stacks to: 20
  • Recycler return:15 metal frags, 2 Scrap
  • Used for: Metal Barricade (2), Salvaged Axe (5), Salvaged Icepick (5), Salvaged Sword (1), Long Sword (3), Chainsaw (6)


Metal Pipe


  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Crates, CH47 Locked Crate, Elite Tier Crate, Military Crate and Sunken Chest
  • Stacks to: 20
  • Recycler return: 1 high-quality metal, 5 Scrap
  • Used for: Double Barrel Shotgun (1), Salvaged Tools (1), Revolver (1), Pump Shotgun (2), Bolt (3), Semi-Auto Pistol (1), Rocket Launcher (6), Rockets (2), Flame Thrower (6), Python (3), High-Velocity Rocket (1), Incendiary Rocket (2), Flame Turret (2)


Sewing Kit


  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Found in: Barrels, Crates, and Sunken Chest
  • Stacks to: 20
  • Recycler return: 1 high-quality metal, 10 Scrap
  • Used for: AK (4), Bolt (1) ,MP5 (2) ,Custom SMG (1), Thompson (1), Semi-Auto Rifle (1), Pump Shotgun (1), Python (1)


Road Signs


  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Crates and Sunken Chests
  • Stacks to: 20
  • Recycler return: 1 high-quality metal, 5 Scrap
  • Used for: Road Sign Armor (1), Salvaged Cleaver (1)


Rifle Body


  • Rarity: Rare
  • Found in: CH47 Locked Crates, Elite Tier Crates, Military Crates, Military Tunnel Scientist
  • Stacks to: 10
  • Recycler return: 2 high-quality metal, 25 Scrap
  • Used for: Bolt, AK


SMG Body


  • Rarity: Rare
  • Found in: CH47 Locked Crates, Elite Tier Crates, Military Crates, Military Tunnel Scientist, Roaming Scientist
  • Stacks to: 10
  • Recycler return: 2 high-quality metal, 15 Scrap
  • Used for: Custom SMG, Thompson, MP5A4


Semi-Auto Body


  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Crates, Military Tunnel Scientist, Roaming Scientist, Outpost Scientist, Sunken Chest
  • Stacks to: 10
  • Recycler return: 2 high-quality metal, 75 metal frags, 15 Scrap
  • Used for: P250, Semi-Auto Rifle, Semi-Auto Pistol (P250)




  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Sunken Chests, and Sunken Crates
  • Stacks to: 20
  • Recycler return: 50 cloth
  • Used for: Water Catchers (1-2), Water Barrel (1), Large Planter (2), Small Planter (1), Frog Boots (1), Hazmat Suit (5)


Tech Trash


  • Rarity: Rare
  • Found in: CH47 Locked Crates, Elite Tier Crates, Military Crates, Military Tunnel Scientist, APC Crate, Roaming Scientist
  • Stacks to: 50
  • Recycler return: 1 high-quality metal, 20 Scrap
  • Used for: C4 (2), Holosight (1), Laser sight (1)


Empty Propane Tank


  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Sunken Chests and Sunken Crates
  • Stacks to: 5
  • Recycler return: 50 metal frags, 1 Scrap
  • Used for: Water Purifier (1), Flamethrower (2), Flame Turret (5)


Sheet Metal


  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Crates and Sunken Chests
  • Stacks to: 20
  • Recycler return: 100 metal frags, 1 high-quality metal, 8 Scrap
  • Used for: Heavy Plate Helmet (1), Heavy Plate Jacket (2), Heavy Plate Pants (1)


Electric Fuse


  • Rarity: Common
  • Found in: Barrels, Crates, Sunken Chests, and Sunken Crates
  • Stacks to: 1
  • Recycler return: 20 Scrap
  • Used for: Monument puzzles


The Recycler

The recycler takes items or components and returns a percentage of the materials back (depending on the condition of the item). Recyclers cannot be crafted at the moment, you can only find them in dungeons and monuments around the map.
NOTE: If players are nearby and you are not careful, they can easily take your stuff from the recycler without taking damage or anything like that so stay close by and I recommend standing ON the recycler while recycling your scrap so no one can take your stuff.

Recycler Locations


  • Satellites: The recycler is inside one of the standing dishes
  • Lighthouse: The recycler is on the platform on the shorter side of the lighthouse
  • Train Yard: The recycler can be found on the second floor after going up the stairs to the small building.
  • Water Treatment: The recycler is found on the second floor after going up two flights of stairs in the long building.
  • Nuclear Plant: The recycler is found inside the garage door on the right in the small building next to the conveyor.
  • Warehouses: They can also be found in warehouses throughout the map
  • Harbors: A recycler can be found in each of the possible harbors. It is located directly behind the first building on the left in the first harbor, and between the cranes on the other.
  • Launch Site: You can find the recycler by entering from the launch pad side, it’s under the awning at the second building on the left.
  • Supermarket: The recycler can be found in the fenced-in area behind the building.
  • Gas Station: The garage houses the recycler here.
  • Junkyard: The recycler is found by climbing up to the raised shipping container next to the crane.
  • Military Tunnels: The recycler is found in a metal shack on the outskirts of the tunnel entrance.
  • The Outpost: When entering from the side with the rusty watch tower the recycler is found in a collapsed building with a “repairs” sign to the right of the road.

Full Guide - Rust - The Recycler - E4E1C5AF5


  • Trading has been a key part of the Rust experience since its release.
  • One of the earliest ways to trade involved trading blueprints for wood or other resources.
  • Basic trade-in Rust starts early – wood for cloth, cloth for metal fragments, etc.
  • Early trade is sometimes sloppy and dangerous with many chances to have your loot stolen.


What do you need to start trading

Wooden shop front
Pros: Extremely inexpensive
Cons: Not secure, Easily destroyed, No protection for either trader
Metal shop front
Pros: Inexpensive, Relatively secure, Options for base design beyond its intended function
Cons: Allows enemies to see what is beyond that wall, Not very secure for the outside trader
Vending machines
Pros: Autonomous trading, Shows location on map (will indicate if empty), Can be used to check the prices of competitors, Can be used to find player hotspots on the map
Cons: Contents are destroyed if the machine is destroyed, Cannot be locked; if a raider gains access to the back of the machine, they have access to your loot, Can make your area prey to unwanted PVP or griefers
Full Guide - Rust - Trading - 888BFA85E


The Blueprint is an item that allows for the crafting of items the player cannot craft yet. Blueprints can be obtained by placing a currently uncraftable item in a Research Table, along with the required amount of scrap.



  • The Blueprint for an object can be obtained by placing the source item in a Research Table, and will require an amount of scrap.
  • Once the player selects craft, a timer will tick down and after it has finished, the original item and scrap will be destroyed, but the player will gain the blueprint for the item.




  • Clicking on a Blueprint in your inventory will display the option to learn the blueprint. This will destroy the blueprint, but the player will gain the ability to craft an indefinite amount of the items learned.
  • Players can also sell the unlearned blueprint to other players.
  • Currently, learned Blueprints will remain with you past death and server wipes.
  • Learned Blueprints will need a relative level workbench to be able to be used, with level one tier being for the most simplistic designs, such as stone spears and hatchets, second tier for more advanced items, such as the road sign jacket and kilt, while the third tier is for the late game level items, such as the a*sault rifle.

Full Guide - Rust - Blueprints - CBBCF6FE0


Electricity is a useful tool in Rust. It’s needed to power CCTV Cameras, Ceiling Lights, etc.



  • Electricity is measured in rWm (rustWatts minute).
  • Medium Rechargeable Battery being powered by Large Solar Panel using a Wire Tool
  • To create electricity you must use a Large Solar Panel, a Wind Turbine, or a Small Generator.
  • To store the electricity you must use a Small Rechargeable Battery, a Medium Rechargeable Battery, or a Large Rechargeable Battery.
  • You can transfer electricity between electric components using a Wire Tool.


How to get and store power?

The first step to adding electricity to your base is to gather some power. This can be done in one of two ways:
– Solar Panels
– Wind Turbines
Once you have that power, you’ll want somewhere to store it – and that means you’ll need batteries.
Large Solar Panels:

  • Research cost: 75 scrap
  • Crafting: 25 HQM
  • Craft time: 30 seconds
  • Workbench: Level 1 required
  • Recycles for: 13 HQM

Wind Turbine

  • Research cost: 250 scrap
  • Crafting: 1,500 Wood, 30 HQM, 3 Gears, 10 Sheet metal
  • Craft time: 30 seconds
  • Workbench: Level 2 required
  • Recycles for: 750 Wood, 15 HQM, 2 Gears, 5 Sheet metal


Small Rechargeable Battery

  • Research cost: 20 Scrap
  • Crafting: 10 HQM
  • Craft time: 30 seconds
  • Workbench: Level 1 required
  • Recycles for: 5 HQM

Large Rechargeable Battery

  • Research cost: 75 Scrap
  • Crafting: 80 HQM
  • Craft time: 30 seconds
  • Workbench: Level 2 required
  • Recycles for: 40 HQM





  • The proverbial glue which ties all electric items together is the Wire Tool. – This item is crafted with High-Quality Metal and facilitates the flow of electricity through various pieces of equipment.
  • To work with wire, equip it and then left-click on an attachment cube of one of the devices you’d like to connect (it looks like an off-white box that expands and turns yellow when you point at it). From there you can left-click on the wall to pin the wire (cable management anyone?) and guide the wire to the other item you’d like to connect.
  • You can also simply walk around to the other side and the wire will go straight through. The wire is limited so be careful.
  • I do suggest trying to hide wires inside the walls or behind the walls etc so your enemies cant find the source of your electric power if they raid you.



Electric components


  • Wire Tool
  • Small Rechargeable Battery
  • Medium Rechargeable Battery
  • Large Rechargeable Battery
  • Timer
  • XOR Switch
  • AND Switch
  • OR Switch
  • Switch
  • Audio Alarm
  • Igniter
  • HBHF Sensor
  • Laser Detector
  • Flasher Light
  • Siren Light
  • Wind Turbine
  • Large Solar Panel
  • Small Generator
  • Blocker
  • Electrical Branch
  • RAND Switch
  • Memory Cell
  • Root Combiner
  • Splitter
  • Auto Turret
  • SAM Site
  • Tesla Coil

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2436412877 – [steamcommunity.com] 
Full Guide - Rust - Electricity - A48EB1124


Having a farm is actually really beneficial.
Is either to farm food or hemp which gives you cloth that you can sell and make a profit.
I don’t know sh*t about farming if I’m honest I just know it’s good to have a farm and how to farm but I never actually made one.
Full Guide - Rust - Farm - 67B071830

Bigger Base / House

Go by steps:

  • Start Small
  • Always Build An Airlock
  • Where to build – either in the woods hidden and surrounded by supplies OR if you’re experienced enough smart way might be building on the beach where at least 1/2 or 2/3 of your base is surrounded by water so its hard to access for the other players who want to raid you.
  • Mind The Topography
  • Upgrade Ceilings First
  • Upgrading The Walls And Foundations
  • Set up traps
  • Use code locks

Full Guide - Rust - Bigger Base / House - 509DC66F8

Teams / Clans / Reputation

  • If you play with a team, Rust will be easier for you. You will gather resources faster, build faster, have backup etc.
  • Another thing would be “the server reputation”. If you are the king of the server and all the people hate you, probably you will be searched all the time until they find your house and raid it.
  • ”Kings” of the server are usually the ones with the most resources and the ones who raid the most people..some people hate them for it and others look up to them.
  • If you are friendly and make friends on the server, you can request their help if you are being raided.

Either way, I wouldn’t recommend being toxic to anyone on any server because you never know how much people will start to hate you and then look for you just to klLL you or raid you. BUT as everyone knows… rust is quite a harsh game. People in this game usually have no filter and will speak their minds. So if you get easily offended I really wouldn’t recommend playing this game because some players can be quite blunt and mean lmfao. If you are a really shy rust player I recommend you go on beginner servers and just stay there until you get the courage to level up.
Teams / Clans when they take rust seriously they usually buy matching rust gear/clothes from the community market so they can really stand out and know who is part of the team.

Full Guide - Rust - Teams / Clans / Reputation - 98F0F8A02


The first thing i must say here is ….if your aim…is sh*t you will literally succ balls in this game. I’m not going to even lie and I’m not even kidding. If you don’t have at least a decent aim you better off playing valorant. The aim in this game is so damn important. You truly need the skill.

  • Weapons are key to survival as they provide the player with basic offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Players may find weapons in Airdrops and Attack Helicopters, and can also craft them after gathering all the required resources for each weapon.
  • Weapons in Rust have a variety of different applications in different scenarios. Some weapons are close range, whereas others are long-range.
  • RPG weapons differ from each other with factors such as accuracy, range, rate of fire, and damage.


Melee Weapons


  • Machete
  • Longsword
  • Mace
  • Salvaged Sword
  • Stone Spear
  • Wooden Spear
  • Salvaged Cleaver




  • Crossbow
  • Hunting Bow
  • Compound Bow




  • Eoka Pistol
  • M92 Pistol
  • Python Revolver
  • Revolver
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Nailgun




  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Waterpipe Shotgun
  • Spas12


Submachine Guns


  • Custom SMG
  • MP5A4
  • Thompson




  • Assault Rifle
  • Bolt Action Rifle
  • L96 Sniper
  • LR-300 Assault Rifle
  • M39 Rifle
  • Semi-Automatic Rifle


Machine Guns


  • M249


Weapon Modifications


  • 4x Zoom Scope
  • Holosight
  • Muzzle Boost
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Silencer
  • Simple Handmade Sight
  • Weapon Flashlight
  • Weapon Lasersight




  • Beancan Grenade
  • F1 Grenade
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Satchel Charge
  • Timed Explosive Charge


Miscellaneous Ranged Weapons


  • Grenade Launcher
  • Flame Thrower
  • Rocket Launcher

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2401000333 – [steamcommunity.com] 
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2672985099 – [steamcommunity.com] 
Full Guide - Rust - Weapons - 8331841BB


  • If you’re looking to succeed in Rust, the proper armor is a must-have.
  • With 0 armor you are going to be dead in seconds if not from another player then from an animal.
  • There are a few different types of armor that you can craft and wear.


Early Game

In the early game, you basically don’t have much yet but getting even the smallest and easiest equipment and armor is quite smart. So to go with something you have on hand is the easiest way to go and that is:

  • Wolf Headdress
  • Wood Armor

Full Guide - Rust - Armor - FC2B91759


So you are mid-game, a few days have pa*sed already and you already have a decent stash of loot and a decent base and weapons. So now you need again a decent armor/protection. Because you already have certain things on hand the easiest way to go with is:

  • Coffee Can Helmet
  • Road Sign Kilt
  • Chestplate

Full Guide - Rust - Armor - 04F49100F


Now you’re almost an expert. Good loot, good base, good weapons and now….good armor ofc. So you should probably go with:

  • Metal Facemask
  • Metal Chestplate
  • Roadsign Kilt

Full Guide - Rust - Armor - 6D5137506

Base Defense

These are used mostly for the defense of your base because this kind of armor restricts your mobility so wearing it outside for PVP’s, farming, hunting, raiding is really not that smart

  • Heavy Plate Armor
  • Heavy Plate Helmet
  • Heavy Plate Pants

Full Guide - Rust - Armor - 39716500D


Hazmat SuThe bright yellow and red coloring makes it high profile– so be aware that you’re extremely visible!
But it is the easest thing to select when you want to go on a quick roam or farming.
Full Guide - Rust - Armor - A0E7C43DA



  • Armor
  • Baseball Cap
  • Beenie Hat
  • Bone Armor
  • Bone Armor Pants
  • Bone Jacket
  • Boots
  • Bucket Helmet
  • Burlap Headwrap
  • Burlap Shirt
  • Burlap Shoes
  • Burlap Trousers
  • Candle Hat
  • Coffee Can Helmet
  • Collared Shirt
  • Diving Tank
  • Forest Camo Pants
  • Grey Longsleeve T-Shirt
  • Hazmat Boots
  • Hazmat Gloves
  • Hazmat Helmet
  • Hazmat Jacket
  • Hazmat Pants
  • Hazmat Suit
  • Heavy Plate Helmet
  • Heavy Plate Jacket
  • Heavy Plate Pants
  • Hide Boots
  • Hide Pants
  • Hide Poncho
  • Hide Vest
  • Hoodie
  • Jacket
  • Leather Gloves
  • Longsleeve T-Shirt
  • Metal Chest Plate
  • Metal Facemask
  • Miners Hat
  • Pants
  • Riot Helmet
  • Road Sign Jacket
  • Road Sign Kilt
  • Road Sign Kilt/Skins
  • Scientist Suit
  • Snow Jacket – Black (Legacy)
  • Snow Jacket – Red
  • Snow Jacket – Wood Camo (Legacy)
  • T-Shirt
  • Tan Boots
  • Urban Camo Pants
  • Wolf Headdress
  • Wood Armor Pants
  • Wood Chestplate
  • Yellow Long Sleeve T-Shirt



Rust: How To Raid


  • Bring Enough Explosives. Doors and walls are only going down with explosives in mid/late game.
  • Using Splash Damage Appropriately.
  • Expect traps while raiding.
  • Watch For Third Parties And Have A Backup Plan.
  • Loot And Find The Toolbox.
  • Create a temporary base.
  • Look for a weakness.



The tool cupboard

This is basically… a diamond of the place. It holds the crown. It’s important because usually, it holds the most valuable items + keeps the base from decaying + everyone who authorizes it (usually the whole team from that base) is the same from any traps/turrets, and has easy access to the base. So finding and taking/destroying this will be the main thing you should do. They are usually locked so you will have to destroy it and replace it with your own one to claim the place. But usually, players hide this very carefully and behind the strongest walls so you will need a lot of rockets and explosives.
Full Guide - Rust - Raiding - 8DB08E990

Raiding tools

Name – what is used for

  • Hatchet – Soft side wood
  • Bone club – Soft side of walls
  • Pickaxe – Soft side stone and sheet metal
  • Salvaged ice pick – Soft side stone and sheet metal
  • Salvaged hatchet – Soft side wood and hatches
  • Flame thrower – Wood
  • 5.56 explosive – Stone walls and sheet metal doors
  • 5.56 fire – Wood
  • Rocket – Used with launcher
  • Rocket launcher – Blows up anything
  • Beancan grenade – Wood and sheet metal doors
  • F1 grenade – Wood and sheet metal doors
  • Satchel charge – Wood and sheet metal doors
  • Timed charge (C4) – Blows up anything

Full Guide - Rust - Raiding - 8979D0C4E

Soft side vs. hard side

One of the most important things in the base building is making sure that your walls are facing the right way. Building a base with the soft sides of walls exposed can make your upgrades useless.

  • Wood walls can be beaten down to 11 health with a single hatchet from the soft side, then easily finished off with anything else. The hard side takes 3 hatchet hits to do 1 point of damage.
  • Stone walls from the outside take one damage per 8 pickaxe hits, but from the soft side takes 1.2 damage every hit (7 pickaxes for one stone wall). Spears are a great early or late game soft side raiding option as they are cheap to craft and relatively silent.
  • Sheet Metal, while being near impervious to melee from the outside, will take 1 damage every 2 pickaxe hits, as well as take damage from other tools.
  • Armored walls can also be picked, albeit at a much slower rate, from the soft side with standard tools.

1. image = soft side
2. image = hard side
Full Guide - Rust - Raiding - 6FF4384C9
Full Guide - Rust - Raiding - 811FE073A

Temporary Base


  • When you are getting ready for a raid, you first want to scope the area around the base you are looking at. When you find a good spot that is open and you can see the base clearly, you should build a temporary base where you can fit sleeping bags just in case you die and you can also regroup if the raid does not go so well.
  • Your best bet is simply a 1×1 base with an airlock. Be sure to include a sleeping bag and as many chests as you can fit because you need a place to stash the spoils from your raid.
  • You also would want to build a cupboard in the house so people don’t build anything around your base and easily get in.


Counter-raiding is important in rust.

  • The raid you are conducting could be interrupted and potentially overtaken by roaming players.
  • If you are being raided, a counter-raid can buy some time to move loot to another part of the base or another location so you don’t lose everything.
  • As a counter-raider, there is potential for huge loot gains including unused raiding tools – C4, rockets, etc.
  • As most counter-raids produce a ton of dead bodies this situation is a goldmine for scavengers trying to pick up a lucky gun or kit so if you find the post-raid location you can find some tools for yourself. But if you won the counter-raid and all the bodies are around or near your base you should quickly gather as much loot as you can because other players will come and take a look


Online vs. offline raiding

Usually, this is where people start to fight with each other. When it comes to online and offline raiding the rust community is divided. Some say offline raiding is normal others say is a bi*tch move because the other team cant defend themselves because they are obviously offline. It truly just depends.

  • Online gives the party being raided a chance to defend while opening the opportunity for great PVP challenges.
  • Online raiding also allows the raided party to despawn loot.


  • Offline raiding can be easier if you are not met with counter-raiders, it’s also generally more profitable.
  • Offline raiding is generally cheaper from a cost standpoint as well.

Heres is also a YT video, and some guides to help you out:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2358986676 – [steamcommunity.com] 
Full Guide - Rust - Raiding - 85EFB2BE9

Raiding Methods

  • 1. Explosive Ammo
  • 2. Rockets
  • 3. C4
  • 4. Satchels
  • 5. Flamethrower Raiding
  • 6. Pickaxe Raiding
  • 7. F1 Grenades
  • 8. Eoka Raiding
  • 9. Heli Bait
  • 10. Spear Raiding


But overall a successful raid you would need a mix of many different weapons and methods depending on the size of the group, base, position of the base etc.
Here’s the site to explain some parts a bit better:
https://qtoptens.com/best-raiding-methods-rust/ – [qtoptens.com] 
Full Guide - Rust - Raiding Methods - 98F0F8A02

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •




Beginner Guides

Here are some other guides that might help you out:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2792840130 – [steamcommunity.com] 
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873880825 – [steamcommunity.com] 
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2420961300 – [steamcommunity.com] 
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1284914859 – [steamcommunity.com] 

Most Useful Commands/Binds

I wanted to include this in the guide but didn’t want to just write everything separately again so here’s a really helpful guide:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2370946084 – [steamcommunity.com] 


https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=698016815 – [steamcommunity.com] 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



I like the game a lot, is interesting to play but ngl you have to have some brain cells to play it and at least some skill shooting-wise. Also if you don’t handle toxicity well I would not recommend you play it but is all just fun and games. Other than that a great game.
🔲 A 5y/o could do it
🔲 Easy
🔲 Normal
✅ Hard
🔲 Even Satan can’t help you
🔲 Jesus take the wheel what am i looking at
🔲 Bad
✅ Good
🔲 Beautiful
🔲 Graphics don’t matter in this game
🔲 Bad
✅ Not special
🔲 Good
🔲 Beautiful
✅ This game has no story
🔲 Better watch a movie instead
🔲Could be better
🔲 Good story
🔲 Imagine Harry Potter but on crack
🔲 Free
🔲 Underpriced
✅ Perfect Price
✅ Could be cheaper
🔲 Overpriced
🔲 Is like buying a castle
(I run a ♥♥♥♥ laptop)
🔲 A brick could run it
✅ Average PC
🔲 High-end gaming PC
🔲 Advanced alien computer
🔲 You’re done before you even start (0 – 2h)
🔲 Short (2 – 15 h)
🔲 Normal (15-50 h)
🔲 Long (50-90 h)
🔲 Longer than a math problem (90-110h)
✅ No ending
🌺 FUN🌺
🔲 I’d rather stare at the wall
🔲 Meh not really
🔲 Repetitive
🔲 Very fun
✅You’ll remember it
🔲 Best time of your life
🔲 It’s a one-time experience
🔲 Good for achievements
🔲 If you wait for a while
✅ Definitely
🔲 Can play it 24/7
🔲 You get bored before you even start
🔲 Nah, I play it now and than
✅ Somehow
🔲 Cant stop playing
🔲 I’m playing it rn if that explains anything
🔲 Everyone is wholesome
🔲 Is alright
🔲 Normal
✅ People are on some weird sh*t
✅ Satan would be proud
🔲 Hell no I rather buy a whole McDonald’s menu
✅ Wait for sale
✅ Yes


Thank you for sticking around!
If you found the guide helpful please leave a like and favorite it. If you have any spare points please leave an award
Much love and happy gaming!
– Phoenix

Full Guide - Rust - THANK YOU - D1EF2DF1F


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