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Full Guide – The Top 1 - steamclue.com

This guide will show you how to complete this game. It's up to you whether you have the ability to do it. However, I will at least give the tools if that is not what you want.

The Basics

First, a disclaimer. I'm sure you're tired of seeing something like this. But it's okay. This will expose the secrets of what lies beneath the surface. It's not the story or lore. The secrets themselves and how you get there are the most important. It took me just seven hours, including all achievements, to beat the entire game. I highly recommend trying to decipher and figure the game yourself. If you enjoy this kind of thing, you don't want to be robbed. Once that's done, we can move on to the guide portion.
You can control a male and have him climb a mountain. He can run, jump, and hold onto walls. He can also alter the fabric of reality by simply pressing a button. This guide is almost certain to contain all the necessary information if you bother to read it. What you may not know about the game's structure or the mechanics of achievements is how they work. This section is for you.
The game is divided into three distinct areas: The Outskirts; The Caves; and The Mountainside. Each setting has its mechanics, and there are 30 rooms total in the base game. The Outskirts is a great way to get used to switching between environments. The Caves can throw new obstacles at your head while keeping you indoors. The Mountainside can add wind mechanics that aren't terrible.
You might stumble upon a hidden area by accident or purpose during your initial playthrough. There are six hidden entrances to the game, each one paired together for three secret stages. One entrance will point to the secret entrance, and the other will point to the secret stage. You will not stumble upon the secret stage if you don't know how to find them.
You will also receive a variety of achievements throughout the game. There are nine achievements total. One third of them will be for completing base game. The secret stages will also be beaten to unlock three more. One is obtained by obtaining the secret ending to those secret stages. The second and third will be obtained through completing two nondescript missions. More on this later.
This is a general overview. If you are looking for specific information, skip this section.

The Secrets

This is where the game becomes great. You will quickly get the feeling that there is more. It can be done by either finding one or more secret maps, or simply inferring from the dialog of your player character. This section will detail how to find them all, and provide hints.
Hint: The achievement names will show you that there are three secret levels. Each of these stages are extremely difficult, so I recommend you play through the base level before you attempt. Each area contains two secret entrances: one map and one stage.
Hint 2 Secret stages are more difficult to find than secret maps. These secret maps are easy to find, even though they are hidden behind faux walls or spikes. However, there is a logic to all of it, so I don’t recommend aimlessly throwing yourself against various spikes and walls.
Hint 3. These secret maps that you discover are just that, maps. I was too busy thinking about it when I found mine. It took me a lot longer to find it. Each map corresponds with a screen in a base set of levels. The glowing part is the entrance to that secret stage. The lines are also the tracks and platforms that move, which I knew was confusing until I found it.
Hint 4. Now we are ready to move into picture territory. This will display the screens from which the entrances of the maps may be found. From there, it's up to the user to locate them. Below are the Mountainside entrances (Outskirts), Caves, and Caves.
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - DDFB395
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - 92B2159
Caves (and the timer)
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - 3A4504C

Hint 5 The final hint will simply be a reuploading or deleting of the maps. The most difficult thing about maps is that you can't return to them in-game unless your run starts over. They aren't difficult to remember but sometimes you just need to have the image. You could take photos or screenshots yourself, but I've taken the liberty of doing that here. You can find the map at the location of your entrance.
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - ED51468
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - E25C3D3
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - 2AF8836

Hint 6 Here's the last hint. Below will be the images where I am standing directly next the secret entrances. These images will be in the order of Outskirts to Mountainside.
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - 8321CAD
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - 2C819A1
Full Guide - The Top - The Secrets - 7C685AE



As I said at the beginning, most achievements are possible by just playing through the game's story. The final secret ending will be revealed if you have completed all three stages. The climber will then jump from the mountain to enter hell, which is the final challenge. Twelve screens of hell await your efforts, and you will be rewarded for your achievements and incredible storybeats.
These last two are a bit harder to find. The game can be explored for everything else, but this is different. These hidden achievements are easily found by looking at the global achievement statistics. The?? The????? and!! This suggests that some kind of feat was accomplished, but that's it.
One might try to speedrun to make the game faster. The climber may be proud of your speed in the base course if you are quick enough, so it's not a bad idea. But it is incorrect. One might do the minimum number of deaths to win the game. This is the speedrun theory.
You'll find the settings in the a*sists menu. Checkpoints! You can toggle the a*sist to false to enter the checkpointless version. This setting automatically returns to normal when you reload the game. But it doesn’t matter. The achievement should count as long you don't collect a checkpoint starting from the beginning.
You should be able to beat the base level game without having to go through checkpoints. It may sometimes be frustrating. However, if the base game is completed, you should not have any problems with the secret content. The achievement will be yours, but the trouble begins with the other. As you might have guessed, the secret ending can be obtained without any checkpoints.
You can show off your gaming skills by beating all three stages, as well as hell, and not collecting any checkpoints. It took me approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, mainly because I only had to do the true ending once. The previous achievement took me just seven minutes. This is truly a great achievement.


Playing the game and finding the true end can lead to almost all achievements. The true ending can only be found by completing all three secret stages. There are many clues in the levels that will guide you. Once you have beat all three secrets, you will be able to progress to the true end. By turning off the setting in your a*sists menu, you can get the final two achievements by beating the base and true ending.


Written by AsaAscended

Here we come to an end for the Full Guide – The Top guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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