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Full NPC Rewards List – DARK SOULS™ III 1 - steamclue.com

I much enjoy creating new characters every time I want to try a new build, and I also collect as much as possible on each of those characters. I’ve already learned the locations of every item in the game, but still struggled to understand the exact order for doing the NPC questlines and interactions since there are so many conditions and triggers that are easy to mess up. There are already great checklists out there that detail every single action to be taken for full completion, but I found them to be cumbersome for my need; thus, it was my wish to have a checklist that is purely dedicated to NPC rewards. If this resonates with you, then you may find this short guide to be of use.


The purpose of this guide is to provide a succinct and ordered list of every rewarded NPC interaction.
Completion will yield all missable equipment, spells, and gestures that are provided by NPCs.
What’s In This Guide
A checklist for getting all NPC rewards (completed by Farron Keep NG+)
A list of all rewards arranged by NPC (for reference)
Is it possible to get everything in one playthrough?
No; there is only one interaction reward that must be completed on a NG+ cycle, and it’s a single gesture.

Proper Bow vs. Sirris’ Quest Rewards

The one and only truly exclusionary interaction. Apparently it used to be possible to obtain everything in one playthrough, but this has since been patched out. According to FextraLife’s page on Sirris:
“It is no longer possible to speedrun to Rosaria to offer a pale tongue before ever meeting Sirris to avoid failing her quest. Sirris will simply not show up, and giving the Dreamchaser’s Ashes to the handmaid does not fix this.” — http://wikia – [] 
Getting the Proper Bow gesture requires offering a pale tongue to Rosaria to unlock the Yellowfinger Heysel summon to get the gesture, however this can only be completed before killing Abyss Watchers. Sirris’ questline rewards items starting at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley all the way until after beating the Twin Princes, but she will leave for good, disrupting her questline, if a pale tongue is offered to Rosaria at any point (does not include rebirth or stat reallocation). The only thing from Sirris that can be obtained before getting Proper Bow is her Darkmoon Loyalty gesture (speak to her after giving the Dreamchaser’s Ashes to the Shrine Handmaiden). Thus, there are two paths here:
1) Sirris Quest Rewards
The following items are rewarded from thoroughly completing Sirris’ quest:

  • Darkmoon Loyalty – Gesture
  • Silvercat Ring + Blessed Mail Breaker
  • Dragonslayer’s Axe
  • Mirrah Chain Set + Creighton’s Steel Mask
  • Sunset Shield
  • Sunset Set
  • Sunless Talisman
  • Sunless Set

My preferred method is to complete her quest in the first NG cycle, then obtain Proper Bow in NG+.
2) Darkmoon Loyalty and Proper Bow
If you do not care about Sirris’ items you can wait until you get Sirris’ gesture, then turn in a pale tongue to get Heysel’s gesture. You can then do Sirris’ quest on a NG+ cycle for her items.

All NPC Rewards Checklist

  • This guide begins with a new character (cla*s and gift are your choice).
  • When talking to NPCs, always exhaust their dialogue so that they begin to repeat their lines; “Talk” (with quotations) denotes choosing the menu option labeled as such when interacting, otherwise (no quotations) simply interacting with them causes dialogue.
  • Bosses should be killed in the order below for ease of use, but there is variability; just keep in mind that going out of order might disrupt questlines. Unlisted zones have no NPC interactions within them.
  • Once an item becomes available from a vendor, you can buy it at your own leisure, not necessarily right away.
  • If you want a second copy of Dark Hand, Darkdrift, or Morion Blade, you’ll need to get 5 more levels from Yoel to make Yuria appear in NG+; thus you should plan on saving the last 5 levels of your build to be done by Yoel in NG+.
  • The remaining quests that are worth doing every NG cycle are Greirat/Patches for the access to vendor items, and Siegward/Shira for their Titanite Slabs



☐ Andre – “Talk” twice for Hurrah! Gesture
☐ Hawkwood – Talk for Collapse Gesture


☐ Greirat – Get Cell Key, Talk and “grant request” for Blue Tearstone Ring and to recruit him
☐ Leonhard – (at Firelink) Talk for Cracked Redeye Orbs
☐ Kill Vordt of the Boreal Valley


☐ Yoel – Talk to recruit
☐ Greirat – Get Loretta’s Bone on hanging corpse
☐ Cornyx – Talk to recruit
☐ Irina – Talk for Prayer Gesture and to recruit
☐ Eygon – Talk
☐ Siegward – Kill the demon and Talk for a Siegbrau and the Toast and Sleep Gestures
☐ Leonhard – Get Pale Tongue on hanging corpse near demon
(At Firelink)
☐ Greirat – Talk to give Loretta’s Bone. Reload and Talk for Curl Up Gesture. Reload and Talk to send for first pillage outing
☐ Cornyx – Talk to twice for Pyromancy Flame and Welcome Gesture
☐ Yoel – “Talk” for Beckon Gesture
☐ Leonhard – Talk for Lift Key. Retrieve the Red Eye Orb. Return and Talk for Applause Gesture
☐ Kill Curse-rotted Greatwood. Greirat has now returned with additional vendor items


☐ Anri – Talk to Anri and Horace
☐ Orbeck – Talk to recruit (requires 10 INT)
☐ Kill invader Yellowfinger Heysel for Xanthous Crown and Heysel Pick
(At Firelink)
☐ Sirris – Talk
☐ Hawkwood – Talk for Heavy Gem
☐ Kill Crystal Sage


(Do not enter the rafters section until specified!)
☐ Kill invader Longfinger Kirk for Barbed Straight Sword and Spiked Shield. Get Armor of Thorns Set later in Rosaria’s Bedchamber
☐ Make way up the elevator shortcut near the Deacons fog wall and open the front doors
☐ Patches (wearing Catarina Set) should be standing next to a newly raised bridge nearby. Cross the bridge to fall into Patches’ trap
☐ Go up to the rafters section and drop down to the side where Rosaria’s chamber is; talk to Patches and respond “You know who I am” for Prostration Gesture and Rusted Coin; then buy the Catarina Set from him (15k souls total, pierce shield not needed)
☐ Sirris – Do NOT give Rosaria a Pale Tongue else Sirris will depart and her questline will be incompletable
☐ Siegward – Throw Siegward his armor for Rejoice Gesture (in the well outside the chapel)
☐ Kill Deacons of the Deep
(At Firelink)
☐ Patches – Buy the Tower Key, retrieve the Firekeeper Soul, then Patches will lock the door. Escape and confront him to make him a vendor. “Talk” so that he mentions Greirat. Reload for Patches Squat Gesture and he will now sell the Horsehoof Ring
☐ Anri – Talk to Anri and Horace


☐ Sirris – Get Dreamchaser’s Ashes and give to Shrine Handmaid, then Reload and Talk to Sirris for Darkmoon Loyalty Gesture
☐ Orbeck – Give Golden Scroll to keep Orbeck from leaving. Then buy: Farron Flashsword, Spook, Aural Decoy, Pestilent Mist, and Hidden Body (11k souls). “Talk” for Young Dragon Ring, Slumbering Dragon Ring, and Silent Ally Gesture
☐ Friendly Giant – Get Hawk Ring from the friendly giant’s corpse in the Undead Settlement (requires looting all branches from the three trees or just killing him)
☐ Yoel – “Draw Out True Strength” five times and Reload to make Yuria appear
☐ Yuria – Talk for Dignified Bow Gesture. “Talk” so she mentions Orbeck
☐ Yuria – Summon the Londor Pale Shade near the Farron Keep Perimeter Bonfire for Duel Bow Gesture
☐ Summon Black Hand Gotthard here as well for By My Sword Gesture
☐ Yuria – Attack Yuria to anger her but DO NOT KILL HER! Go to Farron Keep and kill invader Londor Pale Shade for Manikin Claws (in deep swamp with basilisks)
☐ Kill Abyss Watchers
(At Firelink)
☐ Hawkwood – Talk to for Farron Ring. Reload and he will be gone; Hawkwood’s Shield can be found at a grave near the dog outside
☐ Eygon – Talk


☐ Talk to Anri in the first section of the Catacombs
☐ Talk to Anri in second section near the rope bridge
☐ Kill Horace in the Smouldering Lake area for Llewellyn Shield. Do not tell Anri of Horace
☐ Do not kill Old Demon King yet
☐ Kill High Lord Wolnir


☐ Sirris – Kill Sulyvahn’s Beast on the bridge, rest at the Central Irithyll bonfire, then return to the bridge. Use Sirris’ sign to help her defeat Creighton. Then Talk to her at Firelink for Silvercat Ring and Blessed Mail Breaker
☐ Anri – Talk near Church of Yorshka bonfire for Ring of the Evil Eye and Quiet Resolve Gesture. Don’t kill the a*sa*sin
☐ Sirris – Kill Creighton who invades near the grave just past the Church of Yorshka bonfire for Dragonslayer’s Axe. Return to the bridge for Creighton’s Steel Mask and Mirrah Chain Set
☐ Greirat – As soon as you reach the Distant Manor bonfire, send Greirat to pillage for the second time. Do not go past this bonfire
☐ Kill the Old Demon King – summon the Great Swamp Cuculus and have them survive this fight, then Cornyx’s Set and the Spotted Whip can be found by his cage at the Undead Settlement. Greirat has now returned with additional vendor items
☐ Siegward – Talk to him in the kitchen for Emit Force and another Siegbrau
☐ Yuria – Kill invader Londor Pale Shade just past the Silver Knights to unlock the Pale Shade Set at Firelink. Request Absolution at the Statue of Velka in the Undead Settlement to safely resume Yuria’s quest
☐ Kill Pontiff Sulyvahn
☐ Yuria – “Talk” to activate rite of avowal on the way up to Anor Londo. Use the Sword of Avowal on Anri’s corpse, reload for Anri’s Straight Sword, and get Chameleon from the a*sa*sin’s corpse. Elite Knight Armor can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid
☐ Kill Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
☐ Sirris – Use her summon sign outside the Pit of Hollows and help her kill Hodrick. Talk at Firelink and accept her knightly vow. Get Sunset Shield at a Firelink grave and Sunset Set in Pit of Hollows


☐ Kill invader Alva, Seeker of the Spurned for Murakumo, then find Alva’s Set near Karla’s cell
☐ Siegward – Get Old Cell Key and talk for a Titanite Slab
☐ Karla – Get Jailer’s Keyring and Talk to recruit
☐ Kill Yhorm the Giant – Siegward joins the battle, doesn’t matter if he lives or dies; get Catarina Set and Pierce Shield

All NPC Rewards Checklist


☐ Kill Dancer of the Boreal Valley
☐ Kill Dragonslayer Armor. Find Morne’s Great Hammer and Moaning Shield in Irina’s cell
☐ Greirat – (At Firelink) Send to pillage for the final time. Reload and Talk to Patches if you want him to sell a Hidden Blessing after the next boss. Find Greirat’s Ashes in the Grand Archives for final vendor items
☐ Orbeck – (At Firelink) Buy all of his spells and Reload so that he leaves
☐ Kill Lothric, Younger Prince
☐ Orbeck – Get Orbeck’s Ashes from his corpse in the Grand Archives. Clandestine Coat can be bought from Shrine Handmaid
☐ Yuria – Give Orbeck’s Ashes for Morion Blade
☐ Sirris – Find Sunless Talisman on grave at Firelink and Sunless Set can be bought from Shrine Handmaid
☐ Offer 1 Pale Tongue to Rosaria, then Talk to Leonhard in her chamber
☐ Reload area to find Rosaria dead and the Black Eye Orb
☐ Go to the Aldrich bonfire and use Black Eye Orb in the princess’s chamber; defeat him for his Silver Mask, Crescent Moon Sword,and Soul of Rosaria. Can buy Bountiful Sunlight and Leonhard’s Set at Firelink


☐ Hawkwood – Get Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone and kill Hawkwood in Abyss Watcher’s arena for Twinkling Dragon Headstone


☐ Yuria – Buy Untrue Dark Ring, Untrue White Ring, Londor Braille Divine Tome, and Dark Hand if you haven’t yet
☐ Kill Soul of Cinder – Summon Yuria and have her survive the fight. Find the Black Set and Darkdrift back at Firelink


☐ Kill invader Livid Pyromancer Dunnel for Floating Chaos


☐ Lapp – Talk (across the fallen tower)
☐ Lapp – Talk (at Earthen Peak Ruins), have him find the Titanite Slab or reward you for finding it with a Siegbrau
☐ Kill Demon Prince
☐ Lapp – Talk (balcony past the Judicator) for a Siegbrau
☐ Shira – Talk, answer “Gwyn”, exhaust dialogue for Sacred Chime of Filianore. Accept request to kill Midir
☐ Kill invader Seeker of the Spurned for Wolf Ring +3
☐ Kill invader Silver Knight Ledo for Ledo’s Great Hammer
☐ Lapp – Find Purging Monument, find Lapp just past it, then Talk and choose “Speak of the Purging Monument”
☐ Lapp – Talk (in the Shared Grave), fall into his trap, then return to find Lapp’s Set
☐ Kill invader Moaning Knight for the Blindfold Mask
☐ Kill Darkeater Midir
☐ Kill Spear of the Church
☐ Shira – Find near Gael fight and kill for Titanite Slab and Crucifix of the Mad King. Find Shira’s Set back where you first met


☐ Kill Company Captain Yorshka for Yorshka’s Chime
☐ Buy any spells, rings, weapons, shields, items, and armor sets from the vendors that you want, especially these unlocked from quests:
– Pyromancer Set (Cornyx)
– Saint’s Ring (Irina)
– Black Leather Set, Parrying Dagger, Shotel, Winged Spear, Pierce Shield, Horsehoof Ring (Patches)
– Elite Knight Set, Sunless Set, Leonhard’s Set, Clandestine Coat (Shrine Handmaid)
– Trade with Pickle-pee if you haven’t yet


☐ (Before killing Abyss Watchers) Give Rosaria a pale tongue, then summon Yellowfinger Heysel for Proper Bow Gesture
Optional stuff:
☐ Complete Yoel’s quest to make Yuria appear. Buy a second Dark Hand
☐ Recruit Orbeck, talk to Yuria about him, then kill him and give his ashes for a second Morion Blade
☐ Kill Yuria for a second Darkdrift
☐ Kill invader Londor Pale Shade for a second Manikin Claws
☐ Heal the Dark Sigil for pretty face

World and Merchant NPCs

Blacksmith Andre

☐ Hurrah! – Gesture


☐ Collapse – Gesture
☐ Heavy Gem x1
☐ Farron Ring
☐ Hawkwood’s Shield
☐ Twinkling Dragon Headstone

Greirat of the Undead Settlement

☐ Blue Tearstone Ring
☐ Curl Up – Gesture
☐ Pillage Outing 1 – New Vendor Items
☐ Pillage Outing 2 – New Vendor Items
☐ Pillage Outing 3 – New Vendor Items


☐ Cracked Red Eye Orb x5
☐ Red Eye Orb
☐ Applause – Gesture

Conflicts with Sirris. Gotten after finishing Sirris’ questline:

☐ Soul of Rosaria (for Bountiful Sunlight)
☐ Crescent Moon Sword
☐ Silver Hat
☐ Leonhard’s Set

Yoel & Yuria of Londor

☐ Beckon – Gesture
☐ Hollowing (Dark Sigil x8)
☐ Dignified Bow – Gesture
☐ Londor Braille Divine Tome
☐ Untrue White Ring
☐ Untrue Dark Ring
☐ Dark Hand
☐ Darkdrift
☐ Black Set
☐ Morion Blade

By angering Yuria (fails her quest if not absolved; otherwise done on NG+):

☐ Manikin Claws
☐ Pale Shade Set

Giant of the Undead Settlement

☐ Hawk Ring


☐ Pyromancy Flame (and upgrades)
☐ Pyromancy Spells
☐ Welcome – Gesture
☐ Pyromancer Set

Irina & Eygon of Carim
Without purchasing dark miracles from Irina

☐ Prayer – Gesture
☐ Miracle Spells
☐ Saint’s Ring
☐ Morne’s Set
☐ Morne’s Great Hammer
☐ Moaning Shield

Siegward of Catarina

☐ Toast – Gesture
☐ Sleep – Gesture
☐ Rejoice – Gesture
☐ Siegbrau x3
☐ Emit Force
☐ Titanite Slab
☐ Catarina Set
☐ Pierce Shield
☐ Storm Ruler

Anri of Astora (and Horace)
Obtainable on both paths

☐ Llewellyn Shield
☐ Ring of the Evil Eye
☐ Quest Resolve – Gesture
☐ Anri’s Straight Sword
☐ Elite Knight Set

Sirris of the Sunless Realms
Exclusive from the Proper Bow gesture

☐ Darkmoon Loyalty – Gesture
☐ Silvercat Ring + Blessed Mail Breaker
☐ Dragonslayer’s Axe
☐ Mirrah Chain Set + Creighton’s Steel Mask
☐ Sunset Shield
☐ Sunset Set
☐ Sunless Talisman
☐ Sunless Set

Orbeck of Vinheim

☐ Sorcery Spells
☐ Young Dragon Ring
☐ Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring
☐ Silent Ally – Gesture
☐ Clandestine Coat

Unbreakable Patches

☐ Prostration – Gesture
☐ Patches Squat – Gesture
☐ Vendor Items
☐ Horsehoof Ring
☐ Hidden Blessing x1


☐ Dark Magic Spells


☐ Siegbrau x1
☐ Lapp’s Set


☐ Sacred Chime of Filianore
☐ Titanite Slab
☐ Crucifix of the Mad King
☐ Shira’s Set

NPC Phantom Summons & Invaders

Holy Knight Hodrick

Invades near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire before defeating Curse-rotted Greatwood.
☐ Vertebrae Shackle x1

Yellowfinger Heysel (Invader)

Invades twice. Once in the swamp near Crucifixion Woods bonfire & once in the swamp behind third flame in Farron Keep.
☐ Xanthous Crown & Heysel Pick (on first kill)

Yellowfinger Heysel (Phantom Summon)
Disables Sirris’ Questline

Sign appears near the slug tower just outside the Keep Ruins bonfire after offering 1 pale tongue to Rosaria.
☐ Proper Bow – Gesture

Longfinger Kirk

Invades on the ground floor in the center of Cathedral of the Deep.
☐ Barbed Straight Sword
☐ Spiked Shield
☐ Armor of Thorns Set (found in Rosaria’s Bedchamber)

Black Hand Gotthard

Summonable for Abyss Watchers and Pontiff Sulyvahn.
☐ By My Sword – Gesture (first time)

Londor Pale Shade (Phantom Summon)
Summonable for Abyss Watchers, Pontiff Sulyvahn, and Soul of Cinder.

Available only during Yuria’s questline, if she’s not hostile.
☐ Duel Bow – Gesture (first time)

Londor Pale Shade (Invader)
Invades twice. Once in the deep swamp with the basilisks in Farron Keep, and once past the Silver Knights in Irithyll Valley.

Available only by failing Yuria’s questline or making her hostile. (Kill Yoel, heal Dark Sigil, attack/kill Yuria).
☐ Manikin Claws
☐ Pale Shade Set (found at Firelink after killing twice)

Great Swamp Cuculus
Summonable for Old Demon King.

Rewards appear by Cornyx’s cage in Undead Settlement if Cuculus survives Old Demon King fight.
☐ Cornyx’s Set
☐ Spotted Whip

Alva, Seeker of the Spurned

Invades on the way to Irithyll Dungeon.
☐ Murakumo
☐ Alva’s Set (found by Karla’s cell)

Livid Pyromancer Dunnel

Invades in the Painted World of Ariandel atop the circular structure above the Gravetender boss
☐ Floating Chaos

Seeker of the Spurned

Invades in the Ringed City near across the first bridge near Shira
☐ Wolf Ring +3

Silver Knight Ledo

Invades in the Ringed City in the side tower across from the Ringed City Streets bonfire
☐ Ledo’s Great Hammer

Moaning Knight

Invades in the Ringed City in the Shared Grave
☐ Blindfold Mask

Written by local catboy

This is all we can share for Full NPC Rewards List – DARK SOULS™ III for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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