Fun Facts – Captain of Industry

Fun Facts – Captain of Industry 1 -
Fun Facts – Captain of Industry 1 -

Fun facts to know before getting in too deep.

Fun Facts about Industry… things I wish I knew before building a fustercluck of a town

There are conveyors. There are Automation’s.

1. Plan. Every. Step.
Soon enough you will find yourself in a whole mess of things and will want to start over. in hindsight I probably should have too.
This is a fun game, challenging in a way that leaves you facepalming yourself more and more. Unlike most other industry sims, this one starts out with “drones” and ends up with conveyor belts. However, soon enough you cant create enough drones to meet your logistics demands. Then, well, the headache starts.
2. Technology. Its beautiful, until it isn’t.
Unlike other sims, the more advanced your technology becomes, the less advanced the technology is. Keep that in mind, as for instance, recycling technology that can provide you with much needed resources from your settlements will only become available at a time you realize too late that you have created a flow of resources that cant support the integration of recycling… You will see what I mean soon enough in your own game, or like me, have come to that point wondering why no-one said anything up to this point. If, like me, you have reached this point and find yourself at this guide’s contents, I propose to you to just start a new settlement with your hard earned knowledge on your fingertips. Destroying and trying rebuild a network at this stage proved to be much more of a pain than just starting new.
Point is, the needed technology for what you are trying to solve probably will only come much later than you think and at that point things are far too intricate to be able to fiddle with your networks.. probably.
3. Mining and dumping
First rule of mining and dumping, dont build anything important near your mining locations. Contrary to popular belief, having important infrastructure buildings close to your mines places them in extreme danger. Things fall down. Digging holes is not as simple as it seems. Keep that in mind. Finally, dumping, oh how much fun it is to have a bunch of ramps around without having anything to jump off of them. Instead, be a smart person, dump it all into the ocean. That’s right, be as environmentally unfriendly as you possibly can be in this sim. Reason being is that there’s most probably a ton of water around your island which leads to space constraints. Once those constraints have been reached and you havent been dumping into the ocean, well, its a little late to start doing it. Dumping your resources, yes resources, into the ocean servers a purpose for your settlement, it allows you to expand. Dumping allows you to build ramps to higher tiers of the land around you and/or creating artificial land for the rest of your settlement.
P.S; this guide is still WIP, if anyone has anything to contribute, feel free to do so. I will continually add to this guide as I learn the niches of this sim myself in time. If anyone is willing to contribute a lot, let me know and I will add you as a contributor to help all new captains out there.

Written by Inquisitor Poe

Here we come to an end for the Fun Facts – Captain of Industry guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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