Fungus on Mega Brutal – Plague Inc: Evolved

Fungus on Mega Brutal – Plague Inc: Evolved 1 -
Fungus on Mega Brutal – Plague Inc: Evolved 1 -

A guide on how to beat Fungus using Mega Brutal, in order to obtain Fungus master. I tried a couple of guides but to no avail. I combined my knowledge and the guide's tips and it worked.

The essence of it

This is my very first guide. It's because it's the first time I've been able to find a fungus guide that actually works. This guide isn't as beautiful and polished as other guides.
I beat it with the following genes
ATP Boost
I think you could probably use even more genes, so darwinist is not necessary. One of the guides was about using darwinist or Bird 1 + 2, to mutate a lot more symptoms. This guide does not rely on that. After you've tried this guide, if it doesn’t work, you can try changing some genes. I think Metabolic Jump and Genetic Mimic and Suppression are good options. ATP Boost speeds things along while Metabolic Hop would net you a bunch of DNA later.
Start the game in Saudi Arabia by spawning.
I immediately get some transmissions, and abilities, bird 1 will give me some mutants, and darwinism my next step will be to help me out
Bird 1
Water 1
Heat 1
Air 1
Water 2
You can order the remainder in whatever order is most relevant to your situation. However, I did it this:
Drug 1
Genetic Hardening 1
Cold 1
Cold 2
(Start using spores bursts, but only one side.)
Genetic Hardening 2
Drug 2
Once that's done you can save. Once the fungus has spread a lot, check to see if there are any uninfected areas. The fungus produces 12 spores that infect one country. After you've finished with six spores bursts in one side, you can unlock one spore eruption to infect several countries simultaneously. Patho-Stasis costs 1 DNA for all bursts.
Feel free to use 6 spore explosions. Once there are 10 remaining healthy nations, use the 6 spore explosions on the opposite side and you will have an infected universe. I haven’t tried this out enough to be sure. Best case scenario: you'll have an infected country that borders other nations. If the island has a closed seaport, you'd need to reload. But this part shouldn't be too difficult. If you are unlucky, such as my last playthrough you won’t get any spore surges that hit South America and then you have an uninfected continent. This is where you can use a lot RNG. If no countries have been infected in the last few weeks, you can still use some spore blasts.
While you wait, these symptoms may be activated:
Skin Lesion
Once you've reached around 3.5 million infected, you can unlock these:
Necrosis can increase not only the lethality but also the infectivity. You shouldn't have any problems infecting the whole world. If you're able to afford Total Organ Failure, then you can just take it. Coma and Insanity can reduce the cure rate a little, so they're worth looking into before necrosis.
Although it isn’t the most comprehensive guide, this is what made it useful for me. If you find a solution to a problem with my guide, please let me know.


Written by Hükümdarim

I hope you enjoy the Fungus on Mega Brutal – Plague Inc: Evolved guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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