Game Update Routine – MONSTER HUNTER RISE

Game Update Routine – MONSTER HUNTER RISE 1 -
Game Update Routine – MONSTER HUNTER RISE 1 -

Recommendations about What to Do Before, After, and After an Update/Patch.


Most of the time, you don't have to do anything.
Steam is wonderful. Steam is easy to use. It keeps your game up to date automatically and provides Cloud Saves features which make any data loss unlikely. However, it is more likely for something to happen the larger the game. Especially with Monster Hunter Rise which has a rather weird architecture for a PC game, due to its nature of being a console port.
This guide gives you some guidance to help you avoid any issues caused by any updates, no matter how large or small.

Happy Hunting!

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Before: Save your game backup

Why should this be done?

Capcom typically offers new DLCs for every title update. These can be purchased either free or paid. Each DLC brings new DRM information.
It is normally harmless, unless someone did something illegal. In fact there have been cases where players used illegal methods to unlock DLC content.
It may happen in rare cases that the update corrupts the saved game. When you launch the game and there is an immediate power outage or internet problem. This interrupts the game's ability to update your save games or sync with the cloud.
Or when DLCs are purchased while the game is running and the DRM Software needs to restart.
Better to be safe that sorry .
I recommend making regular backups of your save games to have the peace of mind that no unforseeable event can cause you to lose your hours of progress.

All you have to is

Copy the folder and save it ..\Steam\userdata\yourIDyourID\1446780\
My Steam folder can be found on a dedicated SSD for games only. You might find your Steam folder if you have the default settings saved during Steam installation.
C:\Program Files (x86)\
It would look like this

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\yourID\1446780\

Always be on the lookout for your actual ID and not the template "yourID" in this example.

Veteran's Tip

MHR Save Manager is a free community fan-made app which is specifically made to backup your Monster Hunter Rise save game, up to 24 hours of playtime. It's simple to create a backup. You can give it a go: – []
Details about your save game, and what to do when you need backup information are available here – []

Before: Take Care of Mods

Why should this be done?

Many issues that have been reported to the forums since updates were made are mod-related. I couldn't believe it, as I think mod usage is sufficient knowledge. You don't want to use anything you don’t understand. You should not use it, especially when it could damage your save game or worse. Anyroads~
Fact is: Black screen, infinite loading pages, crashes, and many more could have been traced back to mod use in cases where players forgot they had them.
Mods can't be automatically updated along with the game!
Every mod author knows that it is a good idea to uninstall all mods in a game after every patch. This will resolve any mod related issues. First, ensure that the game runs properly again after installing an update. Next, verify that the mods work as intended or that the authors have provided updates.
There is nothing more frustrating that suddenly being unable play, only to later discover it is a self-made issue.

All you have to is

You can move all mod files to a temporary location so that they aren't interpreted by the game. I keep the temporary folder Temp in my game folder. I just move the files that aren't native to the game.
How do I determine which files are not part of the game's native format?
Before I installed any mods I took a screenshot.
Very helpful, I would think.
Game Update Routine - MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Before: Take Care of Mods - C58AD78
This screenshot shows what content can be found in game's directory folder with version 100.2.0.

Common Mods

Take care of the file dinput8.dll The rest can be left inactive and will remain so until you remove them dinput8.dll Do not forget to file back
– works only with REFramework, so you cannot have this without the other: take care of the file dxgi.dll The rest can stay and will be inactive until the rest are removed. dxgi.dll dinput8.dll files back
natives (folder)
– this one is either manually created or made by the Fluffy Manager 5000; if manually created, just move the folder elsewhere during the update procedure
Fluffy Manager 5000
– Start the app, and then "uninstall" any mods. This will deactivate mods and remove the natives directory from your game's file.
PAK Patch files
– Looks like re_chunk_000.pak.patch_***.pak The least affected mods will be moved to another location during the upgrade procedure
If you have issues after an upgrade despite all your efforts, this may be the best option. – []

After: Verifying Integrity and Game Files

Why should this be done?

In 93% percent of cases everything works. The download may be delayed for the last 7%. You can verify your game files once you have downloaded the update to be safe.
Yes, the game does automatically verify that. Sometimes, though, the automatic functions fail to trigger a new update despite being required. That is what I experienced when I updated to Sunbreak. I noticed that the verification failed and it attempted to redownload the file, but it failed. Steam only did a redownload of the one essential file after I activated the verification manually. Without it, my game would have stopped.
It is why I recommend that you manually do it after you have updated your game.

All you need is

You can find it in this separate guide. It includes images that make it as easy for you as possible. – []

Tip for Veteran

After applying the update to your computer, restart it.
You might be surprised at the importance of this small detail. This simple action solves so much problems that it is almost comical that it is overlooked more often than you might think.
The truth is that services can become stuck over the course of time.
Sometimes, services in your operating systems get stuck and may not be capable of loading drivers or other important items. Even if everything was perfect half an hour ago, it might still happen. An update is a change to your PC that can trigger a service becoming stuck.
It is similar to paper jam in your printer.
It's possible to make everything go well for all eternity, and sometimes it just happens.
You can make it more likely if you leave the computer running for too long without doing a restart manually.
A regular shutdown and turning on again will not do nowadays (because of Windows "feature").

After: Reset Shaders

Why should this be done?

Sometimes the shader generation gets stuck, similar to how game files integrity is checked. Therefore, I recommend that you manually delete the shader folders before you start the updated games. This will ensure that the shader files are properly restored by your graphics card.

All you have to is

This separate guide, which includes images, was written by me to make it as simple for you as possible. – []

Tip for Veterans

Give the TIP: Increase Shader Cached This guide is worth a glance. This is one of many overlooked tips to increase the speed at which your game's shadesrs are available. This tip is especially useful for low-end computers that support the function.

After: Check your settings

Why should this be done?

Although it was rare, it was possible for some updates to cause certain graphics settings to become unusable. Making things look different can affect performance and similar. Known common issues were in regards of HDR, Graphics Quality and Dynamic Shadows.
The HDRfunctionality got suddenly separated between the game and Windows.
Graphics Quality got fixed, but due to the faulty default settings, the settings needed to be readjusted to fix any performance issues caused by the fix of the setting.
Dynamic Shadows were temporarily affected but a graphics drivers update soon after the release of Sunbreakresolved the related issues.

All you have to is

You need to be aware that these issues can occur and they don't have a right to. It can vary from PC to PC. Some people had very severe issues, while others had no problems at all.
I recommend that every update be treated as if it was a fresh installation. Reset all settings to default, restart your PC, and then re-setup the game.
Although it may be annoying, it is usually harmless.
Keep in mind that this can happen so you know how it will be handled. It might not occur at all.

Tip for Veterans

Check also on graphics drivers updates and Steamclient updates soon after (and eventual third party software). It is not unusual for title updates to be scheduled alongside drivers and vice versa in order to maintain support for hard-and soft-software.
Game Update Routine - MONSTER HUNTER RISE - After: Check Settings - D186317

After: Mods Encore

Why should this be done?

Afteryou ensured that the updated game works properly, you can start reactivating / moving back your mods from the temporary folder, one by one.
Updates are unlikely not to have an impact on visual mods.
REFramework scripts On the other side, they are often severely affected.

All you need is

Step by step, reactivate the mods until they are working again.
You are prepared to go without risk by having your save game backup.
Also, make sure to check out the pages of mods authors. Active modders are proud to provide modders with high quality updates. You can often find out in the comments if a specific mod is having problems. A useful indicator that can help you identify potential problems before you reinstall mods.


Game Update Routine - MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Afterword - 1F58642
Thank you for looking through this guide.
In the past there have been reoccuring issues with every update / patch for Monster Hunter Rise on Steam, so I hope these tips of mine can provide you some guidance with the most common issues. I wish you never experience these issues and have a flawless gaming session.

Happy Hunting!

Game Update Routine - MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Afterword - D7DDC77

More useful notes for hunters – [] – [] – [] – [] – []

In case you need Troubleshooting help after the update – [] – [] – [] – [] – []
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