Gameplay Guide – Godsbane

Gameplay Guide – Godsbane 1 -
Gameplay Guide – Godsbane 1 -

This guide will walk you through the basic ground rules of Godsbane to give you a good starting point to work from.

Overview – [] 
Godsbane is a 1v1 strategic auto battler. Place units, upgrade them and grant them unique powers to dominate your opponent’s forces. There are a number of combat rounds within the 10-15 minute matches with the winner of each round dealing damage to the enemy.

The Board

Gameplay Guide - Godsbane - The Board - 6209E40E5

  1. Mana: Use your available mana to play units and powers onto the board. The mana cost is displayed on each piece.
  2. Play Area: This is where you and your opponent play units. You can only play units on the side of the field that your Deity is on.
  3. Shop: Play units and powers from the shop onto the board. Duplicate copies of the same unit or power can be stacked to upgrade them.
  4. Shuffle: Pay the mana cost and refresh your shop with new units and powers.
  5. Lock: If you are happy with your shop content but cannot afford anything this round, you can click this button to lock the contents for 1 round. Empty slots will be regenerated even if locked.
  6. Timer: Watch this closely during online matches to avoid running out of time.
  7. Unit Limit: This indicates the maximum amount of units you may have in play at any given time.
  8. Health: Your Deity health is shown here. Once it reaches zero, you lose.
  9. Army Value: This shows which army is stronger and by how much. Hovering over this expands to a more detailed view.
  10. Damage Meter: Keep a close eye on this to make sure your units are performing how you would expect.



  • Left-Click + Drag will play any piece to the board, provided you can afford it. It can also be used to move units.
  • Hovering over a unit or power will give you more information about it.
  • TAB will show you a breakdown of your current draft.


Round Phases

Each round can be split up into the following phases:

  • Place: This is the only phase that you are allowed to play units and powers.
  • Winner Move: The winner of the previous round may move their units.
  • Loser Move: The loser of the previous round may move their units.
  • Combat: Once all units have finished moving, the battle begins.



Gameplay Guide - Godsbane - Movement - 132C06897
During your movement phase, you may adjust your army formation. You should always study your opponents forces during this phase to work out the best possible army configuration while predicting what they may do in their movement phase.

  • Left-Click + Drag an ally to start a move during your movement phase.
  • Right-Click will cancel a move.


Damage Types

There are three core damage types in Godsbane:

  • Pierce Damage
  • Magic Damage
  • Blunt Damage

Every unit is weak to a different type of damage and most units and powers will deal a special type of damage in their description. Hovering over a unit will highlight enemies that are weak to the damage it deals.
Gameplay Guide - Godsbane - Damage Types - B9579658F
Damage dealt to weak enemies is increased by 50% so make sure to place your units to maximize damage against weak enemies and minimize their impact on your units.

Written by Hyperdrive

This is all we can share for Gameplay Guide – Godsbane for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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