Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Gloomwood

Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Gloomwood 1 -
Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Gloomwood 1 -

Hello everyone, and welcome back.

We’ll be checking out Gloomwood.

It’s early in the day, so here I am in the dead of night, ready to give my initial thoughts on this game.

If you haven’t seen Glimmerwood, it’s a Victorian-era investigative stealth game with survival elements in which the player takes on the role of a thief.

We’re going to dive in today and take a look at it for about, oh, say 25 minutes to see if it’s something you wanted to add to your wishlist or not.

If you’re into that kind of thing, this game offers a lot of different attributes that bark up that tree.

You have the ability to do things like look through keyholes and listen at doors.

Pa*s, I just paid 18 dollars for early access to the game, which is kind of a bummer because I was hoping you’d know I knew it.

This game has been eagerly anticipated, so you and I will check it out together today.

However, I would prefer a 1.0 you know what I mean like the entire game so that I can Binge on through it.

Just in case you wanted to interact in real-time because there is a decent likelihood We’ll play this one live the day the video is released, but since we only have 25 minutes to play around with, let’s jump right into a new game.

We’ll leave the difficulty at its default setting and enter the “spooky fishery,” or whatever that is.

There is a cannery.

There is always a friendly greeting, and there is never anything wrong that occurs in a place like this.

Headquarters wants us to bring him to the city Gates for a regular boy scout meeting.

This situation belongs to a good doctor.

What a terrible situation you were in—kidnapped and brought here of all places.

But if you pay attention to me, you might still withstand this night Here are some strings to keep you in the light.

You have a lot of foes here.

They will be hidden from you by the darkness.

What I did, such as what I studied for my doctorate in conflict On the coast, look for the historic lighthouse.

There are instructions I’ve left.

I appreciate your luck, but I’m a little worried about how I got into this situation in the first place.

If you could just hand me a gun or something, that would be great.

Like everyone else in this place, man, I need some Robitussin.

I hope Emma doesn’t get sick because it seems like everyone here is.

One interesting fact about these guys is that none of them were murdered; instead, every one of them just pa*sed away from a really bad cold.

The ring indicates the current visibility Okay, well, it’s completely dark right now, so I suppose we’ll stay as much in the shadows as possible.

This door is now open, dude.

Stepping and landing in my new boots—which are made of natural sea snakeskin and have snakeskin all over them—is the worst I don’t want to go to the hammer dashers, but I have to go to the haberdashers right now.

Oh sweet I’ve got luggage yay hey Dwight They may still be there because they put your fancy sword and other items in that room back there.

Okay, if the raps haven’t addressed it, I guess I’ll go take a look.

Some lift buttons aren’t functioning right now, so I took them to the workshop down the hall to be fixed.

Okay, the old button smith will fix it.

Sound design is the one that opens and the one that is closed.

It certainly seems to be on target.

Now Take the key from the guard, I see a very big key.

What number of layers are you wearing now? Man, is it that cold to require that many layers? I find it inconceivable to wear a leather Trench coat over linen.

It just seems natural, really uncomfortable, like it would resemble the crotch area of the bat suit for an entire shift.

That One has a key on it after about five minutes, okay Beware of loud floor surfaces like metal Even when I’m sneaking—because I’m still sneaking right now—is that our button? I believe that is our button.

Yeah, that looks safe.

An electrician has approved it, and the fire marshal has also approved it.

We have a map over here so we can cruise the fishery.

Right now, we have control of the Workshop.

Okay, the stairwell leading to the break room That most certainly is a stairwell.

Oh, neat Hello, we have a cane sword.

This fish is obviously in error.

Fortunately, I fed you because all the other Guards would have stopped.

Good luck, doctor.

You’ll need it.

They bricked you into the wall like in an Edgar Allen Poe story, so I can’t even secure your release, so I appreciate you giving me the layup right there, man.

But since you helped me take a guy out with ruthless aggression even though I had no way to free or rescue you, I just wanted to ask since you acted entirely out of altruism.

I should probably go get the guy in here too since I’d like to have a backup space.

Oh, that was the person who moved over.

Okay, where is the other Guy we are attempting to eliminate? I see a shovel and some cans of fish over here.

Do I use those to heal? Oh, ok, I guess I just use them as a distraction.

Is there anything in here? Dear Little Friend, I’m glad to see you.

Many people find rats repulsive, but I find them to be adorable.

Rats are incredible animals because they’re peak survivors, and I like them.

Now that the button has been pushed, I’m very excited about the sound design in this game because it sounds fantastic.

We’ll go ahead and push that button there.

Everything has an eerie malaise, like, “Carry a bottle, use the left mouse to throw it, okay?” I didn’t anticipate picking up a bottle would cause a much heavier barrel to topple over, but sure.

I’m ready; let’s begin.

We’re there, and I like how The Dark Spot was checked, but did you notice that when he heard the noise, he checked the dark area?

He checked it out over here in the shadows, and the AI appears to be quite good.

But that doesn’t appear to be helpful.

a shoddy, makeshift hunting rifle The Grips are designed for distorted huntsman proportions and cannot be handled by typical humans.

Facts Are Fair Okay, this ruse is making me sad.

But I’ll keep trying and move forward.

Continue with my lost splint Okay, let’s take those just in case I need something like a noisemaker later.

You have storage areas over here.

Tonight, the hounds appear anxious.

They dislike his odor, and I’m not sure if they can actually like him because he’s an outsider.

Listen to me There’s a dead man there, and I was going to throw him into the ocean, but after seeing that man turn right there, I’m pretty sure I won’t do that.

It just seems like a bad idea.

Maybe we should just leave him there, I guess.

It’s not a good idea to leave him there in the shadows, but you know, I feel like we’re leaving soon and the area has cleared behind us, so we should be okay.

Oh, there are two of Them, forget it, that changes things, that guy is right there.

You believe that this person will rise again.

There’s something soft there that I can land on because I’m fairly certain that he’s going to hear me, so here, oh the searchlight shed light on Me, oh good lighting design, I actually Did not expect that at all.

Not overly excited about this circumstance This seems shady to me; perhaps we will conclude that it is.

I believe he saw me.

His eyes turned yellow, and I believe that their eyes are what activated them.

I’m simply going to take this man over here.

Additionally, I’ll just do some improvised, like do me down.

I didn’t know what surface I was jumping down on because there was water, and I wasn’t sure how that would work, so that guy saw me.

Over here, we have something resembling a treasure chest.

Shut that off.

There appears to be a higher level.

Nothing is present.

We have some sort of Victorian drugs right there, I see.

two or three coins Where can I see my coin count in my inventory? I know I have two, but where can I find it? There is no indication of a coin count anywhere, so I can only a*sume that the game will inform me of my needs when they arise.

Okay, I can grab onto this like a switch or something, can I jump over to that one over there? I’m not sure if I can jump to that chain because there are other chains nearby, and it doesn’t appear that I have much time.

a horizontal leap off a chain that is actually consistent with the laws of physics as they apply to humans Oh well, I managed to haul myself up onto the beam.

Well, I don’t see the damn thing.

currently, but for sure Absolutely Something is present there.

That does allow me to enter behind those guards, though I believe there will be a guard there to the right.

What does his patrol look like? Yeah, there he is, there he is, there he is.

Okay, that works, I think that’s actually advantageous, so we kind of get down here and our ring isn’t glowing right now so I should be able to get this guy.

I think I have to wait for that guy to turn around, though maybe.

All right, there’s another one down, we Dropped another one, uh, you Belong to the Sea now Goodbye.

Bullets Oh, that suggests good things, right? I think I could do some old Shoot ’em Up, bang bang gangster stuff.

Yeah, I could use a little of the old, rooty-tooty banging Shooty.

I spy nope right now.

You don’t spy anything even though I can see you there, and I already have you.

Okay, that was a little clumsier than I would have liked it to be.

However, it’s okay that you now reside in an ocean.

Please say hello to Sebastian for me.

Okay, I’m going to be sued by Disney because I didn’t think this through properly, so I better stop the recording and start over.

However, mechanically speaking, everything feels fine so far.

Everything feels okay to me, including the fighting, lined-up attacks, and parrying.

Other positive things I believe both the environmental and lighting design are pretty good.

Oh, it appears that I can stand up immediately.

Okay, how do I get over there? I saw something in the cave there, but I honestly don’t know how to get there.

Instead, let’s concentrate on getting here.

Let’s take it one step at a time and ascend from here.

Just take care of that for me, and then this guy here has a bullet, okay, so I’m a*suming that bullets will be relatively uncommon.

It will be one of those similar to Blizzardium.

I only need situations in a single bullet format.

What’s going on here? There are like some sacks and stuff, oops.

Okay, is there anything inside the barrel that I think I see here? Oh, there’s a building or office over there.

The game is quite dark, which would make sense given that I’m skulking around and killing people with a cane sword, but can I get on top of that and walk all the way over and around? I don’t see any dangly chains or anything I can grab onto, but it’s so dark that if it feels dark, you are not alone.

No, I don’t Think I Can.

Let’s quickly enter the dark since we are currently on a metal surface, which They Said Is Much Louder.

There appears to be a location where I can drop down immediately onto some gooey material and possibly eliminate the last enemy.

Amazing things can be accomplished for immersion using, for example, relatively simple graphics from the n64 era.

Make something that is truly amazing.

even while adhering to those limitations And right here, I step onto a board, which is there.

There we go, then.

I had to move quickly because I was afraid he would turn around like that patrol.

He had a Key on him Uh oh Oh no Well I hope that’s not relevant for later I guess if we come across a door.

I was trying to hustle it out Real Quick so that I could drop him and Just kind of take in my chances.

I’m going to go ahead and throw you.

I’ll redo everything.

Uh, from my last save, but my last save was a while ago, so instead of just re-rolling it now, I’m going to hope and pray that that key goes to like a Secret or something and that I haven’t totally and completely hosed myself by tossing the key into the ocean.

That’s right, I’m good at video games, but the key was an offering to Poseidon, and I sacrificed my success in order for the power of the sea god to be with me.

Please don’t criticize me.

Oh, okay, I can see where I am from above.

Can I allow a loopback? I can guarantee you that would be a good thing.

If I may say so, that is a good level design.

Use this as a Loopback by flipping it around.

Friends I got shot in the face, and right now I’m not overly happy about it.

I would have preferred not to get shot in the face like I have been parked by the shot of Buck.

And that is unfortunate, dude.

I would give anything to avoid getting shot.

Take that lantern there right away.

Okay, a large stack of cash Okay, a little bit of cash, a little bit of cash All I could see on that guy’s belt was something shiny, so perhaps it wasn’t a key, just a coin purse.

After I finish recording this, I’ll review the video.

Nothing in the sacks a type of key Your netting bags are here.

Okay, so basically, I don’t really care about the book and can’t see back there, so I was hoping I could pick up this lantern right here and carry it around with me for a moment.

As far as I can tell, this is the colt’s pg e bill.

The key opened that door immediately, and we then had a safe combination.

I just want to take a quick peek in the room’s darker corners, but I don’t think it will turn out that way.

Okay, we need to find the safe combination.

To make this interesting, I’m sure it’s written in blood or something similar somewhere on a wall.

I followed her instructions instead of writing my last will and confession.

Now that all hell has broken loose and I have yoko Mercenaries besieging the factory floor, I have line workers and sailors here instead of soldiers, and I haven’t even fired that damn shot.

When she wanted a seat on the mercantile Council, I gave it to her.

When she wanted someone savory removed and quietly discarded, I did that.

Well, that was all I needed to hear: “Revolver in my safe.” Patna Let’s try to locate this gun, which goes all the way down to the bottom floor.

Okay, does it go any higher? Has anyone discovered the key to the Watchtower yet? One of the inmates escaped and locked himself up there; we are forcing him to remain there and starve to death, at the very least.

Okay, so I stole that guy’s key off his belt; I have no idea what it opens; hey hey hey hey all right so next we have to find the combination to the safe.

Until we do, I don’t think I can be happy because I want a little bit of y I was immediately examining that bill to see if it contained any three-digit numbers.

Oh, it doesn’t have a nine on it.

Instead, there are three dials, each with six possibilities.

Okay, so there aren’t nearly as many possible combinations there, but it’s still not the amount from the expenses bill.

Therefore, I believe that more research may be necessary.

I’ll continue climbing the stairs to see where it leads me, even though they are a terrible place to sneak at.

That, I a*sume, is the key that we required.

two men are there.

there’s one over there there’s one over there That person is our weak link, so we must focus first on acquiring him.

He is, in my opinion at least, our weak link.

I doubt you’ll be able to see me in this situation in the dark.

He has a key, so there we are I guess we should hide him over here.

It’s not the best place for him, but hopefully the adversaries won’t receive the same Highlighting as I do.

Okay, so we need to find a way to separate these two guys who are over here.

We have a grate there, but I’m not sure why I would want to go there.

Figure out a way to split them and get them.

You must adore the tower’s creaking.

It just sounds fantastic, really.

Very ominous Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, there seems to have been nothing.

It appears that their field of vision is limited.

I could summon Batman up here, but I’m not sure if that would be a good idea.

Realistically, I need to separate them.

I’m not sure if using a bottle is the best method for this, but I’m willing to try.

It seemed reasonable.

Oh, we don’t even need to engage with these guys.

It’s not even really necessary.

I’m not sure if this will work though.

Oh my, I’ve been hit.

Okay, you’re no longer alive.

It’s okay.

All right Do you have anything on your belt? Everything is fine, everything is fine.

All right, none of these guys are wearing anything on their belts.

They are all goofballs without belts.

You are aware of your low position on the old occult totem pole.

That’s how you can tell if you were defrauded if they weren’t even giving you belt loot.

Does the crank work as I thought it would? It might drop a hook that breaks the window as soon as it opens.

Interesting, I didn’t anticipate that.

To be on a hinge level, the design is very nice.

I like how everything interacts with everything, and you can approach it in all kinds of strange ways.

Health is it being cautious I feel like my general health in real life always kind of orbits around the realm of caution where we don’t have the key for that.

I had a*sumed for sure that they would be, but I think I can live with that.

protecting the key that we took from them.

I’m having the most trouble understanding the range at which they can hear things.

You know how far I haven’t been able to secure that yet.

If metal echoes the length of a wood echo Continued from above The carriage is there.

It doesn’t appear that there is anything soft I can jump on to over there.

I hope that he doesn’t hear me.

Do my eyes deceive me? They do.

Okay, let’s move quickly.

Let’s move now that the time has come.

another stab in the booty Uh maybe it was a key on the guy that I Threw into the water I’m beginning to feel like it was a key In any case, you now reside on the roof.

My friend, have fun living with the pigeons.

Nevertheless, this is Glimwood.

I don’t have many issues with the game.

On a mechanical level, it seems like the combat is relatively satisfying, though it has been somewhat neutered to eliminate the possibility of playing the game like Rambo.

Your progress through the game’s levels is acceptable, but there are some issues with how enemies react to being hit when you’re one on one with them.

For example, they don’t have an effective reaction animation when you hit them, unlike in other games.

However, in a stealth game, this is less of an issue.

Not as much of a problem because, similar to Apart from that, however, I think the main features of this game are things like the lighting design, uh, the color palette that they selected, the sound effects, which are all quite good very clunky and very an*log and very satisfying to hear, and so I think on that front they did a Really really good job.

No soundtrack has yet to be spoken of, however, as I haven’t heard any music or anything Playful.

For a first impressions video, it’s incredibly possible that we may not get there in time, so we have run out of time for the day.

However, from what I’ve seen so far, it seems to be A Good Game.

It’s not one of those things that I Can Comment On, but I Did Want To Try Out The Gun Play Before We Got Too Much Further Into The Game Just To Feel Out What That Mechanic Fell Like.

Check it out too; it’s currently 18 Since I dislike stealth games, which is a vital factor, I went ahead and purchased it on Steam to make this post, and so far, it has piqued my interest.

There is even stuff that has been done incredibly well, such as Styx Master of Shadows, which is like you know the Games that are the hallmark of the genre.

I rarely play stealth games like Dishonored and similar titles because, although I enjoy them, I’m not a huge fan of them.

I’m getting very retro, well-designed vibes from this game, and I want to explore to see if I can find the code to open the safe and get the gun.

I like the exploratory aspect of it because it seems like secrets and other goodies are hidden everywhere.

I kind of get the impression that they did an excellent job with this one.

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