General Tips – Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients

General Tips – Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients 1 -
General Tips – Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients 1 -

Generals are separate units that can attach to military units, or city’s and outposts to give buffs to it. They can be gained through spending experience, lucking out in RNG, or the starting general whom you can choose it’s stats. This guide is made to help you use them effectively, and decide how to build your starting general, as well as what generals you might find useful.

General list

Engineer General

+100% Siege Defense
Good to help a unit survive city bombardment

Field Tactician General

+50% Charge Strength
+50% Charge Block
+50% Formation Strength
Bonus to both charge attack and defense, while boosting survivability by making formations harder to break.

Hunter General

-60% Food consumption
-20% Visibility Distance
Reduces food consumption of whatever the general is attached to, and makes it more easily concealed.

Marksman General

+50% Missile Range
+50% Missile Damage
Boosts both the range and damage of range attacks

Medic General

+100% Unit Defense
Helps the unit last longer via buffing the hp of the unit

Quartermaster General

+100% Resource Capacity
Enable Heavy March Stance for the attached unit
Allows the attached unit or building to hold more, with a special stance to carry even more food in exchange of a morale penalty.

Raider General

-20% Visibility Distance
+100% Raid Damage
+100% Scavenge Rate
Enable Raid Stance for the attached unit
Good for raiding, and scavenging resources behind enemy lines. Though the easier concealment is the most directly useful in combat

Scout General

+150% View Distance
Enables attached unit to move through flooded marsh areas before relevant faction skill is acquired
Enables attached unit to move through Winter Mountains
Great for scouting. Seeing farther and being able to travel places that are normally blocked allows them good mobility and ability to avoid unfavorable clashes.

Trainer General

-50% Recruits needed
Good in keeping units in the field by reducing the recruit cost to replace lost soldiers.

Standard Bearer General

+100 Unit Morale
Helps a unit’s endurance by giving a larger morale buffer to prevent a unit from routing

Centurion General

+50% Melee Damage
+25% Charge Damage
Good to deal more damage quickly.

Starter General Info

  • City Faction Morale – 1 point 15% – 3 45%
  • Charge Strength – 1 point 30% – 3 90%
  • Melee Damage – 1 point 25% – 75%
  • View Distance – 1 point 100% – 3 300%
  • Population Growth – 1 point 15% – 3 45%
  • Charge Block – 1 point 40% – 3 120%
  • Unit Defenses – 1 point 30% – 3 90%
  • Skill Research – 1 point 20% – 3 60%
  • Tax Output – 1 point 15% – 3 45%
  • Unit Morale – 1 point 25 – 3 75
  • Food Consumption – 1 point 20% – 3 60%
  • Missile Range – 1 point 10% – 3 30%
  • Missile Damage- 1 point 30% – 3 90%
  • XP for New Unit – 1 point 250 – 3 750
  • XP Earned in Combat – 1 point 50% – 3 150%
  • Siege Damage – 1 point 65% – 3 195%
  • Recruitment Rate – 1 point 15% – 3 45%

Areas starter generals can beat bought generals
Siege defense. Beats engineer general by 95% if all points invested.
Charge Strength. Beats Field Tactician by 40% if all points invested
Charge Block. Beats Field Tactician by 70% if all points invested
Missile Damage. Beats Archer General by 40% if all points invested
View Distance. Beats Scout General by 150% if all points invested
Areas no bought general can get bonuses for
XP for New Unit
XP Earned in Combat
City Faction Morale
Population Growth
Skill Research
Tax Output

Tips and tricks

Generals offer respectable bonuses, but tend to shine best when combined with synergistic officers. Also, generals can be a*signed to forts and towns, and will provide bonuses beyond just the stuff like the tax output.

  • Try putting hunter generals in cities. They will reduce the food cost of that city by 60%! Which means you could crank up the slider to consume 150% food need and you would still save 10%!
  • Range buffing generals can buff camp or city garrison attacks like they would any other ranged unit
  • View Distance buff generals can also buff city view distance, which is a respectable size to start with once it gets stone walls, meaning lost of area around the city, and neighboring ones are visible
  • Try combining the Raider and Hunter officers along with a general of either kind. The 60% visibility distance reduction allows for simple ambushes
  • Archer Officer, Archer General, and Scout can make any ranged unit very capable. And if an archer has all three, it is a terror.
  • Stacking bonuses for a major stat can really shape a unit
  • You can’t have two of the same type of officer, but you can have an officer that is the same type as the general. Which enables doubling up on boosts.
  • Experiment with combinations. different units may benefit differently from the same general
  • Some premade starting generals you can choose to start with has more points spent than the 3 point limit given to customize your own general
  • When making your own, consider what you want to use the starting general for.
  • Roman legionnaires are very versatile, and the officer and general buffs can be used to emphasize specific aspects. Like their range attack, close combat abilities, or ambush tactics
  • Range ambush reduces attack range, but that can be effectively negated via archer gen and officer bonuses, allowing deadly bonuses without having the enemy be almost on top of your ranged unit.

A/N: Anything I missed with this guide?

Written by garrowe101

Here we come to an end for the General Tips – Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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