Get Iron Fast – V Rising

Get Iron Fast – V Rising 1 -
Get Iron Fast – V Rising 1 -

This guide is aimed at low-level players, who wish to get their hands on iron and jump-start their progression. The player will be taken through a high level, dangerous area but with the knowledge and requirements to successfully navigate. Provided are the bare minimums of what you need before heading to the location and general strategy.


This guide is useful for all game modes, the server in the demonstration is Full Loot PvP.
What you will need for this guide:

  • A Merciless copper weapon (or better.)
  • A horse (recommended.)
  • Nightstalker Gear or better (recommended.)

The gear used for the demonstration is Nightstalker (full set), with a Merciless copper sword. A Merciless Copper Mace is the preferred option. Any armour can be utilized, however.
Note: Regular copper weapons are not capable of mining Iron Ore.
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Requirements - 3F644B5AE
Note that helmets are cosmetic.

Recommended Spells and Abilities

To maximize our chances of survival and overall efficiency in a zone that out-levels us, we will bring the following loadout:
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Recommended Spells and Abilities - ED059A258
Blood Rage will increase our attack speed and give us a small shield that absorbs damage.
This will help us:

  • In the minimal amount of combat that is required.
  • Increase the speed in which we gather Iron Ore.
  • Provide a small shield upon use that will improve survivability further.

Secondly, we will use Crimson Aegis which provides a ma*sive shield and knock-back for enemies. Put simply, Crimson Aegis will keep mobs from surrounding you and greatly improve your effective health pool.
These abilities can be absorbed from Rufus the Foreman and Grayson the Armourer, respectively.
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Recommended Spells and Abilities - 5FCF2CF78
Blood Rite is an inferior, but valid spell alternative to Crimson Aegis that players possess from the start.

Obtaining Merciless Copper Weapon(s)

Having the merciless variant of the copper weapons is essential to farming Iron Ore in V Rising. Without it, you cannot obtain the resource.
There are a few ways you can discover the technology:

  • Random drops on mobs, or in crates/chests
  • Taking it off of another player in a Full Loot PvP server
  • Fishing has a chance to give technologies
  • Putting paper in your research bench for random technologies
  • Farming Clive the Firestarter

Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Obtaining Merciless Copper Weapon(s) - F3424D366
Clive is notorious for dropping the technology for Merciless weapons upon death. Destroy all the crates and barrels in the area. Clive can be found in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry:
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Obtaining Merciless Copper Weapon(s) - A67417C03

Finding a Horse

If you have a horse, or know where to find one, feel free to skip this short section.
A horse will make your journey faster and less dangerous, it is highly recommended to have one.
You will use it to:

  • Run by enemies without engaging in a fight.
  • Quickly navigate from one iron deposit to another.
  • Avoid NPC’s and players alike on the way back to your base.

The highlighted locations below have a lot of horses to choose from, simply walk up to them and hold F.
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Finding a Horse - BAE26EFCF
Southern Dunley Farms Area, north of the Farbane Woods.

Entering the Mine

The Mine is centrally located in the Dunley Farmland area:
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Entering the Mine - 985A6A806
Entrance to the mine is at the top, indicated by the red X. Make sure you are fully fed before you enter, and as good measure bring tainted hearts (or better) to be able to keep your health topped off.
Once you reach the mine sprint through on your horse, avoid a fight if at all possible. If you are hit, you will be knocked off your horse.
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Entering the Mine - 68F5B434B
Head straight through the entrance and directly back to the end of the mine. You will see thousands of Iron Ore, if you remain on horseback and hug the edge you should be safe.

Bosses and Major Hazards

The Haunted Iron Mine is a very dangerous place for lower leveled players.
Inside the mine you will find two bosses:

  • Meredith the Bright Archer

Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Bosses and Major Hazards - 5A818BC1D
You can use human form to sneak past her if needed, as seen in the picture.

  • Undead Commander

Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Bosses and Major Hazards - 3B703800D
Bonus tip: These two bosses are hostile towards one another, if you stand back and see Meredith die its an easy way to obtain V Blood.
When you first enter the mine you will want to scout Meredith’s location on your horse, then ride to the opposite side and farm your Iron Ore there. It is imperative to locate Meredith due to her ranged attacks that will not only knock you off your horse, but do ma*sive damage and stun you.
After locating one, or both of them, begin to gather resources with your Merciless Copper weapon.
Protecting these Iron Ore deposits are Skeleton Mages. These mages should be the only enemy you have to fight while following this guide. They are frail, but do large amounts of damage. It is important to prioritize them.
Typically one or two Skeletal Mages per deposit:
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Bosses and Major Hazards - D1A0D4EBF
Use your horse to bait their aoe attack, then jump off and pop your abilities to nuke them down. Deal with them first before you mine.
Note: Around every Iron Ore deposit, acidic volcano eruptions randomly launch. They will be highly telegraphed and easily dodged if you are paying attention; however, with gear worse than Nightstalker, and without Crimson Aegis, you may die instantly if you fail to dodge.


Once you have finished rotating between the different Iron deposits, killing the skeletal mages, and working opposite of the zone’s occupying bosses– you simply ride out the way you came.
Each run should net you around 2000-3000 Iron Ore.
Get Iron Fast - V Rising - Conclusion - 76CC437A7
Place it in your furnace and you’re good to go.

Written by NIMROD

This is all we can share for Get Iron Fast – V Rising for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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