Get to a good ending with Lucy Guide – Lovely Overseer

Get to a good ending with Lucy Guide – Lovely Overseer 1 -
Get to a good ending with Lucy Guide – Lovely Overseer 1 -

This guide will help you get to a good ending with Lucy. To begin with, the basic things.
The game does not have a harem ending – for the finale you have to focus on one girl and improve the relationship only with her.
If you have a good understanding of the game – the only exception except for mandatory plot events is individual cla*ses. In order for a student to pa*s the exam successfully, you must conduct 3 individual cla*ses with her.


And so we move on to Lucy. Her main stat is romance. For a good ending by day 47, this indicator should be above 200.
I focus on this, because judging by the messages of other players, this is the main reason for bad endings. You earn romance points by spending time with Lucy, as well as walking in the fresh air (an icon with trees gives + 5 romance for each walk).
The next important attribute of love is that there are two checks of this value in the game. The first check is around 27 days.
In the context of Lucy, you need at least 150-160 points of love to start her journey to this day. Final check – by day 47 you need 300-320 love points. You can open the information menu in the game – the first heart is responsible for the first check of love points, the second heart for the second check and the third heart is responsible for whether you have enough romance points at the moment.
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In this image at the end of the game – you can see that Clarissa has all 3 hearts filled. So two checks of love and a check of Charm have been successfully pa*sed. The same thing is required with Lucy, only instead of Charm – Romance.
Again, for a good ending with Lucy, you have to spend 3 individual lessons with her. Of course you will spend more of these cla*ses so it adds bonus love points.
Moving on to the choices in the game. For a good ending – you should always refuse Neoma(Neoma’s choices give the most negative results on your thinking ability – because it affects your mind, or something like that). Also, don’t be too zealous with the answers – for other girls, the main thing is not to answer all their checks correctly 🙂
First choice – Take it easy
You must refuse Neoma – Reject the test
Second choice – Guide her through the process
Third choice – Let her stay
Don’t listen to Neoma again – Absolutely not
Lucy’s third choice – Let her stay
Tell the truth at the general meeting – Not really… (Tell the truth)
Fourth choice – Stay a little bit longer
Around 20+ days you will get the opportunity to buy gifts(gift box icon – you get to the gift shop). Be sure to save 125 gold and buy at least one gift. Gifts are usually given on walks with a girl.
Lucy loves – Orchids and Hairpin. You can give these gifts an infinite number of times, each gives +20 love points. It is critically important to give at least one before the 27th day, preferably two. This increases your chances of a good pa*s.
Tips about energy, fatigue, gold, and so on…
If you have difficulties with the pa*sage – you can get a huge amount of gold by simply saving and downloading the game before gambling. Gambling is the best way to relax in the game (if you use save/load).
You get +30 energy -30 fatigue and up to +30 gold. Of course, if you didn’t save before that – you can also lose money.
Sleeping gains +10 energy, – 30 fatigue – not super effective, but free and reduces fatigue very much
Paperwork gains -15 energy, + 15 fatigue, +5 loyalty, + 10 gold – money + Witch root
Neoma gains -15 energy, + 10 fatigue, +5 loyalty, +2 Witch love.
Lucy gains -15 energy, + 10 fatigue, +5 romance, +2 Lucy Love
Clarissa gains the same + stat charm
Lunette gains the same + stat Courage
Erotica(magazine) gains +30 energy, – 20 fatigue, – 20 gold – very effective, but you need money
Alcohol gains +20 energy, – 10 fatigue, – 10 gold – In general, money is even more effective than a magazine, but even though the magazine is more expensive, you get more rest in the same time.
Surveillance gains -15 energy, + 10 fatigue, + 4 loyalty, + 2 Courage
Cla*s about Magic(Theory) gains -15 energy, + 15 fatigue, + 5 Charm, + 10 gold.
Cla*s about casting / controlling Magic gains -15 energy, + 15 fatigue, + 5 Courage, + 10 gold.
Squad training gains -20 energy, + 15 fatigue , + 5 loyalty, + 2 Courage, + 10 gold.
Something I might have forgotten – when there are no cla*ses related to your girlfriend – relax, or earn money. Also, all these activities have hidden comedic situations.
The first two values should always be Energy and Fatigue.
No energy = Skipping a quarter of the day, and too much Fatigue means.. The same?
Gold can be spent for gifts (125 G = + 20 character love), for Erotica, and alcohol, and for Gambling.
Gambling is always random, so you can always auto-save before you see the map, and in case you must rest and lose, you can quick-load again, until you gain +50 G.
Walk to the forest gains + 10, – 5, + 5 (Romance) – IMPORTANT for Lucy’s ending
If you don’t have to go and buy gifts (do it ASAP, once it unlocks) and need to rest, ALWAYS Gambling, unless too much Fatigue and Gambling isn’t available; Get to sleep then.
You can’t give gifts during lectures / lessons!
You can’t give gifts during events! (golden sparkling icons)
You can give gifts during free time (middle upper area)
Part of the text and data I took – Shiro-sama♌ – many thanks to him.
I hope this helps you, I will make another guide soon 🙂

Written by Clareum

Here we come to an end for the Get to a good ending with Lucy Guide – Lovely Overseer guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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