Getting ‘Explosion of Love’ Achievement – Killing Floor

Getting ‘Explosion of Love’ Achievement – Killing Floor 1 -
Getting ‘Explosion of Love’ Achievement – Killing Floor 1 -

Learning and Understanding how to obtain the Explosion of Love Achievement

What is it?

Explosion Of Love is a Killing Floor 1 achievement that requires you to heal YOURSELF and 5 other players with a field medic’s grenade

How to obtain?

The proper way to obtain this achievement is to practically just play the game and enjoy your time playing as a Field Medic and eventually 1 of the games you play will give you the opportunity to obtain this achievement, but theoretically, you should be enjoying yourself and not be worrying about things like “achievements” and you eventually will obtain this achievement without knowing it.


– Play on the highest difficulty(HELL ON EARTH), players are more prone to be damaged on the higher difficulties which gives you more chances to heal players
– Play on FriendlyFire enabled servers which adds another factor into players being damaged
– Play maps where players will have a more likely chance of sticking or camping together, one of the biggest factors that make this achievement difficult to get is that its not guaranteed that all players will stick together so its better to play maps where you know players will often be together, the more you play killing floor 1, the more you see repeated behaviors so you will eventually know which maps players often camp in and where they would usually camp.
Choosing the Map Ideas:
– BioticsLab: in which players are often huddled up by the main PLAYER spawn zone which is probably one of the easiest 1-3 way holding/camping spots on the map, its a general small area so players dont really go too far from it when camping there
– Clandestine: one of the more difficult maps as its very “closed”, there are 3 camping zones I know of, one on the upper floor of the main floor which is typically a 2-3 way hold/camp spot, a little area down in the bas*ment which is about a 1-3 way hold/camp spot and some people like to hold a little room in the asylum looking area which is a 1 way.
The camping spots on this map is generally quite small and can be more than 1 direction which can make it difficult and is what you kind of want as players would be more prone to being damaged.
– Waterworks: one of the most camped spots is a little narrow pathway/hallway by one of the traders on the map, usually not much room to move anywhere so its quite easy to heal the entire team, with the team being together all being more prone to being damaged but also healed by a single nade.
Conclusion: The point mapwise is to play on maps where players are more prone to stick together in one general area, the more difficult the map the better so players would be more prone to being damaged throughout the entire game giving you more chances to be able to achieve this achievement and with players being generally always close to eachother will also give you a higher possibility.

The Situations

So to be able to accomplish this achievement, you require EVERYONE on your entire team to be damaged at the same time or to be below 100% health, there are many situations in which this would happen and you need to look out for them.
The most common and easiest situation that would allow you to accomplish this achievement from what I have personally seen is when a SINGLE or GROUP of siren shows up unexpectedly and damages your entire team in a short time in which after killing them, you could throw a medic nade to heal everyone including yourself. The other times would consist of a mixed group of zeds in which can cause a large scale of damage especially when not handled correctly more often with groups consisting of Sirens/Husks/Fleshpounds/Scrakes/Bloats due to their wide range of attacks.

Other Options

Besides the legitimate way of obtaining this achievement, there are other ways to obtain this achievement which are more “straight” forward, some include cheating and some include having a cooperative team.
If you are a player that find it miserable obtaining this achievement or other achievements the proper way, I hate to suggest and be blunt about it but you would be best to use SAM to “Cheat” your achievements or simply stop playing Killing Floor as whats the point of making yourself play a game you don’t thoroughly enjoy?
If you’re in a hurry to obtain this achievement to simply wipe your conscious of achievements, the easiest way would be to coordinate a team to help you in which they all can get theirselves damaged in a single round aswell as yourself then to heal everyone with the medic nade. There is also the cheating options of using certain maps where you could spawn bots to substitute as players in which you can also accomplish the achievement with, map names would be something you would have to research on your own as this is not much different than cheating with SAM.

In Conclusion

Putting yourself in situational difficulties increases the likelihood of obtaining this achievement therefore: Play the HIGHEST difficulties, HEAL your teammates and ENJOY the game, depending on how and who you play with will determine how quickly you will obtain this achievement but it doesn’t matter when you are ENJOYING yourself.

I hope you enjoy the Getting ‘Explosion of Love’ Achievement – Killing Floor guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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