Getting the Bag – Growing Up

Getting the Bag – Growing Up 1 -
Getting the Bag – Growing Up 1 -

As someone who has played this game quite a bit, here is my little guide for how to make more money than I do in real life. If there’s anything I missed, got wrong, or forgot to add, please tell me!

Engaging in Capitalism Early

The moment you reach middle school is when you can start earning money and have an allowance, and that is also the moment when you should start spending all of your action points on work.
Because each job has a bonus when you master it, be sure to master the job and then move on to a different one to maximize income. You will unlock more jobs the older your character becomes.
With the money you earn, you can go to the diner (or the restaurant if you have it) and use the money to purchase food, which in turn will boost your mental health.
Work and eat, y’all. Work and eat.

Allowance and Pa*sive Income

Unlike me, your character will start to get an allowance to spend money on various items. You also have a pa*sive income/allowance.
Gaining Allowance from Parental Satisfaction and Special Requests:
Your pa*sive income will increase if your parents are proud of you. So keeping that gauge above 70 will boost your allowance.
When your parents are proud, you unlock the “Special Requests” section where you can spend the points you get from fulfilling their expectations. In middle school and high school, there is a special request to boost your pa*sive income. Get it as soon as you can (after the daily planner).
Note: You can get the allowance increase once in middle school and another time in high school. Meaning if you miss the chance to get it the first time in middle school, you’re outta luck.
Requests: Small Raise (Middle SchoolOnly) and Higher Allowance(Unlocked in High School)
Items that Increase Pa*sive Income:
Throughout the game, various locations have shops with items that increase your pa*sive income by a certain amount. You can either unlock these locations via certain characters or buy access to them whether it be from the mall or through a request from your parents. (You can check out the other guides for this part!)
Art Space Gallery: Get this in middle school, because it is the ONLY time you can get the Piggy Bank.
Items: Piggy Bank (Middle School Only) and Decorated Wallet(Unlocked in High School)
Funtasy Carnival: The only place where you actually get paid to be a clown.
Items: Prosperity Frog (Unlocked in Middle School) andProsperity Dragon(Unlocked in High School)
If you follow of this, you should get something that looks somewhat like this:
Getting the Bag - Growing Up - Allowance and Passive Income - 11E8AB885

Written by Kyzatrius

I hope you enjoy the Getting the Bag – Growing Up guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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