Ghostbusting for beginners! – Ghost Exile

Ghostbusting for beginners! – Ghost Exile 1 -
Ghostbusting for beginners! – Ghost Exile 1 -

A simple guide for starting your ghost slaying career!
This is not an in depth tutorial. more like some helpful tips to get started if this is your first rodeo as a ghost buster!

Your first game

So you’re starting your ghost busting gig and realized “oh crap! no tutorial!”
Well I got you fam. This guide is here to cover the basics. I’m not good with words so I am going to dive right on in.
Setting up your first game:
Your NOT going to be slaying ghosts. you simply don’t have the tools. Thats fine tho. Identify the ghost. complete what objects you can. earn money and level up until you can get the spray can and the ritual book. these are the two bare necessities to bust ghosts. more on this later. for now. when setting up for the first time. left click on the computer monitor nearby and you’ll be takin to the setup screen. what you want to look for first is this:
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your first game - D717CEA71
See those settings that are turned on? they make the game much harder and as a new player. you’ll want to ease into these rather then get your a*s kicked quicksmart. so shut those off and turn them on at your own leisure as you get better/more comfortable with the game mechanics.
From there, you select a house and difficulty. you need to pick both before the game lets you play and ready up! don’t worry about supplies to start.
From here you’ll use the in game items to start finding evidence and filling out your notes in the journal, accessed with the [N] Button. this is your evidence screen
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your first game - 3C9F4659C
I put some notes on there for ease of reference for ya.
Most evidence is self explanitory and I won’t insult your intelligence. however there is SOME stuff that can be confusing. firstly. the video camera is the only thing that can spot HAZE evidence. this is not well explained. but it looks like a fart that floats around on the video game. as seen here:
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your first game - FE55DB5A0
Thats pretty much it. first run. try to ID the ghost by gathering evidence. once you know what it is. get out by going to the objective board in the tent and clicking and holding on the complete objective button at the bottom!
The taste of victory is sweet!

Time to Bust your first Ghost!

Alright. your IDing ghosts like a champ now. but your not playing this to find them. thats phasmo talk. your here to get some sweet sweet vengance on these unruly specters. these princes of the damned. these fools who dare cross your path!
To start you will need 2 tools at least, the spray can to lay down some signs. and the ritual book that comes complete with candles and components for rituals.
To begin. bring these 2 items into the game. some important notes. if you’ve turned off the additional settings as I suggested. you only need 2 things to bust your first ghost. the first is a lighter. you spent all your money on the ghost busting equipment and the convenience store has run out of lighters! oh no! no worries. you can pilfer one from the home owners. you can find that and the second item. the pa*sport in these:
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Time to Bust your first Ghost! - D859AF3A3
the cabinets come in many shapes and sizes. but your looking for a small ID card and blue lighters. they pop up in your TAB inventory when collected and be dropped from there. examine the ID to learn the ghosts name. and give the lighter to a friend, or bravely keep it for yourself. it’s needed for lighting ritual candles.
The cabinet is locked?!: Don’t worry about that. you will always find at least 1 lighter and the ID with the cabinets locked.
you’ve ID’d the ghost. you’ve learned what type of ghost it is. you know it’s name, and you have a plan! firstly. your spray can only has 3 uses so make them count. start by weakening the ghost by spraying a sigil in the ghosts room.
spray the ASTAROTH sign in the ghosts room. that will weaken it.
Use the ritual book to determine what ritual sign you should spray. put it in a central location in the house or somewhere your friends can hide quickly. you can also lay down some traps for the ghosty if you’d like.
sign details here:
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Time to Bust your first Ghost! - FA56B71B8
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Time to Bust your first Ghost! - EF5627C7E
Signs laid down. ritual ready. time to purge this house of evil! make sure the player who can speak fluently and clearly is the one with the book and give your lighter to a buddy. things are about to get real.
light the candles in the ritual, the book holder stands in the circle and holds the book up. chant the phrases the book asks you too. starting with the ghosts name. [the book will hear through the radio so be careful not to trigger it early]
once it begins. the ghost can blow out the candles. which will inturupt the ritual. time for your lighter buddy to shine. they will keep your candles lit while you chant the spell to banish the ghost.
sometimes a bloody trail will appear in the air. you must follow it to a portal and chant the word “CLOSE” at it to seal it. else you die. once done. return the circile and continue the ritual.
If you chose the right ghost type, spoke the correct name, and are not in the ghosts favorite room. the house will be cleansed and you will have just schooled your first ghost! Yay -party popper noise- go home. collect your pay, and celebrate a job well done!

Your tools

Just a quick reference for the tools you have in game. plus a few of my own added tidbits to help clarify some things.
Also fun fact to save money in game. if your playing with multiple people. have only 1 person bring in equipment and stick to early setup duty/tent duty. keeping him/her safe, keeps your a*sets safe. abit boring. but ensures that you leave with what you came with!
I do not know how the crucifix’s work just yet, I’d love to know to add to the guide!
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your tools - BD0A97A22
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your tools - 29A029333
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your tools - 15A47FF38
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your tools - FF36252BA
Ghostbusting for beginners! - Ghost Exile - Your tools - DF87C187E


Why do I keep facing off against the same ghost types?
A: As the Dev’s put it “You will start getting 1 out of 20 ghosts 5+ level, from 1 to 3 you get 1 out of 7 ghosts, from 3 to 5 you get 1 out of 14 ghosts”
What’s the point of going through the death maze?
A: After a successful escape, you will return to the house where you died and will be able to help your friends expel the otherworldly entity. This will help you with the abilities that you will acquire after death:
Knocking is the ability to make a knocking sound anywhere in the house. Help your friends find the way by sound!
Throwing objects – You can throw some objects in the house. Pay attention to yourself or scare your friends when they least expect it!
EMF field – the ability to create a strong EMF field anywhere in the house that can slow down a ghost while hunting. Help your comrades not to share your fate!
more FAQs to come as they are asked/discovered 🙂

Written by aurondenengrad

Here we come to an end for the Ghostbusting for beginners! – Ghost Exile guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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