Gold Galore – Noita

Gold Galore – Noita 1 -
Gold Galore – Noita 1 -

This is a trick to get all the gold you need no cheats


what do we need

  • 1. tablet (any will do)
  • 2. pheromones
  • 3. holy mountain (it has a good spot on the left side)


Make it work

Go to the holy mountain and where you enter there is a small pitt
Gold Galore - Noita - Make it work - DE0151D46
then fill it up with the pheromones bottle. Now comes the best bit…..
take a wand and remove all the spells from it and drop it in the pit with pheromones.
Take your tablet out and throw it over the pit and you will see you get kills and money.
Gold Galore - Noita - Make it work - CFCE8BB56
Pick up the tablet and keep doing this over and over….
(if you dont get money drops pick up the empty wand and drop it back in)
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Written by ||ShoxDanger||

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