Guide – Celeste

Guide – Celeste 1 -
Guide – Celeste 1 -

A guide for 100% completing Celeste. Welcome to hell

⚠️ Spoilers below ⚠️

If you want to fully complete Celeste, that begs the question, what IS full completion in Celeste? The game doesn’t have a completion counter, but I made a list of things that I think count towards the 100% mark. If you think I should add/update anything, let me know in the comments!

  • Celeste’s first 8 chapters each have an A, B, and C side, and each side has its own crystal heart (blue, red, and gold respectively).
  • Each A-side has red strawberries to collect (excluding chapter 6) and a ca*sette tape.
  • Each side also has its own Golden Strawberry (complete the entire level without dying) for 3 additional strawberries per chapter. Golden Strawberries are usually considered past 100% completion because they are somewhat out of the realm of possibility for most players. They can take entire weeks of practice to get.
  • Additionally, Chapter 1’s A-side has a Winged Golden Strawberry (complete the entire chapter without dashing).
  • If you get everything (the red strawberries, gem and tapes) in each chapter’s A-side in one run, you get a “Full Clear” and a golden flag.
  • There is also a 1-Up you can get if you collect 6 strawberries at once without touching the ground.
  • Chapter 9 has a unique Moon Berry which counts as a strawberry. It also has a golden strawberry.
  • Finally, Chapter 3 has a hidden Pico-8 minigame which unlocks an achievement.

Completing this list will unlock all of the game’s achievements and let you see absolutely everything the game has to offer.
Have fun!!

Written by ayvacs

This is all we can share for Guide – Celeste for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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