Guide for Boss Encounters – POSTAL Brain Damaged

Guide for Boss Encounters – POSTAL Brain Damaged 1 -
Guide for Boss Encounters – POSTAL Brain Damaged 1 -

Small tips for easily dethroning bosses at the Postal difficulty


This guide was written with Postal difficulties in mind. However, the techniques discussed here can be applied to any condition. This guide can be summarized with two words: "piss switch" or three words: "reload cancelling rules". It is easy to understand. You can see the video explanation. – [] 
Piss switching is a way to shoot single-fire weapons faster, such as the Holier than thou Launcher (also called rocket launcher at that point) or Hooker Shotgun. These two weapons can be used to quickly drop bosses and the animation cancel feature seals them.
All you needed to do was tap fire. Once you have completed one fire circle, move your finger away from M1 to stop it momentarily. You can also cut fire delay by lightly tapping the Piss button (default:C) in between. You can also do it on the move by repeating the process. If you don't press any of the keys or they become too long, it might not make the impact you desire. When you use a single fire weapon, you will want to tap piss.
Slide jumping is an important part this guide. It is essential to learn how to navigate effectively. This will allow you to position yourself at combat and sometimes help you find secrets. Simply press crouch and hit jump (default to Space) while you release the crouch. To slide jump, rinse and repeat. You can also kick (default : Q) midair to gain a slight distance advantage to evade projectiles.
This guide a*sumes that the episode is played from the beginning and you have some powerups. The "Recommended” section lists useful powerups and the "Preferred Strategy" section summarizes the weapons/strategies you may want from a fresh start.
Boss fights without power-ups can take longer and become difficult at the high difficulty levels, even if your arsenal is full. You can help cheese the fight by bringing some power-ups from previous levels, which will not be available at the boss arena. I played the game at Postal difficulty. It was enjoyable, so you'll understand that this information applies to all difficulty levels.
You might be tempted just to eat and use everything the game gives you, but not using them properly could get you into trouble at the fight. The exact opposite might happen to you, where you might hoard everything only for frustration at the fight then end-up with unused Akimbos/Ammo Packs.
We all know that too much safety or carelessness in the game will cause unfun gameplay and a lot of stress. I thought that knowing the exact items you need to fight the boss would help you get rid of any hoarding instincts after so many years of scavenging.
This guide is intended to ease your mind as you plan the future. It's up to you to decide how many Portable Armors, Health Pipes, or other items you want to have on hand for fighting. I'm listing what I believe is the minimum requirement for bosses to allow you to speedrun with sweet speedrun tactics.

Manager Slayer

Karen The Manager Slayer

Recommended: 1x Akimbo power-up or 1x Liquid Nitrogen
Preferred Strategy Holier than you think Launcher piss switch, Nailgun bubble then Akimbo activated Gun is BRR for completion Speedrun strat only: Piss switch using shotgun
You don’t really need power-ups against this boss. Because you have a lot of space to kite and recover, and along the level until reaching the boss fight zone you will have plenty opportunities for packing up weapons. You also have a long head start so you can take your time. There are tons of armor and health packs available in the arena.
Karen will appear at any moment, so you should greet her with a barrage and rockets using this piss switching technique. You should also have plenty of Nailgun's time stoppers at this point. Also, enough ammo for exhausting several BFG69k alt fire to clear the alley. As soon as she's near you, put a time balloon on her, draw some piss switch Rockets, and then bail away.
The cycle continues until you have cleared the area using BFG69k or Akimbo activated gun goes BRR. This can be used to kill weak monsters or send them into the time bomb. The second option is great for finishing them, and you can also use it to take care of long-range threats.
The combination of rapid fire rockets, time bubble, and rapid-fire rockets is great. However, there are a few issues. First, Karen can ignore the timing bubble if she walks into it in a guarded manner. You need to wait for her to drop her guard before she releases the time bubble. Second, rockets can become stuck midair if they are quickly fired into the time bomb.
This is due game having after-think code for projectile location. Any small monster with splash damage can shoots can explode mid-air, instantly causing severe burns to your face. If you want to envelope Karen in time bubbles, or circle strafes as you fire the rockets, aim them at her upper torso.
Similar to the above, I don’t recommend piss swap with shotgun against Karen. Because she is able nullify all incoming damages whenever she likes and can dish out disorienting shockedwaves. She will break out of a time bubble if she's facing a damage burst. Don't attempt to reach her without the items listed below.
Karen will make many small freaks out of other people by using her purse. They're not usually dangerous, but she can spawn some annoying ones at times. You won't find tanky ones like Goliath, Meaner Retriever or Meaner Sire. Jumping Bean, Lightfifty Sire, and Jumping Bean will be the ones you'll see at random. They can one shot a significant amount of damage in an instant if your standing around like a fool. Always be alert if you see a green flashing light coming at you. Also, check your behind if Karen is getting close to you and stealing money from her purse.
Fun fact: Karen can be peed upon. This makes her angry and faster at spawning creatures. It also makes it less likely that she will take proper precautions when inflicting high amounts of injury. While this makes Karen vulnerable to Akimbo attacks, it also presents a risk for you if your distance is not known.
To help you feel less overwhelmed, throw explosive red barrels at the crowd. If you slide jump for too much time, she will spawn more monsters. To avoid this, I suggest using rockets and pissing on any objects that are close to you so you can slide hop away safely.
Watch Karen when she starts spawning monsters. If you are too far away, you can try to lure monsters towards the red barrels or eat some Hot Sauce. It's a good idea to use a BFG69k Tesla brain in this case. Cussslingers are easy to get rid of, unless you're in a corner. Prison Guards force you to run for cover when they come up. There should be quite some Ammo Packs in this arena.

Speedrun technique:

Liquid Nitrogen can only be found in this episode's secret location. You'll be able to use any other item you want as long as you don’t miss this. When you enter the boss area, get the Liquid Nitrogen ready. Pull out your shotgun, click on the television, and slide down. As Karen's monologue ends, climb up the set of escalators. Then activate the Nitrogen.
Spray pee directly on her when she appears. After that, you can switch to rapid fire shotgun mode and spray frosted Pee on any spawning items. Even if she responds with shockwaves, you can easily kill her from close range. She can also be easily healed with Health Pipes. While she may be forced to be on guard for a while due her ma*sive damage output, it will not last long. She won't able to melee with you as much as her purse allows when she's frozen.

Big Bad

Big Bad Rona

Recommended: 1-2x Quickpillz, 1-2x Steroids
Preferred Strategy Holy grenades, Holier-than thou Launcher and shotgun. Shovel can only be used for speedrun strat.
It's quite straight forward once you get to the top. Go to the opposite end of this room and you will see big red malfunctioned monitoring devices. Grab Portable Armors (or Health Pipes) and fill up on ammo from vending machines. Finally, pull the lever at its back. Air condition will make it so that you can float to the platform at the center, while hanging from the ceiling.
Make sure you have the shotgun ready for when the big red button is pressed. Here, you'll need to use the shotgun and then switch to the weapon you want when you get to the next platform. The only thing you have to do is to climb straight up by clinging on to rings and away the monstrosity as soon as you press that red button. You can't look for an achievement or power ups if you don't have them. Wailing at it from afar is the safest way.
It is important to note that Akimbo activation may last longer than the life expectancy of vaccines. This means that Akimbo activation can be more severe than the duration of vaccines. This and Qpillz or Steroid being way better are two reasons why I didn’t make it on the recommendation lists.
If you plan to use this powerup, ensure you have enough Portable Aror and Health Pipes. You should position yourself on top, and not hook around, as Rona can't chase you for the duration Akimbos. If you are trying to stand at the vaccine platform and use Akimbos without having at least two Qpillz, your chances of being left behind are slim.
BFG69k, unfortunately, is nearly useless here unless it's a akimbo show. Its altfire doesn't deal much damage per second and will not kill Lil Ronnies by lightning spread. The damage per second that Akimbo activation with BFG69k does to the minigun can however be compared to that of the minigun. Penetrator (also useless in this fight) and Puss* Blower (also useless in this fight). They might be great for precision removal or bosses but not for this one. You can always try it if that's what you desire. Pistol Alt-Fire automatically targets the eyes, and the pellet spread from shotguns is quite generous.
Piss switch is also possible, but I discovered that alt fire of rocket launcher deals more damage when fully charged and kills Lil Ronnies without any ha*sle. Holy hand grenade's damage is comparable to or even better than quick switch rocket spam. You can choose to use Quick Pillz to charge it fully without being disturbed. It's best to sedate this beast and get the vaccine ready before you go.
It'll stop after a couple of jabs with Vaccine, Qpillz or Steroids. You can just race this beast to your jab area and catch your breath. After activating the jab button, fire at the monster and then switch to the holier rocketer. You're ready to hit Qpillz. To avoid a tentacle strike, first send a few holy hand grenades below. Then start circling the platform.
Use the Qpillz when Vaccine hits. Then, continue to circle it as holy grenades charge up while you charge up the Qpillz. Important part is hitting the eye stalks with as many strikes as possible, and then catching up once the jab has released.
If Rona starts to float again, you should have completed a full turn around it with Qpillz or some slide jumps. If it doesn't, you can hook one its eyes or ring around to catch up. You should make sure it doesn't catch another tentacle. It won't take any punches if it starts floating off.
Here's your choice: After dealing it a lot of damage with your grenades you can either spam it again at the next platform, or you can finish it off with Steroids, if you have any.
You can race it to another platform by clinging at rings. But you must juke each tentacle attack and land on the top of it. Attach the hook at one of the eye stalks to secure the hook. After you land on it, activate Steroids. It can be amazing what you can achieve by clicking madly on it.

Achievement: ANTIVAXXER

Bring at least 2 Steroid Packs to the fight before you press red at the last level of the second episode. There are many Steroid packs available at the start of episode 2. You can usually save one or two Steroid packages if you play the first stage fast enough. You can even get a lot more by playing the remaining episodes.
It's not difficult when you cheese this fight. Simply activate the Steroid, push on the red button, then remain where you are and crouch. You will be squatting at Rona’s peak and you can slash your shovel at it madly without taking too much damage. While it's quicker to position the shovel in a way that it cannot reach you with its tentacles, it's also less satisfying. This can take anywhere from 30-40 seconds to remove all dirt. It can also earn you speedrun achievement.

Cruel Dude

Leon Dusk

Recommended: 3-4x Quickpillz / 1-2x Ammo Pack
Preferred Strategy Note: BFG69k Tesla brains and Nailgun Time Bubbles are required for the initial sequence. Speedrun strategy may be made possible by switching to shotgun piss. You can switch between Puzzy Blower and Holier-than thou Launcher at the second sequence.

First Sequence – The Other Dude

Spamming Quickpillz will allow you to finish the whole episode in a matter of minutes. If you choose to finish this level from a new start, congratulations! Starting room comes with Quick Pillz Ammo Pack and Akimbo. You'll win if all of them are used smartly and not slashed by scissor attacks.
If you are new to the level or just want to save some Qpillz to go to the second stage, there are some cheap strategies that you can use. He is too fast to catch up. You don't need to worry if your Qpillz is low and you'd like to try a new level. Nailgun time balloons can be used to replace it. He will try to move around time bubbles, such as by jumping or sliding off the ground, but it's okay. We are not trying to keep him down for too long.
Slide jump quickly to get into the arena. Switch to BFG69k. Shoot alt-fire 3-4 time towards the center. Switch to your Nailbiter. To trigger Other Dude’s entrance, quickly toss the time bubble forward near his spawn points. After shooting 2-3 more Tesla brain alt-fires this will damage him enough to allow you to enter.
You can't contain him after you have lost the chance to harm him at his first dramatic entrance. He will not be slowed down by time bubbles. Time bubbles can be used to cover you. Send tesla brains starting at BB69k at least 3x, then send another. Slide jump, get up high, land a balloon near your feet, and you will be able to spam BFG69k altfire.
I hope that you have a few Ammo Packs on you, or at minimum remember to use the vending machine at the arena's edges. After going through these steps, you might need an Ammo Pack to refill the BFG69k.
Once he has escaped from the time bubble, remember that you have an automatic pistol that will auto headshot with Alt-fire on Demand for a few cheap shots. A pistol can be a great saviour if he's not at the bubble and is keeping him away from tesla mind. Don't waste your Akimbo on the Other Dude if you have very little.
Fun fact: You have the option to reflect the bullets and projectiles of The Other Dude (default: Q for kick them) or block them with Shovel altfire. Reflect is not worth it, as he's far too busy to land it back. Shotgun pellet spread or stray bullets still cause damage unless you go too far. Although shovel may reduce damage, it won’t give you certain opportunities. It's almost ineffective against him at a high difficulty level. It is still much more effective for Nailbiter altfire areas to provide cover.

Speedrun Strategy

You can skip the first sequence of fight by using pillz. You can press the elevator button to reach Leon Dusk who is waiting at the opposite side. He will be able to hoard weapons while he speaks his small monologue.
You will need the Quick Pillz to get you out of the room. Once you are out, slide jump furiously in the middle of arena with the shotgun drawn. The Other Dude will appear in arena's middle. Once you see him you must activate slow motion quickly and then switch to shotgun to instantly kill him.

Second Sequence – Tesloborgerion

Once the Cruel Dude reaches his final health, he'll start to stumble for a second before he can jump off to enter the mecha robot at the corner. It takes a while, so make sure to take some time to eat healing items and put on Portable Armor. After Teslo mecha entered, it was time to get out your shotgun. You will need to consume Quickpillz and then quickly hook four rings around the armor to reveal any weak points.
After tearing the armor parts, you want to piss on his below waist area. You can do this by sliding in between targeting. Any kind of piss is guaranteed to instantly destroy any Teslo weakness. This will make the fight much more enjoyable if he allows you to. He is a high-stress fighter and has too much health.
If you don’t have enough Qpillz, you can stand near him and get between his legs to jump above its shockwaves. If you're quick enough you can jump near a jumping pad and then pee on him in mid-air. Qpillz can be used to keep him from moving too close. You can activate the slow-motion as soon as he bends forward. Once you're done with it, you'll see Tesloborgerion's malfunctioning sounds. All you had left to do was to cling at the last rings and meet the Other Dude.
As long as your slide jump is effective enough, the only attack that you need to be concerned about is the hot scissor charging charge. He makes it clear that he is going to attack you. We get it. He loves "Running With Scissors". You have just seconds to decide whether he is going after you or not. It's best to activate another batch qpillz and piss him on the weak spots after circling. This ends the fight right now.
Time bubbles are a great way to get invincibility against the rocket barrage or the minigun. If you slide hop fast enough, it is possible to jump or slide jump over shockwaves and dodge miniguns. To have a chance at peeing on the delicate parts, just time a jumppad jump.
If you are unable to win the fight immediately, Akimbo activated PUS* Blower or piss switch with rocket launcher to hit those weak points on his upper body. If you become too obsessed with pissing on his vulnerable parts, the randomness and difficulty of the game can frustrate you. I hope that you brought enough armor items and portable healing. You will need to position yourself near the jump pad in order to defend against Teslo Mecha attacks.

Achievement: PISSIMIST

As it was said, you won't just win the fight but you'll also earn this achievement. You have to spit on the robot below the waist, when you reveal the Teslo's weak spots. But if he gives it the chance by eh…bending down, you'll be able to destroy other weak areas just as easily. Use jump pads and Quick Pillz to help him when he's using the scissor attacks.


I enjoyed the game, and even fought through it. It was a fun experiment. While I'm not an expert at this game, it was a lot of fun. I shared what my knowledge with you and I hope that it helps you in your endeavors.
It's now much easier to play after the patch that doubled ammo for all weapons. I find certain weapons (Puzz Blower and BFG) to be a little too powerful, allowing me to save powerups when it gets really dire. High difficulties are a great way to test your skills. Combat can get hectic and bosses offer some real challenges.
Postal difficulty was a pleasant experience, although it was quite a journey. When you've finished the game for the second-third time, and have a*sessed the combat area, the tool you need to do the job is determined. It doesn't matter how hard you fight, as long as you have a plan.


Written by lazysiloth

I hope you enjoy the Guide for Boss Encounters – POSTAL Brain Damaged guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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