Guide with hints on how to approach levels – Baba Is You

Guide with hints on how to approach levels – Baba Is You 1 -
Guide with hints on how to approach levels – Baba Is You 1 -

A no solutions guide with hints on how to approach levels.

Introduction and General Tips

note: After 3 or 4 days of working on this guide I decided to publish it now instead of waiting to catch up with where I currently am in the game so it can be built up as a community effort. If anyone would like to help with any hints or edit for grammar or writing mistakes please dm me or comment 🙂
Guide with hints on how to approach levels - Baba Is You - Introduction and General Tips - 44585EDE0
Baba is you is a puzzle game that can be really challenging and frustrating. But it’s all worth the gratification when you finally crack the level and say “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” before getting congratulations from the game for your achievement. Each level in this game has its own charms and every puzzle feels unique. I made this guide because I know how much better it feels to figure out a puzzle on your own without a full on guide. Sometimes a hint is enough to send you towards the right direction in a puzzle. SO without farther ado, Baba has Hints:

Actually some ado before the hints. I wanted to share some general tips I find useful when playing this game. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the puzzles and possibilities in this game and this is how I make sure I don’t end up torturing myself and hating Baba is You in the process:

    Sitting looking at one puzzle for 15 minutes straight will not help you solve it. Sometimes its better to treat this game like homework and step away for a bit to cool down before attempting it again. Trust me, the second time around the level will look less intimidating as your brain figures out solutions as you do other things. One of the best things you can do is grab a nice gla*s of water and taking at least a 15 minute break every 3 or 4 long puzzles.
  2. Don’t just work on one level at a time
    Again, just like I mentioned before, looking at one level for 15 minutes will not make you progress or figure anything out. If you’re stuck on a level you’re going to be stuck until you can think of another approach to the level. Sometimes stepping away from a level and going to another one can give you a hint on how to solve it. Some levels are going to be easier that others for some people. Everyone is different (that’s one reason I didn’t involve difficulty ratings for the levels. It just wouldn’t be fair). It’s very tempting to want to go through this game linearly because of the numbered levels (I would know) but it really isn’t necessary or recommended.
  3. Refer back to similar levels for hints or refreshers on tactics.
    Many of the levels have the same basic premise with very different objects and properties (ex. crossing a river/lava bed, going through a wall of skeletons/a literal wall]. It may be good to go back to simpler levels every once in a while to see if you can think of new ways to approach new levels.

**How Hints Work:
The hints I give are usually either linear in the events of the level or from most obvious to least obvious mechanics of the level. Usually the first hints are more for getting you started rather than nudging you towards the solution. This depends on the level though, since some levels have solutions with only a few steps.

With that said and done here are the hints.
*note: I will add more tips as I think of more.
**note: If there is ever a level that you think has hints that are too obvious/not good enough please comment or message me and I can edit them.

0. Intro Levels

Guide with hints on how to approach levels - Baba Is You - 0. Intro Levels - 597D649E1
Just a few levels to introduce you to the game’s basic mechanics. There aren’t any crazy hard puzzles here but some of them still need you to work your brain.

Level 00: Baba is You:
New Nouns:

  • Baba: Baba is the little white bunny creature and the main character you’ll usually play as throughout the game.
  • Flag: The word that represents the properties of the golden flag.
  • Rock: The word that represents the properties of the round brown rocks.
  • Wall: The word that represents the properties of the walls.
  • You: The representation of the player in the game. SOMETHING ALWAYS HAS TO BE YOU FOR THE GAME TO CONTINUE. IF THIS CONDITION IS NOT MET YOU AUTOMATICALLY LOSE. The object that is you must exist in the world as a sprite.

New Properties:

  • Stop: When you hit an object with this property you will not be able to move towards the object any farther. Objects without this property can typically be walked through unless another property is applied.
  • Push: When you walk into an object with this property, it moves in the direction you push it.
  • Win: This property is the win condition of every level. Walking into an object with the win property progresses you through the game.

I think you got this one bro.
Just in case: Walk into the rocks and see what happens. What is the win condition of this level?

Level 01: Where Do I Go?

  1. Locate the rule that is preventing you from moving out of the room you’re stuck in. How could you make this rule not true?
  2. What is missing that you need in order to win. How can you make it?

Level 02: Now What is This?

  1. Where is Baba? What are you right now?
  2. Locate the rule that is preventing you from moving out of the room you’re stuck in. How could you make this rule not true?
  3. What is missing that you need in order to win. How can you make it?

Level 03: Out of Reach
New Nouns:

  • Water: The world that represents the properties of water (blue blobs).

New Properties:

  • Gra*s: The word that represents the properties of the dark green gra*s patches on the ground.


1. The Lake

Guide with hints on how to approach levels - Baba Is You - 1. The Lake - 5B9DE7785
Welcome to the lake! There’s a bunch of water themed levels. A good introduction to more complicated puzzles.

Level 01: Icy Waters
New Nouns:

  • Jelly: The world that represents the properties of the jellyfish.

New Properties:

  • and: allows two nouns to be applied to one property when used in format [noun] and [noun] is [property] or allows two properties to be applied to one noun when used in format [noun] is [property] and [property].


  1. In previous levels how have you dealt with objects with a sink property? What are your options in doing this now?
  2. There are two ways of winning this level. One is more straight forward and the other one is more fancy and slightly hilarious. Many levels in Baba is You have multiple solutions that you can pick and choose from.

Level 02: Turns
New Nouns:

  • Star: The word that represents the properties of the orange starfish.


  1. Dealing with the starfish should be similar to things done in previous levels. What about dealing with the skull. Which properties are available to you and what can you apply them to?
  2. New mechanic: Who said you can only control Baba at one time?
  3. Make sure all the words are in the right position to be manipulated in a tight space. Words that hit any corner or side of a stop property noun cannot be recovered.

Level 03: Affection
New Nouns:

  • Love: The word representing the properties of the pink heart.
  • Algae: The word representing the properties of the green algae.
  • Keke: The world representing the red tik tac creature called Keke. Another character in the game like Baba. Superior to other character (in my opinion anyways :)).

New Properties:

  • Move: Whichever object this property is attached to will move one tile every round (every time an action is performed or every time you wait) in the direction it is facing. The object will keep moving until hits an immovable object. At that point it turns and moves the opposite direction at the same pace.


  1. Love is a red herring.
  2. New mechanic: You can change a noun into another noun by using format [noun] is [noun]

Level 04: Pillar Yard
New Nouns:

  • Pillar: The word that represents the properties of the pillar.


  1. Some objects may seem like useless background sprites but they can still be used.
  2. An object that has the push property can be pushed by any object that contacts it.
  3. If there are multiple objects that are you, the game still goes on if one of them dies/disappears (hits defeat or sink).

Level 05: Brick Wall

  1. New mechanic: Two properties can be attached to the same noun.
  2. The win condition can be put on any noun.

Level 06: Lock
New Nouns:

  • Door: The word that represents the properties of the red door.
  • Key: The word that represents the properties of the gold key.

New Properties:

  • Shut: An object with the shut property stops you when you walk into it (think of it as having the stop property) until it is opened with an object with the open property.
  • Open: Objects with this property can make objects with shut property disappear.


  1. In real life you can only open doors with a key. But this game isn’t real life, is it?

Level 07: Novice Locksmith
There are two ways of solving this level after the initial break out. Both are hinted at in hints 2 and 3.

  1. Having one “is” doesn’t mean you can only make one true statement.
  2. Solution 1: Some properties have priority over others. This means a property on a noun can cancel another property out.
  3. Solution 2: Door is Stop but what isn’t stop?

Level 08: Locked In

  1. This level has a lot to do with having a lot of the same object.
  2. When an object is turned into another object it stays that way even if the rule statement is broken.

Level 09: Changeless
I just gotta say, this level does the troll of century and it’s hilarious.

  1. Don’t overthink this level. There is one thing you need to do and that’s to get the flag back.
  2. There’s something preventing you from getting the flag back. You need to focus on that to win this level.
  3. You can push a whole statement by going to one end of it.

Level 10: Two Doors

  1. The key is a red herring.
  2. You don’t have to open the door if it’s not in the way of where you want to go.
  3. Remember that some properties cancel each other out.

Level 11: Jelly Throne

  1. You can’t get in from the outside because of the flag. Is there a way to get around it?
  2. The flag can’t become anything else because “flag is flag.” What else is there that you could change.
  3. You can play as more than one sprite in the game at a time.
  4. The win condition can be broken and remade.

Level 12: Crab Storage
New Nouns:

  • Crab: The word that represents the properties of the red crab.

Opening the door should be routine by now so I won’t be giving any hints for that part of the puzzle. If you’re struggling with this part of the puzzle refer to level 6.

  1. What rule made level 11 so challenging? What did the rule do that made the level harder?

Level 13: Burglary

  1. Who said the key has to be the key?
  2. Who said the door has to be the door?
  3. Who said the win condition has to be the win condition????? (jkjk there’s only one object you can use for the win condition. It should be the only left over noun. But there’s something you have to do before you set up the win condition. And now I bet you only clicked on this hint because it was really long and you were curious.)

Extra 1: Submerged Ruins

  1. You will need to play as two different objects to complete this level.
  2. You don’t have to set the win condition immediately. You can go about your day without pushing the rock all the way in.
  3. Don’t be fooled by the rock sitting there. You can walk through it.
  4. Can you get through crabs in any way? Why can’t you normally get through the crabs? Has this always been the case?

Extra 2: Sunken Temple

  1. There’s no way to avoid “crab is defeat” in this level.
  2. How else can you put an object somewhere you want without controlling it?
  3. You technically have an extra word that you can use for another purpose.

Good jobb! You finished the lake. You’re now a certified baba crab! Go win some more puzzles.

2. Solitary Island

Guide with hints on how to approach levels - Baba Is You - 2. Solitary Island - 82365B5DE
The end of this island is where things get super challenging in my opinion. Brace yourself for some tough puzzles and don’t forget to take plenty of breaks.

Level 00: Poem
New Nouns:

  • Violets: The word that represents the properties of violets. (which are actually green?)
  • Roses:The word that represents the properties of roses. (which are blue??? my life has been a lie.

New Properties:

  • Red: Just the color.
  • Blue: Literally just the color, I swear.


  1. The space on the wall in the poem is intentional.
  2. You can move some of the words in the poem without ending the level.
  3. Get ready to be blue da ba dee da ba di
  4. If you set everything up correctly it should be a 9v1.

Level 01: Float
This level is mostly just an introduction to the float property. The solution will probably be the second or third thing you think of.
New Properties:

  • Float: Objects with this property will not touch a noun they are able to step on (ex. objects without stop or push properties, water/lava blocks, etc.)


  1. If you can’t touch anything to win might as well just win.

Level 02: Warm River

  1. You will not float too.
  2. Think of making everything a bridge but ignoring the bridge anyways.

Level 03: Bridge
New Nouns:

  • Text: Allows the game to give properties to text blocks.


  1. Water has the sink property. That means you can get rid of it.
  2. How can you get the rock out of the corner if you can push it? Well you don’t need to.

Level 04: Bridge Building?

  1. Same basic concept as the last level.
  2. What is the same as level 3, what’s different?

Level 05: Victory Spring
New Nouns:

  • Cog: Word that represents the properties of the cogs.


  1. You can’t break “text is float” before figuring a way to get win out of the water.
  2. Getting rid of the water early on won’t help you out.
  3. After win is out of the water “text is float” isn’t necessary anymore.

Level 05: Assembly Team
New Nouns:

  • Robot: The word that represents the property of the cute robots.
  • Pipe: Basically (usually) another type of wall in this area.


  1. Sadly one of the robots has to take on for the a*sembly team.

Level 07: Catch the Thief
One of the more challenging levels so far in my opinion.

  1. You need to catch the thief before it steals you. What is the most efficient way to do this?
  2. It’s actually less of a catch the thief and more of a catch your prised possessions before the thief does.
  3. You need to get win out from the inside.
  4. When you get win out you’re going to need to make a win condition. Make sure you have all things you need for a win condition (noun, is, win). If you play this level without considering this you’ll probably be missing one of these three.

Level 08: Tiny Pond

  1. There’s only one way to move the flag and the key in this level.
  2. You are going to need to play as more than just Baba to finish this level.
  3. To be honest you won’t be playing as baba a lot.
  4. You’re going to need a lot of coordination and trial and error to get to the right area.

Level 09: Research Facility
New Nouns:

  • Bolt: The word representing the properties of the lightning bolt.


  1. An object can move text without having the push property.
  2. Remember that Baba is not melt even though the skulls are hot.
  3. You are going to need to time this level so you are in a certain area before the bolt is.
  4. New(ish) mechanic: Remember that you can wait in one spot without moving.

Level 10: Wireless Connection
New Nouns:

  • Bog: The word representing the properties of Shrek’s swamp the green goo.


  1. You have a limited amount of text to play with but everything will work out if you choose the right text.
  2. You can’t bring the text to the other side, but what can?
  3. You don’t need both the robot and cog moving at the same time. Remember when they don’t have the move property they stand where they moved last.

Level 11: Prison
I do have to say that I ended up searching up how to do this level… Take your time with this one and maybe skip it and come back later if you can’t figure it out.

  1. There’s no way to win other than breaking “wall is stop.” But how would you do that when it’s next to a wall that is stop.
  2. Words can pa*s through Keke while they have no properties.
  3. Text will still be on top of Keke when you give them properties.

Extra 1: Boiling River

  1. To win this level you need to float over the river but walk under the skulls. But that isn’t possible if the property is on the other side of the river.
  2. Pay attention to the locations of both Baba properties. Is there a way you could get one of them to freely move around?
  3. The game won’t end if the you property is attached to another object before it is broken with another.

LExtra 2: …Bridges?

  1. The name of the level is a hint itself.
  2. This level isn’t actually about making a bridge anymore.
  3. You don’t need to mess with the floating and unfloating of objects to win the level.
  4. The thing you actually need from the other side of the river is text.

Extra 3: Tiny Isle

  1. You can complete this level by playing as 2 objects.
  2. You don’t actually need to get the word win out of the isle.
  3. Remember that two properties can be attached to one noun using a transition word.

Extra 4: Dim Signal

  1. At least one object has to make a trip to the win condition and back to make this level work.
  2. You have a few extra words. What could you use those for?
  3. Group the words you need on your side and the words you need for the win condition. Count the extra words and see if you can find a use for them.

Extra 5: Dungeon
Same premise as level 11.

  1. Words still go through Keke when “Keke is you.”

Extra 6: Evaporating River
Same premise as level 11.

  1. You’re gonna have to sink two things.
  2. You need to get the cog over the river.

Nice you finished the area
I’m running out of wo

3. Temple Ruins

I expected this area to be yellow not green lol.
Guide with hints on how to approach levels - Baba Is You - 3. Temple Ruins - 4265F7BAB

Level 01:
New Properties:

  • Weak: Objects with this property will break when they make contact with another object (not including text).


  1. Weak objects will break on contact without breaking the other object that isn’t weak. Basically a reusable sink.
  2. Baba can break anything in its path now.

Level 02: Tunnel Vision
New Properties:

  • Has: When an object with a has property dies, it leaves behind the noun that has is attached to (ex. Baba has rock. When Baba dies Baba leaves behind a rock).


  1. You have two objects but 3 tiles of water to destroy. Is there another way to get a third object.
  2. Any noun can have another noun.

Level 03: A Present For You
Awww for me?? So sweet :]

  1. One object can’t go through the water and another one can.
  2. You need two words from the other side to win this level. The rest is just finding the right combination.

Level 04: Unreachable Shores
The solution to this level kinda feels like cheating the game a bit but its intentional.

  1. Keke really doesn’t do much this level but they are still very important.
  2. You can’t pa*s through to the rule room with a love at the door. How can you bypa*s this?
  3. You can cross the river as one object without needing to change the rules.

New Nouns:

New Properties:



Written by Heliacopterr

I hope you enjoy the Guide with hints on how to approach levels – Baba Is You guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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