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Guilds & Leagues – Lazy Galaxy 2 1 -

A list of upgrades available from each Guild and League.


WARNING: This guide contains spoilers. I mainly made it cause I always forget which Guild/League I want after each ascension.
Feel free to comment if you want to fill in the gaps.

Guilds ———-

Scavenger: Unlocks powerful upgrades focused on asteroid destruction and active play.
Scientist: Unlocks medium upgrades focused on Strange Asteroids and semi-idle play.

Trader: Unlocks weaker upgrades focused on pa*sive production and idle play.

Guild: Scavenger

2Scavenger+1% Metal production for every asteroid click in the last minute
2Asteroid GeologyClicking asteroids now also gives +20% of Experience produced per second
3Gravity ThrustersAsteroids give +10% of your Metal production per second
4ShineMetallic Asteroids are 100% stronger. Momentum Asteroids are 100% stronger
5Momentum Missiles+4% Metal production per Asteroid click in the last 60s
6Chain Reaction MiningAsteroids give +50% of your Metal production per second
7Natural Fuel TanksAsteroids give +20% of your Fuel production per second
8Harvest SeasonAsteroids give +10% of your Metal production per second, per Asteroid Harvester in the base
9Space Larceny?
10Ultimate Scavenging?


Guild: Scientist

2No lollygagging+50% all production if you have done anything in the last 10 minutes.
3Residue Strangeness+1% to All Production per Strange Asteroid destroyed, up to 100%
4Lunch Boxes from Outer SpaceGain a Lunchbox whenever you activate a Strange Asteroid while under the effect of another
5Experts of the StrangeScanner reconfiguration takes +60 fewer seconds
6Strange Navigation0.5% base chance of finding Strange Asteroids
7The Scientific MethodResearchers Asteroids are 100% stronger.
Sparkling Asteroids are 100% stronger.
8Strange Strangeness+10% Strange Asteroid effect duration
10Street Smarts?


Guild: Trader

2Traderx1.25 Metal production
2Information EconomyEach level of scanner buildings adds 2% to Experience production
3Energy Side Hustle+0.05% to All Production for each overcapped Energy unit, up to +100%
4Trade Expansion+0.05% to All Production for each overcapped Energy unit, up to +100%
50% All Production while idle
5Metal Coalescence+25% Particle Generator production
6Multiverse AsteroidsGain +5m of your resource production whenever you miss a Strange Asteroid
7Long-Term Investments1.25x all production if you’ve joined the Trader Guild last ascension
8ApotheosisEffulgent Asteroids are +50% stronger
9Late-Stage Capitalism1.1x Fuel production
+1% Fuel production per Achievement
+1% Fuel production per Synergy
+1% Fuel production per building owned
+1% Fuel production per Asteroid click in the last 60s
10Traditional Markets?


Leagues ———-

Ruffian – Unlocks upgrades focused on damage and quickly destroying your enemies.
Schemist – Unlocks upgrades focused on special abilities and an involved approach to combat.
Sentinel – Unlocks upgrades focused on defense and healing.

League: Ruffian

5Ruffian5% chance of dealing critical hits
6Anger+50% Damage for a fight if the previous one was completed in less than 10s
7Acid Debris+20% Damage to each ship in the fleet when a non-drone ally is deafeated
8Ridicule+100% Damage at Full HP
9Big Boom Boom Technology?


League: Schemist

5SchemistAbility cooldown -25%
5Endless FuryGecko ships gain +10% chance of 3x damage (@note: basically +20% damage)
6Hero SyndromeShips gain +50% damage if there are no more ships of their type in the fleet.
Ships gain +50% health if there are no more ships of their type in the fleet.
7Fake CompetenceDeployed ships gain +10% health per ship type in their fleet
8Energy ChannelingShips gain Shielded for 3s when they use their ability
9First Lizard Shooter?


League: Sentinel

5SentinelShips heal 1% of their health every 5 seconds
5Energy BurstsShips gain Shielded for 1s when a non-drone ally dies
6Holographic StealthShips gain +20% to dodge hits when at full health
7Zombie Ships1.25x Ship Health
8Rapid Movement+25% Healing after battles
9banana+50% Healing
10Stealth Shields?


Written by darkly77

This is all we can share for Guilds & Leagues – Lazy Galaxy 2 for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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