Gunner Rifle Burst – Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Gunner Rifle Burst – Aliens: Fireteam Elite 1 -
Gunner Rifle Burst – Aliens: Fireteam Elite 1 -

Have you ever wished to be a Chad, alien-killing gunner wearing amazing pants? Look no further! This is the place.

The Skills

Controlled bursts[/b][/u], along with Let's Rock are the heart of this build.
Almost all buffs work in an additive fashion. This means you get diminishing returns for each stat you gain. If you want maximum DPS/efficiency, it's almost always a good idea balance your stats on the skill) and gun (.
Demo Rifle training. Doc Rifle Training allows you to increase mag size and get almost the exact same DPS. However, we don’t need the accuracy so I prefer maximum ammo and Demo Training. Doc's RoF perk allows you to enhance your rifle DPS by taking both the gunner mastery and recon perks. The Doc perk does not give 10% RoF and is bugged. It is simple to remove the Doc perk.
Quickload Interlink On Overclock gives us (mostly of the time – however, this is also a bugged and doesn't always give a free recharge). However, it gives our allies an extra 50% reload speed boost, allowing them to use Overclock much more effectively. If you aren't going solo/with bots, this should be taken. I only say most likely because of a bug. If the bug didn't exist, there would not be any reason to take this.
Stopwatch gives 20% RoF to all your guns, 10% reload them (20% of Overclock gives 100% RoF, 50% reload), while your ability is charging.
Targets Acquired greatly reduces CD while you're at max stacks. (30% and). Both abilities are affected. Very strong while in combat. This effect can be replaced with a 20% CD boost from Overclock.
Focus Fire– This multiplies enemy damage, not your gun.
incendiary burst Reduces damage and range of the Grenade. It is also fast to cast and will stutter any enemies caught up in the explosion. This includes Drones, Elites, and Drones. It also decreased the Cooldown from 20 seconds to allow you to use it frequently with Targets acquired.
Gunner Rifle Burst - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - The Skills: - DDC336E

The Rifle

This is the most essential tool in your entire kit. Our entire gunner revolves around it.
The SokolA is my Rifle-of-choice, I will explain.

The Negatives

Gruppa performs more DPS, especially when you are not hitting Weak points (WPs) Gruppa also resets all your Burst benefits automatically after every shot, which means there is no need reset the trigger (right mouse click) every 4-shots to continue gaining our accuracy, stability, and speed.

The Positives

Sokol with this build can 2 shot head shot runners on insane, without any Stay on target piles built up (at 310% damage WP). This means that you can instantly clear small groups Runners, even at the hardest setting.
The Tanker muzzle is a stun that will disable any opponent for a short period. This will allow you to produce huge DPS and allow you to make quick WP hits to maximize the damage. This muzzle also allows you to save your allies if an extraterrestrial captures them. This versatility suits the brute power the gunner brings to bear with the rifle.
This can be exchanged for the Counter Balance Break, which will give you a little more maximum DPS. You will probably want to take another WP perk, so that we can continue to shoot 2 shotting runners without building up stacks.
Focus Fire buildup and Stay on Target will give us nearly 10,000 sustained DPS. This a*sumes we can hold onto a weak point when Overclock kicks in. We can start this at very far ranges, with a stun that slows down enemies, so we can wipe out spitters and other specials before they can do any damage. This allows us severely injure Elites before even they can get close.
Gunner Rifle Burst - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - The Rifle - 5BA048D


Gruppa is a solid auto-burst gun, and it's definitely the best choice in DPS.
The Kramer. This build is not recommended for those who don't enjoy the burst/sniper weapon style. However, the Kramer's RoF means that I can trigger reset without any interruption in RoF. So it is definitely worth a try.
Gunner Rifle Burst - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - The Rifle - BDA432D
Gunner Rifle Burst - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - The Rifle - E29F57A

The Shotgun

Type 76

Shotguns are the best guns for DPS, even if they don't take into account WP damage. Our primary tool becomes weak only when enemies get very close or at odd angles.
Type 76 has the largest magazine size, and the fastest reload speeds. This will make it the best DPS mainly when we use it during Overclock. And, because it is automatic, it also receives all the perks.
This isn't anything new. However, it is worth noting that although we don't have any perks for shotguns, they will still out DPS our rifles if we are mostly hitting (bodies or the enemy doesn’t possess a WP similar to the Crusher).
To maintain your accuracy, stability, and perks, you'll need to reset your trigger after every four shots. It's important to time it so the mouse button is released just after each shot.
Gunner Rifle Burst - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - The Shotgun - 90725F3


The Scattergun is also eligible for our burst perks. The range is less (but at ranges this matters in, we should primarily be utilizing the Rifle.) however has less accuracy and less DPS, as mentioned. The best thing about it is that it is easy-to-use and the stumble are very good. It does not require you to reset any triggers which might make it easier to use.
Gunner Rifle Burst - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - The Shotgun - 12AFA05

Do you want to make a shotgun

Do you prefer to use a shotgun? Great!
Simply replace Rifle Training with
Technician CQW Training
Gunner CQW Training
Add all the perks you like, and the RoF has the highest DPS outside of Overclock. Magazine Capacity and WP Damage can offer almost the same, or even more, as Overclock. Reload speed is the last as we have plenty built in. However, we get a free Perk that allows us to reload.
Down Range can also be used for shotgun builds. This perks bonus kicks in as soon damage falls off weapons. It is best used on shotgun weapons.


Written by NinjaSloth

I hope you enjoy the Gunner Rifle Burst – Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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