Handbook Guide: Major Pliskhan – Have a Nice Death

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Handbook Guide: Major Pliskhan – Have a Nice Death 1 - steamclue.com

Guide to how to dodge Major Pliskhan’s attacks.


My runs would be ruined if they reached world 3. Major Warren Pliskhan currently is the final boss of the game and is, in my opinion, the most difficult boss. This fight is easier if you know how to dodge his attacks. Phase two will come later.

Moving Tips

I will use a few terms that may not be what most people call them. I will store them here (, and I'll put this in any future Have a Nice Death guides I make).
1. Upperslash
The "upperslash", as I refer to it, is one the most important techniques in dodging. It's simple to perform by doing an upward attack. You can also increase your height by jumping during the upperslash. This is useful if you want to reach higher heights or avoid attacks that completely cover the ground.
2. Air combos
They have both combat and utility. They can also be used for airtime extension. These are useful in preventing lingering attacks and when there isn’t sufficient safe space for landing.


Warren is known as the Sorrow of Modern Warfare. Warren's attacks are military-themed and some of these can be hard to dodge.
All of the attacks that were part of phase 1 will be repeated in phase 2.
Phase 1

  • Fire Pillars Warren: Warren will leap in the air while holding two large missiles in his hands. The reaper's base is (floating, and he will move towards Death at the exact same speed.) speed while simultaneously setting fire to the ground, which intermittently shuts off. This attack has a very small dash window. It takes less than a second for the dash to be executed after the fire has stopped. The best way to avoid this attack is to use a higher upperslash to reach Warren, at the top. Also, an air combo can be used to stay up high. To perform another high upperslash, run to the ground. Rinse and Repeat until the attack ends.
  • Rocket Jockey. Warren will take a giant rocket and send it slowly across the arena. It will drop burning cinders on the ground as it travels. The rocket will reach the end quarter and begin to rise in a parabolic way, before Warren falls from the top of an arena at the opposite end. Stay at the opposite arena and perform an air combo above the falling cinders to avoid any damage.
  • Bomb Jockey Warren hops onto the bomb and bounces through the arena. A simple attack using a simple technique of dodging, dashing towards Warren's position during the peak of his jump, opposite to where he's going, can help him avoid getting caught in a deceptively large blast radius.
  • Little Man Nuclear: Warren walks toward the center of the arena, before summoning a large missile from the ground. If it's allowed to take off, it will destroy the entire arena, inflicting huge damage to Death unless Warren perfectly times a dash. This attack is rarely successful since it is as easy as hitting a missile 4-6x with the scythe.
  • RPG. Warren fires two rockets, four of which are in phase 2, towards his death. Jumping over the rockets can be enough to avoid them. But, if he sends two or more, an air combination should be used.
  • Rocket Barrage – Warren summons two missile silos to the ground. They fire approximately 12 missiles into space, gaining I frames as they fire. The missiles then fall to ground at random locations. In phase 1 he simply moves out of his way. In phase 2, however, he continues with one of several attack options. The Fire Pillars/RPG attacks will be shorter and more difficult to dodge as the rockets limit the air space.

Phase 2

  • Fire Dash – Similar to the Fire Pillars Attack, Warren moves along a course that crosses the arena side-by side, and ends in the middle. The delay between the fireless missiles fluctuates greatly. Here, you can use the same strategies that were used for Flame Pillars but dodging is more viable.
  • Fire Tornado is a similar attack to the Fire Pillars. Warren will follow a path, spinning as fireballs ignite. However, they occasionally shoot out three fireballs at approximately 45% angles on each side. This can make it difficult to dodge Warren's fireballs when he is close to an arena edge.
  • Knives out: This only happens after a Rocket Barrage strike. Warren pulls his knife out, cutting around 10-11 more times as he moves towards Death. Here, it is best to avoid Warren.



  • Warren is a monster in the area denial department. Warren sometimes puts the arena's upper regions out of reach due to the Rocket Barrage, Flame Pillars and other attacks. Warren will only go airborne if absolutely necessary.
  • Warren can easily fill the screen of projectiles with all kinds, so attacking Warren only when he's on an explosive or none are falling out of the sky is a viable strategy. This is slightly more time-consuming, however.


The End

Warren Pliskhan, currently at the end of the game, is a beast in combat. This is where most runs end if you have reached world 4.
The next guide won’t be coming for at minimum a month. I am going to write about the Sorrow of the Natural Disasters. But if the update gets delayed I will make a guide just for Krank.


This is all we can share for Handbook Guide: Major Pliskhan – Have a Nice Death for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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