Handbook Guide: Minions – Have a Nice Death

Handbook Guide: Minions – Have a Nice Death 1 - steamclue.com
Handbook Guide: Minions – Have a Nice Death 1 - steamclue.com

This guide lists all of Death Inc's minions, how they are cla*sified, and some tips for fighting them.


This guide will be a little different. Instead of giving dodging strategies for each enemy individually, I will be grouping them into various cla*ses, explaining what they do and giving tips for each, with some exceptions like Nursurions.
The enemy cla*ses or groups include grunt (range), brute, flying and special.


Grunt cla*s enemies

  • Ghost: Found within the Hall of Eternity and Addictions Department. The flame can be spit out in a short distance.
  • Blobby is a disease found in Industrial Pollution and Physical Illness. Attacks with dashing.
  • Heart Breaker: Found within Physical Illness. Attacks by punching and explodes upon death
  • Smoker: Located in the Addictions Department. Attack by jumping or headbutting.
  • Bombara: Found at Modern Warfare. Attacks using timed explosives with a large blast radius.
  • Waldo Box is located in the Toxic Food-Processing Department. Attacks by biting Death and grabbing him with Mayonnaise, to pull him towards his Box.

Death's journey will take him to the hospital to treat his burnout. These are the most common enemies he will face. Although most enemies in the grunt category are not very intimidating, some have special abilities. Bombaras, in particular, are best dealt with by keeping their distance and using ranged attacks. Because of their low stun resistance it is best to avoid them and rush into melee to attack or use a charging attack to stun.


Enemies of the range cla*s

  • Pyro Ghost: Found within the Hall of Eternity. Attacks Death with a fireball.
  • Splurty can be found in industrial pollution and physical illness. Attacks by shooting blobs oil that is affected by gravity
  • Boomah is a substance that is found in industrial pollution. Attacks by firing an atomic blast that covers horizontally or shooting out nuclear balls that explode after a certain amount of time, or when it hits a non-platform surface.
  • Caderact is a modern warfare invention. Attacks by firing heat seeking missiles that lose their tracking after a time.
  • Hara-Kola: Found at the Toxic Food-Processing Department. Attacks by swinging or stabbing at itself to launch soda bubbles at the price of hp. It releases three bubbles containing soda into the air after death.
  • Sweetart: Found within the Toxic Food-Processing Department. Attacking by slamming the ground with its fist or firing five candy lumps into the air will bring down Death's position.

Right below flying enemies, second on the priority list. The ranged enemies are among the most vulnerable foes but can cause havoc if they aren't controlled. Sweetarts and Hara-Kolas can be included in this category, because they have a very powerful ranged attack. Unless there are flying enemies, ranged enemies must be attacked first. They can usually get stunned with a few hits using the scythe. This works especially well against Sweetarts as their candy mortar is canceled.


Enemies of the brute cla*ses:

  • Spooksmen can be found in the Hall of Eternity as well as the Addictions Department. Attacks by spinning, swinging its hands or spinning.
  • Petroll is found in Industrial Pollution and Physical Illness. Attacks by stretching its arms out and can sprint away from Death if he is too close.
  • Nursurion can be found in Physical Illness or the Addictions Department. Attacks by teleporting behind Death, stabbing him with syringes, or swinging syringes if Death is within melee distance. They prefer teleporting.
  • Imposter: Found in Addictions Department. Attacks by striking twice with its hammer or punching in all three directions.
  • Veteran: Found at Modern Warfare. Attacks can be made by slamming the barrel or using the shield to block it.
  • Modern Warfare's Roaster. Attacks are made by using an uppercut or spreading fire over a large surface.
  • Burgeww: Found within the Toxic-Food-Processing Division. Attacks by spitting the contents of a tomato after it has traveled a certain distance. The tomato will then fly into the air and land on the ground. Burgewws can eat their comrades to increase their damage and regenerate their health.

Brute cla*s enemies don't pose a danger to you, except for Nursurions. They don't care if Death is attacking, and Roasters can cover a large territory with their flame. Brute enemies are most dangerous in tight spaces or corners because their high hp can keep the attackers at bay for longer periods. High-degrading or charge attacks, or stun or kill them, are the best methods to defeat them.


Enemies of the flying cla*s

  • Crow: Found within the Hall of Eternity. Attacks by charging at the Death
  • Flying Book: Found in Hall of Eternity. Attacks by shooting a piece of paper plane.
  • Stormy: Found as an industrial pollutant. Attacks are made by firing four projectiles at the enemy in an X pattern.
  • Seaglue: Found in Industrial Pollution. Three globs horizontally moving downwards-moving oil are used to attack.
  • Bombaron is a weapon of modern warfare. Attacks can be made by dropping bombs or firing machine gun.
  • Bubbaboom can be found in the Toxic Food-Processing Department. Attacks by falling from above Death and slows Death when he is too close to it.

Top priority enemies are those that are more out of range than ranged enemies. They can easily fill the arena full of projectiles and are therefore considered to be the most dangerous. They have the lowest stun resistence and can be stunned by fewer hits than range-cla*s enemies. They will generally move lower to the ground when Death is low enough. This aids in taking them out. For these enemies, it is best to have homing and vertical reach.


Enemies in a special cla*s

  • Ulcermonners: Found in Physical Illness. Summons Blobbies or Splurties
  • Floplexil: It is found in Physical Illness as well as the Addictions Department. There are three varieties: a white grunt type variant, a yellow-range cla*s variant, and one that is winged. The white Floplexils attack with a biting attack on Death. The yellow and yellow Floplexils attack by spitting a poisonous clouds, with the winged ones shooting upwards and the winged ones shooting horizontally.
  • Sullied: Found within the Addictions Department or Modern Warfare. Temporarily protects all enemies nearby from damage, but cannot target it.

Special cla*s enemies include enemies with unique characteristics. Ulcermonners summon opponents, Sullied shields enemies, and Floplexils all have three variants of the same enemy type, but they are still cla*sified as the same type. Sullied, Ulcermonners, and Sullied are high priority targets. They can increase how many attacks it takes to clear an area. They will not resist any attack. Floplexils can also be dealt with using the same methods that other enemies of their cla*s.

The End

We are at the end of the guide. However, I will continue updating it as I receive more updates, such updates on Natural Disasters and Work Accidents.


Here we come to an end for the Handbook Guide: Minions – Have a Nice Death guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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