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How to play Obese Gun Man from Team Fort 2 – A guide that explains self-defense situations that you will face as the Obese Gun Man.

Obese man team fort 2 (simplified game plan)

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Pros of the Cla*s

Heavy is a powerhouse, he’s build to endure and dish out DPS at short and medium ranges.
The Heavy’s best perk is his 300 HP, however this comes with a cost. As the heavy, you are not only the highest HP cla*s but also the slowest cla*s in the game. Due to this it’s very easy to get caught in a bad spot. It’s not only important but crucial for a heavy to have a good sense of his surroundings.
Main advantages of a Heavy:

  • Heavies are great “fat flanks”, while scouts have an easier time flanking, they deal less damage overall. A heavy that decides to flank at the right time and place can very easily net himself a couple of kills.
  • Heavies and Medics are a match made in Heaven. Heavies are able to dish out the highest DPS of any cla*s, they are however also a high-priority target that is easy to pick off by Snipers and Spies.
  • Heavy’s “Sandwish” secondary is able to let him stay in combat without falling back to find a health-pack.
  • Heavies are persistent Objective cappers. Due to the Heavy’s Health and Movement Speed, Heavies thrive for capturing objectives.
  • Heavies are a team’s bread and butter Frontline, they are able to aid engineers, snipers by giving them protection (which in return give the Heavy a backbone to rely on).
  • Heavies are a priority target, which gives your Scouts and Spies opportunities to flank and kill while the enemy is too distracted facing you.


Cons of the Cla*s

The Heavy is a slow cla*s, not only due to his movement speed but also due to his Minigun rev-up time. This is his main drawback, in order to do well as the Heavy you need to understand how to think a step ahead.
The Heavies cons are as it follows:

  • High Priority Target. A con and a pro in it’s self. If there is a competent Sniper, you will have to avoid Sniper hotspots. If there is a competent spy on the other team, you will have to constantly watch your back. These will without a doubt not only annoy you but make you play worse.
  • Punished by death the most. Other cla*ses like the Pyro, Medic, Scout can very easily just ran back to the fray. The Heavy relies either on the Engineer or the “Glovery of Running Urgently” to get back to the fray. The Heavy’s biggest Pro is his persistence, dying constantly as a Heavy means running back to the fray which in turn means wasting a Player Slot.
  • Limited Viable Options. Shotgun or Sandwich? Stock Minigun or Tomislav? There aren’t that many viable options for the Heavy, although you can run the Bra*s Beast or the Huo-Long Heater, it’s usually not recommended, it requires a lot of work and understanding to get every weapon to work.
  • Bad Map locations, in the open the Heavy is a sitting duck, he can only dish out damage at close ranges. However, inside tight buildings he can very easily get overwhelmed by Demomen and Soldiers spamming AoE splash damage.
  • Requires the element of Surprise to get kills. The Heavy is a Powerhouse that’s primarily used as a Slow-push or as a defensive cla*s. Due to his limited kit he can be very predictive and for this reason very easy to avoid for an experienced player.


Heavy’s Counters


  • The Sniper. You will not live, you will not breathe, you will not have fun. A competent Sniper will completely lock down an area making it useless for you to advance. At this point consider switching Cla*s or keep playing Heavy in hopes he dies one day. A Huntsman Sniper on the other hand is very easy to bait, simply crouch the moment you hear him firing an arrow.


  • The Spy. Even with good awareness a Spy will be a nuisance. You will constantly turn, you will constantly check. And even though you won’t get backstabbed by having good awareness it will still mean you will focus less on the enemy team to make sure you don’t get backstabbed. With that said, good spy players will wait out for you to get attacked by an enemy and go in for a stab, you can turn around and kill the Spy but get killed by the enemy, or you can kill the enemy and get stabbed by the Spy. A very tricky matchup but usually easy due to few good Spy players playing in TF2.


  • The Demoman. Due to his splash damage, this makes him dish out very good DPS, a very dangerous cla*s to you as he’s able to capitalize on your slow movement speed. The Demoman often relies on his allies to back him up. Demomen usually love the high-grounds as they’re able to rain stickies down you. Your best bet is to catch him off-Guard in close quarters without any corners. Demomen can lockdown areas with sticky traps and can easily kill you with three Pipeshots, beware.
  • The Soldier. Same as the Demoman, uses splash damage and has good DPS. Unlike the Demoman however, a Soldier is very mobile thanks to his rocker jumping. The Soldier performs best at close to medium ranges. Force him to a close range without any corners in them, preferably in a tight room so he won’t be able to rocket jump away. Soldiers can Hard-counter you with Direct Hits, beware of them.
  • The Scout. Very fast, very fragile. Scouts can capitalize on the map as you are way too slow to chase them around. Don’t get yourself in situations where scouts can use walls and corners, they will peek, meatshot you and run back to the corner, they’ll keep repeating this Hit-and-Run tactic until you die.
  • The Heavy. A game of who sees who revved up first. Keep in mind! Miniguns and their differences play an important role. For example if you rev up with the Bra*s Beast first, you will win all Heavy duels. A Minigun has superior DPS in close quarters, so you will always win against a Tomislav Heavy a*suming you catch him offguard. It is believed that the Natascha loses against all the Miniguns, but in truth the Natascha with it’s 20% damage reduction at 150 HP and below let’s it compete neck-to-neck with the Stock Minigun. Miniguns play an important role in who will win. But it’s mostly determined at which Heavy can aim better, position better and flank better.
  • The Engineer. All it takes is one Medic, one good uber and his Sentry nest is gone. With that said, it will be hard to pull off if the spot the Engineer chooses counters the Heavy’s playstyle. In any case, the Heavy is only a good Nest-destroyer in short-medium ranges. Cla*ses like the Soldier and the Demoman are able to deal ma*sive bursts of damage to sentry guns even at long ranges.


  • The Medic. Your best friend and your best enemy too. The Medic is the best at healing, if you catch a Medic off-guard you can easily kill him. Take caution as the vast majority of Medics run the Ubersaw and will try to close the gap between you in desperation and in hopes that they get a Crit.
  • The Pyro. Even with their notorious combinations (Reserve Shooter + Degreaser), they’re no match to you. The Pyros are only strong with the element of surprise, without it they’re statistically weaker to you. Pre-rev your minigun if you suspect a nearby Pyro and gun him down. This is a game of who sees who first with their pants down. They can at best be annoying with the Scorch Shot. Beware of the Phlog Pyros and Backburner Pyros and you’ll be fine.


Heavy Mentality

You are both incredibly hard and easy to kill. This will all depend on how you play, how you interact with your team and map. With that said, there are maps where the Heavy will exceed at and maps in which he’ll have a harder time.
On Game-modes like Attack/Defense or Payload. Heavy plays roughly the same with the exception that there is no longer a cart to push and that there are now multiple points to capture, for convenience sake I’ll keep this part focused on Payload. If playing on the offense team, try to see if your team has a medic, if so you can use that to your advantage and do an Uber push. If not, then you can still be effective without one.
Spawncamping is a common strategy and will be used on both Attack/Defense and Payload maps, your primary goal with your team is to get out of the spawn. This will be the hardest thing to do depending on the enemy team. Utilize the fact that you will have a quick respawn time and are right in front of the cart. The defending team will always have a longer respawn time (depending on map, for most it will be longer), and it will take them much longer to get to the cart as well. Since you’re slow and since the cart is near the spawn, you can very easily use this to your advantage. Try to either catch someone off guard and s*rip their HP away at close range, or play around the cart doing chip damage from medium to far ranges.
Once you get out of the Spawn and push the cart through the first point, it’s mostly going to be smooth sailing dealing DPS and killing enemies. It’s important to avoid Sniper sightlines and Spies throughout the entire process.
There will be a point, however, where a chokepoint will be presented, chokepoints are incredibly good for holding off as the defending team, thanks to great Sentry placement options and Demoman and Soldier splash damage spamming. At this rate your only hope is to see if you can flank the Demomen and Soldier, destroy the Sentry nests and brute force through the enemies before pushing the cart. Easiest and most efficient way is by using a Medic uber, and since most of the best chokepoints are around the last cap, it should win you games.
If playing on the defending team, then it’s a lot more important to hold chokepoints while revved up, to play more pa*sively. Charging head-first to a room that’s potentially filled with attackers is not always a wise idea. Only play aggressively on defending team if there’s a Teleporter at the attacker’s Sentry Nest, preferably with an Uber.
What to focus on

  • Focus on Capturing. If there’s a cart to be pushed, crouch jump on top of it and rev up your minigun. Once you reach a point where that can no longer be done due to enemies defending the cart. You should begin forward-thinking about possible ways to kill them.
  • Guard your Medics, give your Lunchboxes to them if they’re low. Help them help you. A dead medic can’t heal, so becoming better at protecting Medics greatly boosts your team’s chance at winning. Simple.
  • SURPRISE THE ENEMY, jump rev around the corners! You don’t lose momentum while you’re jumping, rev up as you jump to get an edge on your opponents.
  • Don’t underestimate your melee. You can bait enemies into thinking you’re low on health, whip out the Gloves of Running Urgently, run to a corner, and as you’re getting chased by an enemy run back into them and beg for a crit. You should only use this in desperation as a last ditch effort.
  • Play around with all miniguns, secondaries and melee options. Get a feel of it, understand what works and what doesn’t work. Every map has a certain weapon in which it works well in, even the ones that are considered “bad”.
  • Slow pushing. Heavies are great pushers albeit slow, they aren’t as dynamic or as quick as say demomen or soldiers. While pushing, understand your threats. Avoid sniper hotspots, watch out for spies. Understand your priorities, do you shoot down the Pyro close to you? Or do you shoot down the Soldier firing rockets at medium range first? In case it isn’t obvious, you take down the cla*ses closest to you. Your main way of dealing damage is through the close range, make full use of it and force enemies into that preferred range if possible.


Heavy’s Primaries:

Stock Minigun – The “balanced” option of a minigun. It can be used both defensively or aggressively. Like all the other weapons in Heavy’s arsenal it is a Hitscan weapon, so practice your tracking aim and flick aiming. It deals roughly about 500 DPS. Jump Revving is very good with this Minigun.
Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Primaries: - 38DB2015C
The Tomislav – The “Aggressive” choice of a minigun. It can still be used both defensively or aggressively however, but it has been tweaked to fit the more aggressive play-style. The Tomislav has interesting stats, I would debate to say that it is overpowered to a small degree. It only has one downside, a -20% slower firing speed. TF2 was never a game about DPS but rather a game of Burst Damage. Despite lowering the DPS of the Tomislav, The Tomislav is 20% more accurate which means it can compete head to head with the Stock Minigun in terms of mid-range damage. So as long as you’re not engaging heavies with the stock-Minigun in close quarters you will be able to compete with them. The real kicker is that it’s the only Minigun with a silent Rev, which means that this is the best Minigun to use to play as “fat flank” or to surprise your enemies. It comes with a +20% faster spin-up time which means you will also rev-up faster than most heavies, which in turns means that you will begin dealing damage much sooner than the heavies you’re up against. Jump Revving with this minigun is superb.
Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Primaries: - A184DBC14
The Bra*s Beast – The “Defensive” choice of a Minigun. It doesn’t perform the best as an aggressive minigun, but it seems to perform very well as a defensive choice. With that said, it is still possible to use the Bra*s Beast offensively, but you will need to think an extra step or two as you’re essentially almost-still while revved up. Revving up 50% slower which will hinder your mobility, which is the Heavy’s biggest downside. One thing to note about this minigun is it’s 20% damage reduction while at 150 HP or below, this 20% Damage Reduction will also be triggered on a fully charged Headshot which means you’re able to survive with a fraction of your health. The Bra*s Beast’s biggest upside is it’s +20% damage, thanks to the 20% Damage Reduction and +20% Damage, you are the strongest Heavy while revved up. Not recommended for beginners as this Minigun has a steeper learning curve from the rest, it is still definitely a good minigun. Jump Revving is the worst with this minigun, just barely usable.
Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Primaries: - 3D328C92C
The Natascha – The “Defensive” choice of the Minigun. Performs well both offensively and defensively. Best used defensively however. The choice of many Heavies that wish to hard-counter Soldiers, Demoknights, Scouts. Unfortunately the Minigun has a bug where players are able to spam keys “A” and “D” to nullify the effects of the slow, making it weaker against players who are aware of this bug. With that said, most players won’t use it, so you’re free to rely on that slow for most situations. Despite it’s -25% Damage, the slowing effect this MInigun has to offer makes your enemies easier to hit for you and your allies. Like the Bra*s Beast this Minigun makes you “tankier”, you get a 20% Damage reduction which makes you harder to kill. The -30% Slower Spin-up time isn’t as much of a problem as one would think thanks to the 20% Damage reduction. Jump Revving with this minigun works fine, you should start shooting just shortly after you land rather than mid-air with the Tomislav.
Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Primaries: - 338CA31A6
Huo-Long Heater – The Derpiest Minigun choice. It can be used both offensively and defensively. The most unique Minigun as it promotes a more “a*sa*sin” Heavy play-style. Assuming you can jump in front of enemies, rev up, and light them on fire, you are able to get a +15% Damage bonus and afterburn damage. The downsides of this Minigun is that it drains ammo pretty fast as it’s revved up and that it’ has a noticeable -10% Damage. I personally like this Minigun, one major issue with it is that you can’t see well below you, which makes shooting under your ring of fire very annoying. A common belief is that this counters spies, which it doesn’t, spies can very easily just jump over the ring and backstab you anyways. Can Rev Jump just fine as the Stock Minigun.
Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Primaries: - C8652EE0C
Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Primaries: - F57FE7E26

Heavy’s Secondaries:

  • The Second Banana – The Best Secondary Lunchbox item for the Heavy. It has a fast recharge time and heals you for 200 HP. When dropped it becomes a Small Health Pack. Always use this unless you have a Medic Girlfriend.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Secondaries: - 2AD997CF6
  • Shotgun – Why use it when the Minigun will always outperform it in close ranges? You can fatscout with it, it’s fun, but you’re essentially gimping yourself without the Lunchbox items. Movement speed is a bad downside, and having to move your fata*s around the map to find health boxes is not the smartest way to play Heavy.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Secondaries: - 9E1EE43FF
  • Sandwich – The Second Best Lunchbox for the Heavy. Not a fast recharge rate but will heal you for 300 HP. Always use it if you have a Medic, unlike the Second Banana it will give them a Medium Health Pack rather than the Small Health Pack.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Secondaries: - D50B6E7E1
  • Dalokohs Bar – Very fast recharge rate, only heals 100 HP. When eating it it will give you a temporary 50 Health to your 300 Health, effectively giving you 350 HP after use. only use this one if you wish to use the Bra*s Beast and Natascha’s 20% Damage Reduction at 175 HP or below.

    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Secondaries: - 840484CFF

  • Panic Attack – A very good sidegrade to the Shotgun, but sadly it doesn’t shine nearly as it does with the Pyro, Engineer or Soldier. After all, lunchboxes are just better.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Secondaries: - B19DA4119
  • Family Business – Very good sidegrade, arguebly the strongest Shotgun secondary in the game, still, a shotgun. Use this if you wish to become a competitive fat-scout.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Secondaries: - 1883971DE
  • Buffalo Steak Sandvich – Great roll-out item as it gives you 30% movement speed, lasts 16 seconds though so you should get a feel for it. You have -20% damage reduction and can only use melee weapons within those 16 seconds however, making you less tanky after consumption. Like the Sandwich it’s a good choice for medics as you’re able to give them a medium health pack.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Secondaries: - B97290EAB


Heavy’s Melees:

  • Gloves of Running Urgently. Even after the nerf it is one of the best melee options to run on Heavy. Anything that is able to nullify the hinderance that is his movement speed is a good thing. Use this on larger maps where running from Objective to Objective is mandatory. Can always be used for retreats too, very good option for closing the gap and melee hitting enemies too. Keep an eye out on the health drain and you’ll be fine.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Melees: - BBCEF3F3F
  • Fists of Steel. Gives you 40% Damage reduction while using it, it will also make you take 100% more melee damage. Makes weapons slower to equip after use but this can easily be bypa*sed by switching to the secondary then to the primary, this way we cancel out the slower equip speed. The same rule applies if you wish to swap to your secondary weapon rather than to your primary. You can use the Fists of Steel to bait enemies to your close range as they’ll attempt to hit you with their melee weapon for that 100% damage boost. It’s primary function, however, is making a retreat in unwanted situations (for example instead of dying in a fight you can’t win, simply whip out your FoS and run away).
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Melees: - 3738DDE57
  • Fists. The most boring option, the main reason weapons such as the GRU and FoS are recommended is because they offer UTILITY. Using melee weapon is usually no-go on Heavy.

    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Melees: - E70F61A7B

  • Killing Gloves of Boxing. A direct upgrade to the Fists, it’s a High risk / High Reward weapon. If you happen to get a kill with it, it’s usually best to pair it with the Tomislav or the Shotguns to make the most of it.

    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Melees: - C9FA8B47B

  • Warrior’s Spirit. Strips away the tanky side of the Heavy for dealing more Melee damage, a bad choice and should only be used in a meme loadout.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Melees: - 4785FB0E9
  • Eviction Notice. Prior to the nerf, it was used for meme loadouts and it worked just fine, after the nerf it became the worst melee option for the Heavy, no one uses it for good reasons. In theory it should work fine as when you punch someone you gain a speed boost, unfortunately your health degrades rather quick while using this and it makes no sense to use it in prolonged melee fights.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Melees: - FF09027CB
  • Holiday Punch. Despite it being released as a joke weapon, this weapon can make a big difference should you crit an ubered enemy, causing them to laugh and waste uber. Overall you can always hit enemies in the back and Taunt kill them, perfectly fine option for the Heavy.
    Heavy for Dummies - Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Melees: - E728C1F48


Heavy terminology and Slangs

Medic GF – Someone who will keep healing one person and only one person. Since Medic players lack testosterone it has been concluded that Medics are mostly women and scummy femboys.
birb – A rare Heavy sub-species to the “Hoovy”. Acts the same way with the only difference being that they have a Bird-head.
Hoovy – A heavy who’s decided to become friendly. They pose no threat and will give you sandviches in return. Feel free to kill them if you want to up your score, or keep them alive as a food dispenser.
Pootis – The “funniest” thing you’ll hear in your entire life, derives from the quote “Put Dispenser here!”.
Fatscout – Throwing away your minigun and only sticking to your shotgun. Works surprisingly well on koth_nucleus.
Jump Revving – Revving up while jumping, it is usually implied that one will use it to check corners.
Fat Flank – A Heavy who picks up the role as “flank”.
Frontline – Where almost all of the fights will occur, Heavies work best as Frontlines due to their high health.
Tossing – Being able to successfully give your team-mates Lunchbox items, hence the name “tossing”.
Braindead – To describe a teammate as “braindead”, someone who can not think once in their life. In Heavy terms, to describe a Heavy player with no gamesense, easily backstabbed or headshotted.
Sentry on Cart – Describes a heavy, usually with the Bra*s Beast, who refuses to get off the Cart. Usually wins games too.
Level Two Sentry – A Heavy currently revved up with the Bra*s Beast who refuses to switch spots.
Level Three Sentry – A Heavy revved up with the Bra*s beast with a Soldier besides him running the Beggar’s Bazooka.
Big Joey – Used to describe a Heavy player (usually running the Tomislav) who happens to be loud, obnoxious. Hence “Big Joey”. Peak Redditor and attention seeker.
Cool Homos*xual – Used to describe a Medic that does an incredibly good job at Medic.

Written by Pschye

Here we come to an end for the Heavy for Dummies – Team Fortress 2 guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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