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High Elf Tips for my Brother – Total War: WARHAMMER III 1 - steamclue.com

My brother plays High Elves. It has occurred to him that they are not the easiest to play (. Taurox is the opposite, for whom curves are mere suggestions). However, it is possible that someone else might also listen to this, which is more then I've did when giving advice.


My brother plays High Elves. It has occurred to him that they are not the easiest to play (. Taurox is the opposite, to whom curves can only be suggestions). However, it is possible that someone else might also listen, which would be more than I have ever done with advice.
I'll start by giving a guide on what you should do, then discuss how the mechanics can be used effectively, before offering specific tips and closing with a look at their gameplay. big fancy guys Legendary Lords
You could also try Skarbrand or Taurox, which are great for thinking.

Start from the beginning

The legendary lords () have different beginnings, but they can be divided into 2 groups: those who begin on Ulthuan ('s big island in the Great Ocean. Based on Thomas More's Utopia.
Tyrion and Alarielle have scramble to expel their unfriendly neighbors and then are more sedate. Teclis Alith Anar and Imrik, on the other hand, don't. They need to send a hero upto Ulthuan so that they can regain contact for trade and confederation.
Either one, you have two concerns early: managing public order PO) (and getting power. The High Elves () have four problems. Their settlements don’t offer PO, their entertainment build gives less than average in return for income, and their hero can only have +PO as an ability in tier 4.
So, build entertainment buildings all over the place. Alarielle has the ability to give +2PO factionwide. Each legendary lord can get all their items for +1PO factionwide. Do not loot, but occupy. Also, you should try to get a source of wine as soon as possible. Trade Advancements) unlocks (, which gives +2PO for all factions. Finally, make sure you enact Rite of Asuryan whenever possible.
This is less important if you have lower difficulties. However, if your PO is 100, you will get 50% more income from the entertainment and industry buildings.
For the second: influence, other than actual magical power, is the magic currency of High Elves. It's what makes the difference between this and other:
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Starting Out - 691612F
You can also see this:
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Starting Out - F624E38
This is the first, where you recruit Lords and Heroes with great traits. The second, where you can manipulate relationships between factions, is helpful in making friends. But, it isn't Total Friendship. The Emba*sy building and outposts will give you enough late game to make it worthwhile. However, early you should keep it to recruit a second lord.
First, you need to build an Elven Garden in your first settlement. This will allow you to obtain a Noble and then send that Noble to secure influence in a settlement. It is also about making use of some less harmful traits of 0-influence. A hero you use only to act as an agent can have -10% resistance.
Back to war. Early game is where you are most likely to be successful, as spearmen and archers can do the job well for their respective types. Use your Lords, Heroes and Heroes to distract the enemy as you shoot them to smithereens. You should replace your spearmen by Lothern Sea Guard as soon you can so that both your backline and frontline can shoot. You will need to bring one Bolt-Thrower (and one Tree Kin) to ensure you don't get held up by walls.
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Starting Out - E4B2867
Don't forget that.
It might be worthwhile to invite an Archmage, even if your caster LL is not available, to take along. This will allow them to put those points elsewhere that they are more useful.
So, the early game issues are now over. Now what?

Boom Time

You can simply say "Go!" Although their worst excesses have been reduced since TWW2, the High Elf economy has been easy to break.
Take a look at the skills tree of a Princess or Prince. Take a look at the skill, 'Dedicated To Mathlann'. Do you see the skill?
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Boom Time - 58D0839
Yes, factionwide. This holds true even if Lord is removed. There is also Merchant Lord, Elven Scholar and others in the blue line.
Your Heros will be able to get Favoured Isha (+1PO the factionwide) and future (+5% trade rates). You can also get Fecund ((+5 Growth)). I'm tired of repeating this trait). Fecund is also available for Loremasters.
Nobles acquire knowledge of Man's affairs
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Boom Time - 013639E
They can also be granted two useful traits: Emollient gives +1PO and conscientious gives +2 Lord/Hero recruit rank. This means you can recruit Lords or Heros with the right skills. Any landmarks that grant global recruit rank are worth a priority. Alithanar can get one in Clar Karond at an early hour, and Alithanar can get one each in Gaean Vale (rank 5) and Lothern (rank 5).
So you've got your economy going. Now what? What now? To increase influence, you should build Emba*sies. You can use heroes to take out enemies of a faction and make them more friendly so that you can form a defensive alliance. Or you can just use your cash. You can also spend Influence on them to improve their relations enough to sign one agreement. If they sign another, it will increase your chances of signing more.
Outposts help solve the second problem: High Elves lack buildings to increase global recruit ability. To increase your global recruitment and -1 turn global recruiting time, try to get Tyrion. Eltharion gives you +1 when you complete your item set. You will need to build recruitment buildings all around the area. Your goal is 1-turn recruitment of Sisters of Avelorn. This is easy and hard for Alarielle.
This brings me to my next topic. The Asur have a varied and interesting roster. Unfortunately, you don’t need all of them. Sisters from Averlorn have AP magic ranged attack and are vicious against everything, especially since magic resistance is only for spells. While opinions differ on the details of your ideal army late game will have enough Heros, frontline, and shields) – I use Lothern (Shields to distract the enemy, then add as many Sisters as possible. Some people will only recommend Sisters. However, it is slower to recruit and the AI has learned to dodge shots so you cannot rely upon melting the enemy before they reach melee.
You can make better armies if your patience allows you to sit down and recruit units for a few rounds.
It is recommended to have an excellent piece of artillery at an outpost to shoot wall towers and siege walls. Four Helstorm Rocket batteries is a great way to make life easier and also more entertaining. While you can add cavalry to deal with enemy artillery however, if only a few melee unit are available, an army's auto-resolve might kill them off. In these cases, I usually use the Lord on the dragon. Bring at least one mage and a Loremaster to heal you if your other magick can't. Also, bring a Noble or Handmaiden for replenishment.
Overall, you should end with armies that can win 2v1 and you won't have the luxury of teleporting armies like Oxyotl, (.

Specific Tips 1

Archmages Metal on a Moon Dragon have 10x the health they currently should. This is not a typo. Rest in RIP.
A Sun Dragon is given to the Lores of Fire Mages. It's the worst of all dragons, but it's still considered a dragon.
Archmages can get Chain Lightning twice per battle at level 10, which seems mildly unfair.
Hand of Glory, High Magic's powerful spell, is even more powerful than its appearance. It can reduce by half the reloading time of Sisters and triggers Shield of Saphery easily.
None of the Lores of Magic have any real value, but one lets you drop comets upon people.
It doesn't matter what you do, you will only find the one that works for you. Even if TWW2 is your favorite, it has rebalanced matters significantly. Searing Doom from Lore of Metal is a good option. It's cheap and does decent harm.
The Lore of Beasts summons a Great Eagle, not a Feral Manticore, to transform Kadon. This is slightly worse.
Sisters can become too precise with high veterancy. They will aim at one spot and then miss if the enemy changes direction.
Channelling Spire currently doesn't wear out properly. This is especially useful in long battles when you only have one spellcaster who can stay at the same place.
Your channelling posture (Lileath’s Blessed) has powerful effects – the +50% SP for spellcasters is also very valuable. There are many ways you can use it. For example, if you start at 150% of the movement range of a settlement and then move 90% in position, you can attack turn 2. However, you've channelled only for a turn.
Ward of Loec (+10% Missile Resistance) are useful, as heroes and lords possess 15% base. The reduction is therefore from 85% up to 75%, which effectively reduces the damage taken by 11.8%.
Archmages get Greater Ward at a 10% Ward Save, which Is just amazing.
Your dragon characters are very vulnerable for missiles.
Characters riding on chariots are great for dodging and baiting missile fire.
Your armies can be ambushed easily, so the Wary' skill will prove helpful. This is doubled if the battle realistic mode is enabled, as you may not have enough time to pivot each unit individually. Avoid adopting a march stance to fight Skaven or Beastmen because they can attack the attack.
Minor Settlement battles should not be difficult for you. Just move slowly, and shoot at enemy towers using your archers (. They have no armor and missile resistance). Finally, use your Lords or Heroes to stop the enemy charging.
This should be the end of the enemy:
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Specific Tips 1 - DA404F6
Walled settlements may be more difficult. However, as long as you have an Artillery Piece or Hammer of Vaul to destroy wall towers and a flying unit for picking up regular towers from the ground, you can accomplish the same.
It's worth including a healing mage into every army. My preferred composition allows your Lords and Heroes the task of tanking. They will be grateful for not dying. A Loremaster equipped with Earthblood is acceptable, but make sure to keep your Heroes nearby so they can all be healed simultaneously.
Don't cast Earth Blood too much; the lore attribute X14Y Lifebloom) can give you more healing by being cast twice at the same cost.
Loremasters are also eligible for this bonus, as they receive twice the Life Leeching reserve.
If you have healing spells available, use them to replenish your single entities. It's only worth it if you can revive multi-entity units.
With the switch to two recruitment slots base plan where you will recruit armies. Use the Rally Civilian Militia commandment from the turn before.
If you recruit a high-ranking lord, they might not get the best mount. This is something you should know BEFORE you go into battle.
It's worth sending your hero to contact Tor Elasor in the Dragon Isles and East of the tip of the Southlands. They are safe to trade, and Ku'gath will not attack you if they are confederated.
Nobles are poor in battle (Great Eagles can be a bit slow) but have very good agent actions.
A Noble can be a strong opponent to an army, a*sa*sinate heroes and warn you if there are four armies running at once.
So they can all be killed at once.
Each region of Ulthuan needs a landmark. Ellyrion, however, is missing one. Nagarythe’s is also not very helpful, as it only offers local bonuses.
Tyrion is strangely eager confederate. Do so because you don't want Tyrion to take the Bloodline of Aenarion. This will keep you from the global recruitment slots.
You will need to plan your conquests because it takes ((compared to)) to raise an army at the front. Breaking pacts can save you the reliability penalty.
Sun Dragons are not very good. They're not difficult targets and they're not great at hunting. Moon Dragons can be very good, while Star Dragons can be better. However, they take three turns to recruit and your Lord will get a Dragon anyway. All dragons are adept at kicking the enemy off walls to their deaths. Style points for doing it to the hero. They don’t die, but they are funny to watch running back inside.
Dragon Princes make good heavy cavalry. However, Silver Helms are only 1-turn recruits and auto-resolve makes them all dead.
Naggarond has a moderate climate. The Dark Elves can send armies to you if they control the northern coast.
Be'la'kor may also send armies at to you so it's worth going and razing Albion. Or even keeping an army there as an attractive target for the Norscans.
Always do the Rite of Vaul. Some of them are very powerful. The Helm of Khaine is a great way to stall out field fights without losing. It doesn't matter if you retreated and marched. But, why would you do that anyway?
Bolt Throwers exist. Bolt throwers are superior artillery for almost any other faction. These can be used instead.
To upgrade outposts, you don’t need a military coalition. This means that you can set up an outpost in minor settlements and then upgrade it rank 3 to gain access to their global recruitment units.
Sea Lanes take -1 Turn to sail for you. It may be worth traveling west to Lustria and Cathay from Ulthuan. It's not the ideal climate, but it is safe.
+Trade tariffs may not be the same as +trade overall. However, it is still more.
Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma is an excellent tool for tracking down fleeing enemies.
The tier 5 dragons-building gives you +1 rank as a lord recruit. This is worth making space for.
Your flying units love flying up and over buildings. This can take time. It's much quicker to circle them.
Seriously, look at this dumba*s!
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Specific Tips 1 - D34DB52
Streltsi are a good fit for your frontline. While Waywatchers work well in your backline, This can be very helpful if your recruitment capacity is limited. Ice Guard can be worn anywhere. Chameleon Skinks do not fit anywhere but are cute.
If you have the hero ability (and the Short Victory) then it's worth recruiting a few more mages to Steal Technology. Three can bring you +90% in research rate at a cost per turn of approximately 2000.

Specific Tips 2

(steam has a limit on the section length)
Corner-camping makes it stupid, un-funny and downright embarra*sing. It works.
High Elf factions' outposts do not provide new units. However, they offer more recruitment slots and Influence.
The -corruption Commandment is very useful. However, once the corruption is gone, it is important to switch to another commandment.
The Northern portion of outer Ulthuan will continue to be under constant attacks from Dark Elves, Norsca, as well as anyone else who decides it is worth their while, so build recruitment and garrison buildings.
Cultural Advancements provides a very useful technology called Maritime Empire. It allows you to see all sea regions. It contacts a bunch of people and allows you to declare war on them. However, on the other hand it lets your see their armies coming and lets you recruit half of their army.
The other technology provides +10% movement range and is always very powerful.
If only to escape from a doomstack.
If you have two turn's notice, you may be able to recruit a few units. Then, place them in ambush position next to the settlement. If the enemy army attempts to land and attack, they will have a chance of being ambushed.
You want them attack, because auto resolution favors settlements enormously. Otherwise, they'll continue looking for vulnerable settlements.
Ma*sively is what I mean when I say it:
High Elf Tips for my Brother - Total War: WARHAMMER III - Specific Tips 2 - 4197BAA
Alarielle is granted a skill that allows her to recruit Sisters of Averlorn members anywhere in the world at a time of -1. This skill is critical and you should take it.
Some LLs may find it difficult to obtain a source medicinal plants. However you can get the Healing Salve Technology under Trade Advancements. This technology provides +5% casualty refreshment. This is especially helpful if you are wandering through Chaos Wastes.
The healing potions are extremely useful. If you don’t have enough, you could swap them around before each battle. This is hilariously ridiculous and I agree wholeheartedly. Why can you drink the same potion more than once?
I am very hasty with the campaign map; be aware if you play more cautiously.
CA pls add Jinetes pls.

The Legendary Lords

Six flavours of Legendary God are available to Asur. None of these Lords get a dinosaur. But they do have some redeeming characteristics.
Alarielle Great faction mechanics. Start is easy, but not great in battle. She doesn’t have a killy or healing spell. A fire mage is recommended to ensure the best results. Kindleflame does not apply to the Sisters.
Tyrion: THE duelist lord. He can beat almost anyone 1v1, and is capable of defeating ma*s infantry as long it's not elite Halberds. He will not die if you give him the Lore of Life mage. His faction buffs, while not very interesting, are also quite good. Start is the easiest. Perhaps it's worth taking a quick journey south to kill Noctilus.
Teclis. A difficult start. The faction traits aren’t very good. Flock of Doom and Vicious in Battle are worth spamming. While he does not require any help to kill his enemy, he appreciates a flyer to stop him getting swarmed. The person who chose the colour scheme for his mounted is clearly colorblind.
Alith Anar: Surrounded of enemies/dead man. This is not the easiest of start but has very powerful mechanics. You can move around freely and the Hand of the Shadow Crown will a*sa*sinate all generals. Get Shadow-walkers which you can use to build an entire army. And you should. He's a ranged Lord, so not very good, but he's competent in a scrap, and can make a duplicate. Did I mention he can use both the ambush and the underway stances.
Imrik He makes up the difference with DRAGONS as well as an ability that heals for 32% of him health, three times per battle. Only one of the lords is allowed to give factionwide buffs if he's not a faction leader. I mean, all of them are, but he's so arsehole, even the other Asur thinks that he's a proud, numpty.
Eltharion Unique mechanics are very powerful and funny, (. If you can't make the time, don’t get beaten to death by a superior army. You must unlock the second slot first before you can access the building that will give you the Mistwalkers. He is not great at fighting or casting in battle and much less agile than you would think. He does give essentially unlimited ammo for the entire army, which is a net positive. This also allows for a very useful construction time of -2 turns for walls.
Gary A: No, it's not the Bastiladon.


In a previous book, I claimed that some Lizardmen's names are puns. However, it has come to my attention that most of the rest are puns written in Dutch. I am deeply sorry for this near-unforgivable error.
Also, the High Elf list is great and worth using; I am just too impatient for three turns to get one.


Written by your friend

This is all we can share for High Elf Tips for my Brother – Total War: WARHAMMER III for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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