How can you easily make gold in eso? – The Elder Scrolls Online

How can you easily make gold in eso? – The Elder Scrolls Online 1 -
How can you easily make gold in eso? – The Elder Scrolls Online 1 -

That’s easy, buy crowns and sell them.
I made over 10.000.000 gold a week by doing nothing special and I want to share with you my secrets that are probably no secrets.

The trading tips

First of all, it is good to have the Tamriel Trade Center addon installed because it shows you the price of the items you want to sell, or if you do not want the addon, use the site – [] , this site can show you the price for different items and where they are.
1. The first way to make money is to make writs. There are some daily missions that you can do on each character on your account, they make you craft certain pieces of armor and have a very high chance of falling yellow material, an expensive crafting material like Dreugh Wax which costs 15k gold each.
2. A second way to make money is to collect materials from the Craglorn map.
Any looted material on this map has a chance to drop your Potent Nirncrux which costs 22k each. But the rest of the materials and flowers you sell will be sold for good money, a stack of 200x Platinum Dust costs 50k gold. Theoretically you can sell any material that you drop.
To make it faster and more materials fall to you, you need 2 pa*sives from the cp system, one is called Master Gatherer which gives you 50% discount of the tie it takes to harvest nodes, and the second is Plentiful Harvest which at maximum power you increase your chance by 50% to drop the materials twice.
3. An easy way for everyone to make recipes in dlc papers, a good recipe can cost 2,000,000 gold, but the price differs, it can fall from 1k gold, 50k and 500k, depending on your luck.
These recipes fall into chests, sacks, bundles, urns, which you can find everywhere in delves, maps, public dungeons, etc.
A pa*sive that can help you charm more easily is Homemaker, you have a 10% chance of dropping a second recipe whenever you already find one.
4. A safe but time consuming way is to invest in the npc of furniture that appears every weekend in Coldharbour, as for example when I post this guide, you can buy “Orsinium Statue, Honor’s Rest”, a statue that costs 25k from this npc, but which in a few months will reach a price of at least 100k each.
If you do not know where to find this npc, write on google Luxury Furnisher and click on the first link.
Of course you can do this with any item, for example event items are cheap during the event but after it pa*ses, they become more expensive because they do not fall into play.
5. If you like pve, you can do trials like veteran Hel Ra Citadel, you can make 12k gold for each run, you will not get rich with this method but at least you will produce something.
6. Sell crowns.
I’m not kidding here, if your pocket allows, you buy an eso + subscription and receive 1650 crowns per month, the price per crown is 1crown = 2,000 gold, so 1650 crowns means 3,300,000 gold (I don’t make the price so don’t skip me in the head, this is the current price for crowns).
7. If you are pa*sionate about pvp, you can collect Tel Var stones from the Imperial City map, with 5,000 Tel Var you can buy a Hakeijo, it costs around 50k gold and sells almost instantly.
7.1. If you still like pvp, you can go to Cyrodiil, look for a book on the floor that shines and shines a green light, it costs 1,500,000 gold, its name is Recipe: Colovian War Torte, but it is very rare to You see, I found one under a tree near Fort Aleswell, but I haven’t found another since, it doesn’t spawn in the same place (it’s very hard to find this recipe).
I hope it helps, I don’t expect anything in return, I saw low level players today who don’t understand how to make money, and they were happy that I gave them 50k gold to teleport. I’m fairly new to steam and this is my first guide.

Written by uzw

This is all we can share for How can you easily make gold in eso? – The Elder Scrolls Online for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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