How I Learned to Stop Farming and Actually Play HELLDIVERS 2

How I Learned to Stop Farming and Actually Play HELLDIVERS 2 1 -
How I Learned to Stop Farming and Actually Play HELLDIVERS 2 1 -

How I Learned to Stop Farming and Actually Play HELLDIVERS 2

Hey friends! I wanted to share a comprehensive guide on how my squad and I have learned to successfully complete the dreaded double-defense and retrieve essential personnel combo operations in HELLDIVERS 2. I know these missions have caused many players to constantly lose planets while stuck in an endless farming loop. But with this refined approach that works for any 3-4 player squad – not just a full team – we’ve found a way more fun, engaging, and yes…rewarding way to play.

First, Get Yourself in a Good Position

To start, it’s crucial not to spawn right on top of the objective point. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, aim for somewhere between the edge of the map and the area you need to defend. This middle-ground positioning lets your squad coordinate better and pull off the key steps I’ll explain below.

Half Distract, Half Rescue

As the mission starts, split your squad into two mini-teams. Have 2-3 players focus on distracting enemies away from the objective, while 1-2 others take on rescuing civilians. The key with civilians is they come in waves of 3 each time you press the button for #16, #17, and #18. Here’s a pro tip: get everyone out of there immediately after hitting the button. This triggers a drop ship to come shortly after, so evacuating prevents it from showing up right on top of you.

Quickly Eliminate Patrols

When your squad returns to the defense point, be ready for a patrol to arrive. You need to take them out within 15-20 seconds, otherwise you risk another pesky drop ship event with tanks attacking. *But* if you already messed up and left, causing enemies to despawn, any tanks and other baddies won’t vanish before that next event. So keep your head on a swivel and don’t let infiltrating bots overwhelm you either.

Rinse and Repeat = Win

The key my friends…is to stick to this cycle: leave to trigger civilian waves, come back, and quickly eliminate patrols within that 15-20-second safe window. It may sound complex at first glance, but it’s really just keeping some key timing in mind while executing the normal defend/rescue strategy. Do this and you’ll get way more rewards than just boring farming, all while actually saving planets!

Appreciating Gaming’s Ability to Enrich Our Lives

As a pa*sionate gamer myself, I totally need breaks from the virtual world to come back to reality and appreciate things like feeling the gra*s under my feet. But it’s unfair when gamers get labeled as “nerds” or “useless” just because we enjoy games. We’re a community that often feels targeted and dismissed by systems that fail to recognize how much fulfillment and enrichment gaming can provide.

Working Towards Valuing Quality Over Quantity

I know…this probably seems like no big deal to some. But it makes me sad to think so many fellow gamers are deprived of finding true satisfaction. We spend our hard-earned money on games owned by publishers pushing unfulfilling systems. There’s a lot more I could say about this…but for now, let’s all reflect and work toward a society that values the depth and richness of gaming experiences over mindless consumption.

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