How to achieve all coins? – Cuphead

How to achieve all coins? – Cuphead 1 -
How to achieve all coins? – Cuphead 1 -

This is a guide on how to achieve all coins, therefore achieving the advancement “High Roller”.


Contains 15 coins.
Tutorial ; One Coin.
The Tutorial is located inside Elder Kettles home, and can be accessed through the sheet of paper on the tabletop.
NPC ; Three Coins.
Talk to the Apple sitting on the bridge for an easy 3 coins.
Forest ; One Coin.
This coin is hidden. You must complete all of Inkwell Isle I to get access to this coin. The entrance to the forest will be next to the axe-head person.
Forest Follies ; Five Coins.
Located near the bridge.
Treetop Trouble ; Five Coins.
Located near said forest.


Contains 13 coins.
NPC ; One coin.
South of the grim Matchstick level, you will notice a man juggling. Talk to them to collect coins.
NOTE; You must have parried 4 times in order to collect coins!
NPC ; One coin.
Go to the Aviary Action level, and keep going up. Go all the way around the mountains until you come near Grim Matchstick. Head back down to Aviary Action, and head across the bridge. Speak with the pink doughnut NPC.
Funhouse Frazzle ; Five coins.
Located near Inkwell Isle III entrance.
Funfair Fever ; Five coins.
Located near doughnut NPC.
Hidden ; One coin.
Hidden next to Funhouse Frazzle. Go in-front of the green/bluish home, and go more towards the right in-front of the home until you collect the coin.


Contains 11 coins.
Hidden ; One coin.
To collect this coin, go to the level “High Seas Hi-Jinx”. After that, go behind the tan building behind shop.
Perilous Piers ; Five coins.
Located near the NPC turtle.
Rugged Ridge ; Five coins.
Located next to the Music Player NPC.


Contains one coin.
Go behind the left entrance of the stairs.

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