How to be a better survivor – Dead by Daylight

How to be a better survivor – Dead by Daylight 1 -
How to be a better survivor – Dead by Daylight 1 -

This guide will teach you the basics to become a better survivor in DBD. This isn’t an in-depth guide, and it isn’t really useful to experienced players.


This guide will cover all the basics to become a better survivor, so I will not explain in-depth game mechanics but only basic information about the game. I’m not English so the guide could be written incorrectly, in case you find any mistakes you can let me know in the comment!
Now, let’s get started

Main objectives

The main objective of Dead by daylight is to complete 5 generators and escape.
You need to understand that Dead by daylight is a timed race between the survivors and the killer ,so the more time you spend in the match, the lower your chances of winning.
Most new player spend their time looking around and not doing anything helpful for the team! There is no need to be a chase champion to be helpful in this game, you just need to complete the objectives.
Therefore, while the killer is being distracted by another survivor, it is essential to work on generators. Not working on them, makes your partner’s effort to distract the killer totally useless.
Another thing that you must understand, is that you dont need to crawl all the way to a corner of the map when you hear the terror radius. The terror radius is in the most cases 32 metres long, so it isnt a sure signal of the killer coming to get you! Dont waste time hiding and stuff like that unless you’re sure that the killer is coming for you.


Unless you spend your time in a locker all game,you are gonna be the one chased by the killer sometimes. Dont panic! You have the upper hand.
To defend yourself you have pallets, windows and the environment itself at your disposal. Let’s an*lyze them.
Pallets can be pulled down to block or stun the killer. When they are pulled on the killer he will get stunned.
Pallets are very powerful against the killer, however they are limited. In every map there are an average of 12/13 pallets, so it is crucial for everyone to not waste them.
When is a pallet wasted?
A pallet is wasted when you use it when you are not forced to do so. Throwing pallets randomly when the killer isnt even close to you will only harm you and your teammates, not the killer.
How can i use them correctly?
Most of the pallets are located near structures that can be used to create space between you and the killer. The most important mechanic during chases, is looping . Looping consists in turning several times around a pallet, until the killer gets close enough to force you to pull it down. In most of the cases, you can turn around it for at least 2/3 times. As the game is a timed race, looping pallets will take valuable time away from the killer, all of this when your teammates are working on the generators.
Do you understand now how much important is for you to not waste time while another teammate is in a chase?
Pallets are very powerful against killers, but what many don’t know is that windows are too.
As pallets are limited and should be used as a last resort, every survivor’s first choice if possible should be the windows.
You can vault them quickly, and the killer instead will have to go around the wall or, if forced to vault them, waste a lot of time as the animation is slow.

Rescuing and healing

When a killer downs a survivor, he can hook him. Subsequently, the survivors must go to the hook and free the hooked partner.
So what killers have at their disposal to steal time from survivors are hooks. Going to rescue your teammates will consume some time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldnt rescue them. If you are close, and no one else is going to rescue your teammate, you should always try to do so.
Important things while rescuing:
-Do not farm your teammates.
You shouldn’t unhook someone while the killer is watching, or is very nearby. You should most of the times try to rescue him safely, and if it isnt possible you could try to rescue him and take an hit from the killer to ensure that your teammate can make space between him and the killer.
-Do not waste time
There is a timer under an hooked survivor, and it indicates the time left to the survivor before he will get killed by the entity. The hook has two phases, when a survivor is first hooked he will be in phase 1. Being hooked another time, or staying on the hook for half the timer will pa*s him to phase 2. After being in phase 2, being hooked another time will grant you an instant death. This means that it is very important to rescue your teammate before reaching phase 2. One more life to your teammate, is one more chase and more time taken by the killer.
You could encounter some face camping killers, that will stay in front of the hook for all the time left to the teammate. In this particular situation, if you dont have perks like borrowed time, you should continue doing generators. It is a very cruel choice, but dying trying to rescue an unrescuable person leads usually to a lost match.
Now, we are gonna talk about healing. When you see an injured teammate begging for your help, just heal him. You dont need to take him to the other part of the map or to wait a particular moment of the game. Start healing him, and if you know that the killer is coming, stop! That’s easy!


I tried to explain the most basics things you should know in dbd, this is my first guide so i know it is probably a bad one, but i tried my best 🙁
Thanks for reading!

Written by nebun

This is all we can share for How to be a better survivor – Dead by Daylight for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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