How to be cracked at Tom and Jerry – MultiVersus

How to be cracked at Tom and Jerry – MultiVersus 1 -
How to be cracked at Tom and Jerry – MultiVersus 1 -

Epic tom (no rituals, no goat blood) and jerry-guide (no rituals, no goat blood).

The First Step towards Cracking.

You need three things.
A level 10 Tom
Perk Trainer
At level 9 you get Perk Trainer
You can also get the tri-bomb at level 10, which is used more for fear tactics than anything else
We are here to help you with 2 things.
Wildcat Brawler, and Thats Not All Folks (TNAF)
How to be cracked at Tom and Jerry - MultiVersus - The First Step to Being Cracked. - 75C37B1
Wildcat brawler boosts grounded moves, so use hammer and jerry if your opponent gets to far. Then use that time for some air slaps and stuns.
TNAF, a perk, is a perk that carries you back to center stage following a KO. If your opponent is off stage, TNAF will bring you back to center stage. Send them to the soup.
Now that you have all this information, let's get on to the fun part:

Step 2: Cracked

StinkyCat.MP4 may not be as bad a thing as you think. If you are skilled enough, it is possible to beat it.
Tom is not a snob. You can't spam your Rat. You cannot spam your Cheese. You can't spam Robert Rodent's Rocket. You have to get to know your enemy. They are close to you. If they are far away, projectiles may be necessary.
Second, you must be aware. Robert Rodent's Rocket works well off stage at high levels. If your enemy is not close to the stage, you can still do the job. If they are close to the stage, use the Pan Clap Combo. To send them up, spike your enemy and hit him with the bin lids.
The third thing to remember. Arial Rat is very effective for stopping ledge-camping. Even without the Rat, it is possible to recover quickly without having any worries about being knocked off stage by pesky rivals.
Fourth thing to know.
Cheese is great for stopping any combos that are being made by someone else. It's possible to fly arially, although it might be difficult. Dodging is your best choice if you're up against Finns.
The Fifth and Final Thing you MUST KNOW.
You must use the handshake totunt if your opponent wins a match. This is to show that you had fun during the match.
It is the best way you can show respect to your adversary.
Except if it is pirate skin. No one cares if you pull some bull crap.

In Conclusion to Being Cracked.

While we may be extravagant with our combos and stingy with our tactics we still respect each other.
These are not dirty Steven Universe mains.
How to be cracked at Tom and Jerry - MultiVersus - In Conclusion to Being Cracked. - 34DFFD5


Written by Tswev

This is all we can share for How to be cracked at Tom and Jerry – MultiVersus for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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