How to be point man – Ready or Not

How to be point man – Ready or Not 1 -
How to be point man – Ready or Not 1 -

This will tell you how to be the first one into a room without getting you or your team killed

Being point man

First thing of being a point man don’t Stand in the middle of the door your team needs to go in there don’t have time for you to open the door and stand right there in the middle of it so they cant enter the room.

Entering the room

If your scared someone is in there tell your team and ask them to flash banging or gassing the room before you enter if your still scared you can enter but once your in more to the right or left and let someone else take point for a while the room is being cleared. Once the room is clear you can take point again.


As point man your first though the door so if you see someone tell your team where they are so your team can shoot at them. If they start firing upon you if getting shoot at once your in the room and you feel its unsafe for you team tell them and they can wait by the door until the suspect as run into another room or has started reloading. (keeping in mind you have to call this out to the team if you don’t they’re blood is on your hands)

When dead

If you die as point man and no one else wants to take point tell someone they have to take point if they are new to the game you may have to do the callouts for them which can be a pain but its better then nothing.

If someone takes command

If someone starts to take command of the game its not really a problem because your job is still the same the only different is they callout when to use a flashbang or c2 charge which isnt really much or a problem it can make your job easier.

What to bring

what you bring is really up to you but there are somethings you may want to change depending on what your team decides to do but mainly you want a shield to protect yourself because your going in first and pistol is your choice. You may want to use a rifle if your team is going in non lethal because rushing in there with a shield and a taser isn’t really a good idea. (if you hate the shield you can bring a rifle just be mindful that when getting you have nothing to protect you so if you are going rifle watch yourself because your more then likely going to get shot more then once)

Why should you be point man?

The reason you should be point man is because you control the outcome of if your team dies or lives because without a point man your team may go everywhere or get shot upon opening a door or worst of all start door blocking upon opening a door. The main reason of being a point man is to go in first and make sure your team gets in the room without being shot or door blocking upon entry. (as point man you may find that people may want to go in a door first let them its not your fault if they die but if you wish to same them go in first or spilt the team into to groups a meet back at a location)

One last thing

You should be mindful you cant really open doors if your bring a shield so tell your team to open the door slightly and you can push though the door and if one of your team sees a trap wait for it to be disarmed before entering the room.

Good luck

Good luck on being point man assuming your gonna be the one going in first if not just remember not to stand in the middle of the bloody door.

Written by The_Grim_Reaper

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