How to be true giga chad – Dishonored 2

How to be true giga chad – Dishonored 2 1 -
How to be true giga chad – Dishonored 2 1 -

This guide will explain how to have a true Chad experience with Dishonored 2.

1. Never play as the infamous "Never Play as"

That's it. Which one would you choose: a veteran soldier looking for peace for his kingdom and his family, or a young girl running around the rooftops trying to avoid her royal responsibility? Exactly. You are playing Corvo and fulfilling your patriarchal duty of saving your daughter and reclaiming your land.
If you are interested in Emily's power, you can open an NG+ following your first walkthrough. Her powers will be available to all.

2. Kill some guards at the top of the game

No matter whether you choose low or high chaos, ensure you kill at minimum some guards at the first level.
1. They are disloyal dogs and can be treacherous to family members. (Michael Corleone said that they were.
2. After Delilah's outrage Corvo must feel really upset

3. Be merciful

Despite the previous rule, kill only when necessary. Don't kill civilians, or fleeing enemies. Chad is not for blood thirst.

4. No femicide

Never kill female guards. If you encounter one during a fight, you can pacify her using a sleeping dat (or knock unconscious, but that's the extreme measure of). They will change their behavior.
That doesn't hold true for Delilah and her witches. They have used dark arts to satisfy their greed and power lust. If you're feeling generous, however, you can still apply Rule 3 to them.

5. Use stealth, but don’t forget honour

It is not cowardice if you use stealth to study your enemy. A mature warrior doesn't jump into battle if he doesn't know his chances.
You can attack from the darkness to reduce the enemy's ranks, but if only one person is visible, challenge him for a fair fight. You're OP Chad Corvo. He is a virgin guardboy. It's not a fair fight, but he can run if necessary.

6. Give a speech

At the end of each level, you will return to Dunwall Tower. You will find a microphone which you can use for a speech by going up to the exit you used at the beginning to escape from the tower. This is an incredible opportunity. Delilah should be made aware that you are coming to her aid and she will not stop you.
After the speech, some witches may come to your aid. Take them with you wherever you want.

7. Find all safe codes

You don’t have time to waste your time on that kind of crap.


Here we come to an end for the How to be true giga chad – Dishonored 2 guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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