How to “beat” the Sandbox mode – Cartonfall

How to “beat” the Sandbox mode – Cartonfall 1 -
How to “beat” the Sandbox mode – Cartonfall 1 -

This guide aims to show you how find the secret exit to Sandbox.

Escape from the Warehouse

If you've completed Cartonfall, you already know that the only way you can truly go outdoors is by going outside. When you beat the game.
However, Sandbox mode allows you to illegitimately escape from the warehouse.

Step 1

Sandbox mode will greet you as you enter. It is the same entrance that you find at the beginning each level. If you look up at the ceiling of the warehouse from the level above, you will see that it is not flat. However, the openings have been sealed off on the wall facing the entrance. This means that we must look at the other side.
On this side, we can escape the map's borders by openings that aren't blocked at all.
Here, I suggest that an Anti-Gravity bomb (or box) be taken and thrown at the box structure(s), which are located on the right side of this map. Use these boxes and painstakingly try to make a stairway with the Anti-Gravity boxes so you can reach the openings at top. It is possible to make this work over several times due to the game's anti-gravity physics. This makes it more difficult so you will need to try a few times.

Step 2

How to
Once you're in the opening, take a left turn and walk to the edge. However, be careful not too fall into it. As you face the warehouse, walk to your left. At the corner, turn to the right and continue down the path. The roof here is completely invisible as it was never meant to be visible by the average player.
How to
If you look down at the end you will see the exit. Then, jump down by following the wall to safety.
How to

The Exit

Jumping down will bring you to the exit.
How to
Why is there an exit in Sandbox? I have no explanation, but I suspect it is an Easter egg for people who have a lot. It doesn't matter, at least it's here now.
Quickly jump into the exit and you'll see the Sandbox Mode's own completion GUI. It claims it is the 43rd, despite there being 41 levels total in the story mode.
How to
All buttons are broken here. You'll be stuck here until you restart the level, exit to the main menu or restart it. ).

Conclusion (and Level 42?

This little Easter egg doesn't seem to be very important, but it is something you can look out for in the Sandbox mode.
I urge you to keep this guide updated and think about Level 42.
How to
Yes, that's right.
It is located in the game file. But what is it exactly?
We might never find out…


Written by Sharklock

Here we come to an end for the How to “beat” the Sandbox mode – Cartonfall guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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