How to Become an Impressive HELLDIVERS 2 Player and Keep Your Team Nerves Intact

How to Become an Impressive HELLDIVERS 2 Player and Keep Your Team Nerves Intact 1 -
How to Become an Impressive HELLDIVERS 2 Player and Keep Your Team Nerves Intact 1 -

How to Become an Impressive HELLDIVERS 2 Player and Keep Your Team Nerves Intact

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that you are not a one-person army like Rambo. You are not the main character in this story. You must realize that fighting as if you are a one-person army is pointless. You will simply die and waste your team’s resources. Your main goal is not to kill as many enemies as possible but to complete the mission. If I see a tough battle ahead, I retreat. Bashing my head against a wall will only result in injury. I run, regroup, and continue the mission. The more noise I make, the more patrols I will attract, the more reinforcements I will receive, and the higher the chance of wasting those reinforcements. Remember, reinforcements are not my life; they are an opportunity for my team to correct my mistakes or those of my teammates. This resource is a last resort. I don’t rely on it. It deceives me, giving me a false sense of “having plenty of chances,” but it disappears much faster than I think, especially because of my own mistakes. Believe me, in 95% of cases, my death will be the result of my own mistake. Did I engage in a battle I shouldn’t have? Mistake. Did I allow myself to be noticed when I could have moved stealthily and raised the alarm? Mistake. Did I lead enemies to my team? Mistake multiplied by N (N being the number of teammates). I think ahead. I am cautious. The best fight is the one that never happens.

Actions on Landing:

Main Concept:

Many people believe that the main strength of a team lies in their weapons and strategies. But that’s not true. The main strength of a good diver is speed and observance. You are faster than most enemies. Use that to your advantage. You are fast, you have powerful weapons, but you are also very fragile. What conclusions can I draw from this? My best tactic is hit and run. Ideally, I split into two pairs and divide the map into two areas of responsibility. In extreme cases, I act solo. This way, I will learn faster how not to make the mistakes mentioned earlier. Do I see a small or medium outpost? I activate my radar, find the side with fewer enemies, and approach from that side (sneak through C or even crawl through Z). I call in an airstrike, quickly clear the tunnels I can, and retreat if I see that more enemies have arrived. I retreat, make a circle, approach from the other side, and finish off the remaining enemies. I CONSTANTLY MOVE.


Before taking any action, I open my radar and check my surroundings. I DO NOT call in supply capsules if enemies are nearby. Capsules create a lot of noise and attract patrols from the area. If everything is calm, I go ahead, call in supplies, gear up, and proceed according to the situation. Am I running through the terrain? I ask myself, when was the last time I checked the radar? There are patrols on the map. Patrols call for reinforcements if they are not eliminated quickly enough. Do I want that? It’s better for me to take a detour and bypa*s the danger. In all missions, except Blitz, I have plenty of time.

Landing Zone:

You probably already understand this, but just to emphasize it – I NEVER land in red zones or directly on task points. I choose a landing spot that allows my route to resemble a closed figure, covering a large part of the map and minimizing intersections with itself.

Calling in Stratagems:

FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, I do not call in reinforcements right under my feet. Am I running towards the objective? I aim higher and throw a beacon towards the objective. By the time I reach it, my teammate will already be there, fully equipped and ready to help me. Ideally, the same applies to supplies. I DO NOT THROW A SUPPLY BEACON INTO THE HEAT OF BATTLE. There are separate camps for that… As I mentioned before, I need to get out of the battle. I throw the beacon in a safe direction so my teammate can land at a distance and take advantage of the fact that the enemies are distracted by me. I remember which directions the offensive stratagems work in and make sure they do not harm my teammates before using them. I don’t panic and throw them in all directions. Caution comes first.


I rebind the microphone activation from CapsLock to something more convenient, and if I know English, I use voice chat. There’s nothing wrong with that. I coordinate my actions. It’s especially easy if I’m operating in pairs. I always know who my partner is and where they are. In the worst case, I use the chat. I can share extra backpacks or heavy weapons with each other, and everyone will benefit from it. Do I want to storm fortifications? I let my team know. I attack, distract some of the enemies, and my teammate will flank them or clear what my attack missed.

Choosing the Right Armor and Stratagem

This is where personal preference comes into play, but as I mentioned before, my best tactic is hit and run. Therefore, the best armor for me is one that gives me bonuses to speed and stamina regeneration. Any scout armor will do. If I’m not confident, I take the medic armor (with 6 stimpacks) or the grenadier armor (with 6 grenades). As a scout, my markers will give radar pings to the location I marked, allowing me to see enemies through walls. My best stratagem is the regular Orbital Bombardment. Especially with the upgrade to 3 charges. I don’t hesitate to manually reload it.

Choosing the Right Weapons

If I plan to operate solo or in pairs, I be sure to carry at least one heavy weapon. Ideally, a railgun or an autocannon. If not, at least I take rockets. The rest is up to me. I keep an eye out for the support packs taken by my teammates. The best one is the one that increases running speed and stamina regeneration, but if no one takes the very first one for landing with a full loadout, I take it. Trust me, I DO NOT WANT to get out of the capsule with half of my ammo. A backpack for ammo is an excellent choice for working in pairs. At the beginning of the mission, I call in ammo, fill up my backpack or my teammate’s, and most likely I won’t need to resupply for the rest of the mission (except for grenades and stimpacks).

Utilizing the Jump Pack or Shield Backpack

The jump pack is ideal for a “solo scout.” I will have plenty of speed, and the backpack will allow me to find unconventional paths to the bug nests or the cyborg base, and it will often save me from potential hopelessness. It may be hard to believe at first, but with experience, I will understand how good it is. (From personal experience: I flew into the cyborg base with a Shredder missile and disabled it WITHOUT A SINGLE SHOT. And then I quietly left.) If I’m not confident, I go for the shield backpack. Simple and reliable. BUT, once again, it’s not for tanking. As mentioned at the beginning, it’s my personal right to make a couple of extra mistakes.

Stimpacks and Grenades

I separated this section for clarity. When it comes to grenades, I only use impact grenades. I throw them in attack, I throw them in retreat. I throw them everywhere. One grenade can take out a cyborg walker or a warrior bug. I can even learn to throw it while in mid-air (while using the Alt key). But I remember: I DO NOT throw it towards my teammates. Never. I step forward so they are behind me, and then I throw. As for stimpacks, they provide infinite stamina for the duration of their effect. If I’m injured and running away from pursuit, I wait until my stamina drops to zero and then I use a stimpack. This way, I will be able to run much longer and most likely escape.

A Few Good Tips to End

If I have a lot of samples on me and happen to pa*s by the future extraction point, I DROP THEM THERE. This way, if I die somewhere far away, I won’t have to run back for them.

Once again, let me reiterate the main point of this guide: Please be smart, responsible, and cautious as a helldiver. I am a specialized unit working behind enemy lines, I am the elite. Rushing headlong into battle and shouting incoherently is not my style. I don’t be like the heroes of countless TikToks and YouTube shorts about this game.

Mastering the Art of Efficiency and Precision

I am swift, I am precise, and I am deadly, and then I will be the one carrying the bulk of the samples and confidently taking on entire sectors of targets. And then, on the statistics screen, I will see those 1-2-3 deaths (or maybe even none at all), and I will only hear compliments from that lady dispatcher on the ship. And then I can rightfully be proud of myself and proudly wear that white armor of a hero of humanity.

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