How to break the games difficulty in half like a kit-kat (extremely minimal spoilers) – OMORI

How to break the games difficulty in half like a kit-kat (extremely minimal spoilers) – OMORI 1 -
How to break the games difficulty in half like a kit-kat (extremely minimal spoilers) – OMORI 1 -

note that this guide will mainly be relevant for the main route of the game as I havn’t played the alt route yet

The premise

From what I’ve seen, many different people have found different ways to easily beat the game.
However this guide wont be going into all of them, just the one i accidentally found that trivializes everything (bosses included)
So if you want any semblance of challenge, i suggest reading any other guide on here!
NOTE: I have only played through this game once at the time of making this guide, so don’t take everything I say as pure truth, however absolutely DO NOT look at the wiki for anything! i had the entire ending spoiled for me from looking up one thing… if it helps any, most decisions in the game have very little impact on the route you are on and the only major one is something you wont realize is even an option towards the beginning of the game.

The setup

First things first, this method only works AFTER beating the first boss, as you need an item they give you.
After beating the first boss and re-entering headspace, go to the train station and ride the train (if you dont know where that is, talk to the parrots and they will point you in the general direction), there you will fight a miniboss before arriving at the ORANGE OASIS, this is where we get the main ingredient for the strategy.
hopefully by now you should have a bunch of CLAMS, however if you dont i advise fighting the optional boss found up a ladder in the forest where you got to OTHERWORLD
now you want to do arguably the most tedious part of this, and that is bashing your head against rng until you get lucky. You’ll see what I mean in a moment


You need to head to “Dino’s Dig” when arriving at ORANGE OASIS, this is where you will be spending a LOT of time.
the strategy is simple: Dino will always give you a spoon with 5 uses for free if you dont already have one. here you will need to grind a WHOLE LOT. for those of you unaware, there is only one way to get a better spoon (and trust me you will need one!), and that is through “Dino Dollars”. Dino Dollars are only obtainable from digging in Dino’s Dig, and you will need a LOT of them. when you get enough to buy 1 or 2 of the best spoons possible, do so. the way Dino’s Dig works is that better items are on higher floors, but you need a key each time to go up. this is where you better be praying to RNGessus ’cause the placement of the key will ALWAYS BE RANDOM, and you can’t even save them between runs if you dont use them…
Once you have the best spoon available, it is now time to try your luck. your goal is the top floor (i think its floor 5 or something). heres some tips to help

  • 1: NEVER fight any enemies, ESPECIALLY HYPER-REALISTIC RABBITS. most enemies in Dino’s Dig will be well beyond your pay-grade, and some will even one-shot your entire party on a whim.
  • 2: once you get a key, IMMEDIATELY USE IT! as mentioned before, keys will not stick around after your spoon breaks, so dont hold onto them.
  • 3: once you get to the top, DO NOT DIG. it is very likely that your spoon is on its last legs at this point, and if you break your spoon, you will be immediately kicked out.

The Holy Grail

Now that you’ve made it to the top, what you want to do is repeatedly fight the chicken until you kill it. dont worry, as this chicken is different to the ones from the previous floor and will not run away as much, giving you a much better chance. once you kill the chicken you should get a few things
First a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of EXP and CLAMS
But secondly, (and most importantly), you should get an item called the “Chicken Ball”. What does the chicken ball do? well its a weapon for KEL that has mediocre stats, however it has something very important: SPEED. by now KEL should have learned “Run ‘n Gun”, which uses his SPEED stat for damage. you should start to see where this is going. Equip KEL with the item and use whatever you can to quickly set up max damage every fight and now, congratulations! the game has become a joke and almost nothing is threatening anymore!

The Reward

Now that you have an unstoppable one-shot machine, how do you optimize it? here’s a few methods i came up with that can be added together (although that will take more turns to set up)

  • a: abuse the EMOTIONS system. the emotions system is much like pokemon types. each time you see the message “It was a moving attack!” * that means that you had the emotion they were weak to and dealt more damage. mix this with some of OMORI’s skills that remove emotion bonuses and you can get some zany numbers. my personal favorite is making the enemy “sad”, removing their defense buff, and giving KEL “angry” so he deals ridiculous damage
  • b: buffs. KEL has some moves he can learn that can help increase damage, like FLEX. this takes a bit of setup since you have to do them in a certain order, but it helps a LOT.
  • c: items and resistances. something i wasnt very aware of until towards the end of my playthrough is that you can reduce and increase base stats during battle seperate from EMOTION’s. certain items and moves help with this a lot, like AUBREY’s “heavy hit” (i think thats what it was called), which reduces an enemies defense, and the item “JACKS”, which makes enemies lose SPEED, to name a few.

Try to mix and match to see what works for you!**
*note that this is different from “Hit right in the heart!”, which signifies a critical hit. you can get both at the same time however to get ludicrous damage, but i wouldnt rely on that too much.
**note that combining all 3 is usually not worth it, as doing so would usually be extreme overkill and a waste of resources

Written by mistermister102

This is all we can share for How to break the games difficulty in half like a kit-kat (extremely minimal spoilers) – OMORI for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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