How to Catch All Fish – Cult of the Lamb

How to Catch All Fish – Cult of the Lamb 1 -
How to Catch All Fish – Cult of the Lamb 1 -

This guide will show you how to catch the 4 fish required by the fisherman's side quest.

The Fisherman

The Fisherman NPC is located at the southeast edge, early in the game. Pilgrim's Pa*sage . He asks that you bring him a number of fish, including the lobster, squids and octopus. He will reward the kind gesture with a gift of crab, lobster, squid, octopus, octopus, and crab. A holy talisman piece You will need to pay for each fish that you bring. Once you have brought all the fish, your fish will be his. To sell fish to others, open a shop .

How to Fish

Cult of The Lamb makes fishing easy. It is as easy as keeping the hook within the green bar while the fish moves up-and-down. Keep the hook in the green area to reel the fish, and it will come close enough for you to catch it. It will take some practice, but once it is mastered, you can continue to do it.
How to Catch All Fish - Cult of the Lamb - How to Fish - C53FAEC

The Trick

There are 5 options available to you when creating a new teaching. To unlock this, simply increase your sustenance level to level 3. The Ritual of The Ocean's Bounty. This ritual will double how many fish you catch in 2 days. It will also increase the chances for special fish like the lobster. ! My experience shows that this is a great way of earning coins.


This should be helpful. This was my first guide. I tried not to make it too complicated. Let me know if I can add anything!


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