How to Cope After the Recent Update – VRChat

How to Cope After the Recent Update – VRChat 1 -
How to Cope After the Recent Update – VRChat 1 -

The update was released and you are concerned about all mods being banned by anti-cheating software. Here are some tips to help you cope with the update


Welcome to the guide to how to deal the VR Chat update. This guide will teach you how to properly deal the Easy Anti Cheat addition to the game.

Step 1 – Get Your Together

Dear God, you are still suffering from a terrible time despite the fact that the update has been posted. Your soy boy anger can’t be contained any longer. Your mods don’t work, and you are furious, but you are too stupid for another game, traditional or virtual. You realize it is time to end the frustration and look online for ways to help. Congratulations.

Step 2 — VR Chat

Now that you’re able to think clearly and have calmed down, the real section will be available.
VR Chat Plus should be unsubscribed immediately. You don’t want to continue playing this terrible game.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t know how to do this step, as I have never used VR chat money.
Now that you have removed yourself from all financial obligations, the next step to take is to uninstall this game. To do this, follow these steps:
Steam Library VR Chat
How to Cope After the Recent Update - VRChat - Step 2 -- Dealing With VR Chat - 3D172E5
Just above the text that says “launch the game”, click on the gear icon.
How to Cope After the Recent Update - VRChat - Step 2 -- Dealing With VR Chat - A24A255
In the dropdown menu, click Manage and then click Uninstall
How to Cope After the Recent Update - VRChat - Step 2 -- Dealing With VR Chat - 0ACF454
This is also a great opportunity to click on the Remove from Account button and remove this game completely from your Library

Step 3 — Take a Rest

If it is just me, I believe you have been spending way too much time on VR Chat. The degeneracy has soaked in to you, or it was there long before you started playing VR Chat. This section is intended to encourage you towards positive change.


We all know the majority of VR Chat users only use their VR equipment to chat. It is not like having to put away your stuff will be an issue. Because you are all incels living with your parents, there should be no reason for you not to have a place to store you equipment. You can do it by:
If your VR Headset has been wired to your computer, which is most commonly FBT, you need to unplug it from the wall outlet and remove any cables from the computer.
Find a place to hide your VR stuff, such as a box or hiding spot. Out of sight, out from mind.


This is what you are most afraid of. Do you ever dream of interacting with people in the real world? Or even outside? Do it! Go for a walk, go to the gym, go to a pub, and enjoy the company of real people. You might even end up becoming friends or starting a relationship. Give it a shot.

Step 4 — Self Realization

This is the moment when you realize you are a degenerate for playing VR Chat. Are you beaten up as a child or a teenager? Did your mom and dad divorce and you never see one of them again as a child? Do you find yourself attracted to the exact same s*x? Are you looking for a different kind of s*x? These are all things you can fix, if only you said yes.
Talk to a therapist. This will not solve any of your problems. Unless you get help, all the trauma you suffered as a kid will be there forever. You will look for a partner similar to your parents. Now that VR Chat isn’t your primary mode of communication, it is time to resolve these issues.


I know that many of your friends enjoy drinking or using illicit substances while in VR Chat. Many have even become addicted. You need to get help, now that you’re not being urged along by others in a drinking session five days a weeks. Alcoholism does not come as a joke. You can either join an AA group or stop drinking altogether. No matter how many VR Chat members might tell you otherwise, it is not okay to drink until you are sick every night.


Are you a VR Chat ERP expert? This section is made just for you.
Take a moment and think about it. Why? Why is ERP necessary in a video game such as this? This behavior is unacceptable.
You can be s*xy all the time, but why masturbating with someone on VR Chat when you could have a serious relationship with your partner? You could even stop masturbating, as it shows your self-control.

Step 6 — Enlightenment

After going through this guide, it is clear that you have identified the errors in your ways and are either working to correct them or you have already fixed them. Congratulations, you are now a normal human being.
This will help you realize how many things you could have accomplished instead of spending your time on VR Chat. While you are there, think about the fact that many of your problems started when you first played, or how the degenerate user base amplified them.
Imagine if the Easy Anti-Cheat update had never been dropped by the devs. You would still be the same old person, living a life filled with degeneracy. Hopefully, you have now spent some quality time in reality. You may be in a relationship with someone of the opposite s*xuality, have friends who are interested in you and want to do things together, and have spent time outside of VR Chat doing something useful.

Guide End

I appreciate you taking the time and effort to read through this guide. I hope it helped!
Sorry for the wall text


Written by Bucket

I hope you enjoy the How to Cope After the Recent Update – VRChat guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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