How to defeating the Aether Worm Orcus in MW3 Zombies (Defeat Zakhaev)

How to defeating the Aether Worm Orcus in MW3 Zombies (Defeat Zakhaev) 1 -
How to defeating the Aether Worm Orcus in MW3 Zombies (Defeat Zakhaev) 1 -

How to defeating the Aether Worm Orcus in MW3 Zombies (Defeat Zakhaev)

Hey gamers, get ready for the ultimate showdown in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies! In the heart-pounding finale of Act 3, you’re up against Orcus, the beastly Aether worm. This guide’s got your back with killer strategies and tips to nail this epic boss battle.

Gearing Up for the Showdown

Before you dive into battle with Orcus, make sure you’re locked and loaded. Whether you’re flying solo or with your squad, here’s what you gotta have:

  • That beast of a wonder weapon, the Ray Gun
  • Heavy hitters like LMGs and Assault Rifles – think Pulemyot 762 and Holger 556
  • Pack-a-Punch your weapon to level 2 or 3 – trust me, it’s a game-changer
  • A couple of Self-Revive Kits because, hey, accidents happen
  • The lifesaving Perk-a-Cola Cans: Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, Jugger-Nog, and PHD Flopper
  • Your trusty Tier 3 Pet Hellhound – who’s a good boy?
  • A stash of Gas grenades for that extra oomph

Knocking Out the Aether Worm

Orcus, the Aether worm, is one tough cookie, but with the right moves, you’ve got this. Here’s your battle plan:

1. Aim for the glowing purple bits on Orcus. That’s its Achilles’ heel – hit it hard and fast.

2. Toss those Experimental Gas grenades like there’s no tomorrow. They pack a serious punch against the big guy.

3. Duck and cover when Orcus fires up its laser beams. Find some shelter and wait it out.

4. Watch out when Orcus goes underground. Stay on your toes and be ready to dodge when it pops back up.

5. If Orcus sends you flying, remember to pop that parachute before you crash land.

6. Don’t forget about the Tier 2 Zombies and those pesky orbs. Take ’em out fast so you can focus on Orcus.

7. Keep an eye out for Ammo Caches. You’ll need all the ammo and grenades you can get.

Stick to these tactics, keep your cool, and you’ll be the hero of MW3 Zombies. Good luck – go get ’em!

Starting the “Defeat Zakhaev” Mission

Ready to face Zakhaev? Here’s the lowdown: make your way to the exfil point and hop on the chopper. Buckle up for a heart-racing mission that’ll push your skills to the max.

Clearing the Enemy and Sneaking In

First up, clear out the baddies. Dive into some intense firefights and use every bit of cover you can find. Once you’ve got a clear path, it’s time to sneak into the facility.

Blowing Up the Aetherium Enrichment Devices

Inside, you’ll find Zakhaev’s Aetherium enrichment devices. Time to play demolition expert – use your arsenal to take those machines down and put a wrench in Zakhaev’s plans.

Making Your Way to the Neutralizer Site

With the devices out of the picture, head to the Neutralizer site. This is where you’ll make your big play against Zakhaev. Stay sharp and move through the facility, ready for anything that comes your way.

Anticipating the Orcus Boss Worm

Once you reach the Neutralizer site, keep an eye out for an enemy chopper. But don’t stress – the Orcus boss worm is about to crash the party and handle it for you. Just hang back and let the worm do its thing.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be crushing the “Defeat Zakhaev” mission in no time. Stay sharp, trust your skills, and you’ll come out on top in this thrilling adventure.

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