How to defend against all 11 animatronics – Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

How to defend against all 11 animatronics – Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 1 -
How to defend against all 11 animatronics – Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 1 -

Note: This guide is for people who cant beat nights because of a particular animatronic.
This guide will teach you the basics of defending yourself against all 11 of the animatronics.

Toy Freddy

Toy Freddy is fairly simple to deal with.
Freddy will sometimes appear in the main corridor in front of your office. He has 3 phases, the 1st phase is when he is far away from you but is still in the hall. The 2nd phase is when he gets really close but still in the hall. And the 3rd phase is when he gets VERY close and gets into your office. When he reaches his 3rd phase, you are pretty much dead.
Thankfully though, it is very easy to prevent being killed by him. Usually in his 1st or 2nd phase if you put on your mask, he should leave and play an audio cue. (The audio cue thing i’m not certain of, but I’m 70% sure that he plays an audio cue when he leaves.)
When he plays this audio cue you can take off your mask.

Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie is also very easy to deal with.
Every now and then, toy bonnie will be in your right vent in your office. When he gets there, put on your freddy mask. As soon as you put it on, Toy bonnie will play an animation where he glides to the middle of the office and glides back to the right side of your screen. When he finishes his animation, you can take off your mask.

Toy Chica

Toy chica is, again, very easy to defend against.
Toy chica can sometimes appear in the main hall. However, don’t fret, she can NOT actually kill you when shes in the hall, even if you’re not wearing your mask.
The only time Toy Chica can kill you is when she goes into the left vent in the office. To defend against her, you can put on your freddy mask. When you hear an audio cue of something crawling out of the vent, she most likely left. Unlike Toy Bonnie, she does NOT play an animation once you put on the mask.


Mangle is pretty much the same as Toy Chica, being pretty easy to deal with.
Mangle will, just like Toy Chica, appear in the main hall. But like I said earlier with Toy Chica, Mangle can’t actually hurt you when she is in the main hall. The only time she will hurt you is when he appears in the right vent in your office. Don’t get it confused though, Toy Chica goes in your LEFT vent. Mangle goes in your RIGHT vent, like Toy Bonnie.
To defend against Mangle is fairly simple, when she appears in your right vent in your office, you just have to put on your freddy mask and wait until she plays an audio cue. (Once again, im not entirely sure about the audio cue thing. But I’m like 70% sure he plays an audio cue when he leaves.)
There’s a trick to Mangle, though. If you have played FNaF 2 for enough time, you will notice that Mangle plays this weird static sound. When he comes to your right vent, you will hear that same static sound in your office.
Unlike most animatronics, Mangle doesnt jumpscare you straight off the bat if you dont defend against her. Instead, she will stick to your ceiling. However, when she does this, you ARE 100% screwed because she will still jumpscare you after a bit of time.

Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie and Withered Chica.

First off, the reason why these characters are all grouped together is because they all act pretty much the same.
The Withered Animatronics will go through the vents or hallway. as SOON as they reach into your office you have a very small window of time to put your mask on. If you dont put on your mask fast enough, they will jumpscare you.

Withered Foxy

Withered Foxy is kind of tricky to deal with if you dont listen to the phone calls.
Withered foxy will appear in the main hallway, and when you see him in the hallway you have to flash your light at him on and off about 2 times and flip up your camera, do this until he leaves.
That’s it. He’s pretty simple to deal with.

Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy will come in to your left vent in your office, if you do not put on your freddy mask on time, he will come into your office.
Balloon Boy doesn’t actually jumpscare you, though. Instead, when he comes into your office he will disable your flashlight for the rest of the night, thus leaving you defenseless against Withered Foxy.

The Marionette

The Marionette will stay in his box for most of the night. However, as soon as he gets out of the box you’re screwed.
In order to keep him inside his box, you must check his camera every few seconds to make sure his music box is winded. You must keep his music box winded at ALL TIMES.
When he gets out of his box, the music box will play a song.

Golden Freddy


Written by AlexSCD

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