How to easily farm XP in HELLDIVERS 2

How to easily farm XP in HELLDIVERS 2 1 -
How to easily farm XP in HELLDIVERS 2 1 -

How to easily farm XP in HELLDIVERS 2

in this guide i’ll gonna show you How to easily farm xp in HELLDIVERS 2. This is a easy way to get lots of XP fast, especially for new players who want to lvl up quickly.

Step 1: Missions

The first step is to focus on eradicate missions. these missions give you a ton of warbond medals and come in different version for each faction. Look for missions called stuff like “ERADICATE terminid SWARM” or “eradicate AUTOMATON FORCES“. i personally like the automaton ones better cuz they are faster to do and have smaller maps. Pick the hardest difficulty you can do fast. The key is repeat these missions over and over.

Step 2: Loadout

For your loadout, I recommend using rocket sentry, gatling sentry, autocannon sentry, and mortar sentry. These sentries are great for killing small and medium enemies while your team focus on the big ones. gatling sentry isnt as good against automatons cuz the bullets bounce off. but its still really good against most terminids. For automatons, use stuff like tesla tower or anti-personnel minefield stratagem to make choke points. Or use railgun stratagem to shoot off their arms or kill them in a few hits. For terminids, use orbitals and eagles to kill a bunch of them fast. For titans and chargers, combine railcannon orbital with railgun stratagem. Let your sentries do the rest. Also use HMG emplacement, put it somewhere with good view like a corner or hill. this helps alot when your sentries die or run out of ammo at the end.

Step 3: Closing Thoughts

you can do these missions solo but having a team makes it way faster. communication is key, coordinate with your teammates. Give each person different stratagems for backup. This way if all sentries run out of ammo you have other options. With a good team you can farm xp super fast. For weapons, pick anything that kills good and doesnt run out of ammo too fast. be careful using fire weapons or stratagems on automatons, they resist that alot. In middle and late mission, use EMS mortar to kill units that get too close. if you do this right, you can finish each mission in like 2-5 minutes depending on difficulty.

In summary, find eradicate missions and repeat them over and over to farm the most. This guide is mostly for lower level players who want to level up fast. Dont worry about quitting operations to farm, it wont mess up your progress. If you have any tips or suggestions post them in the comments. And remember, stims have no addictive properties! (study sponsored by permacura. Permacura: your life in safe hands.)

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