How to easily get the achievement – You are not the boss of me – My life as an archeologist

You are not the boss of me – My life as an archeologist 1 -
You are not the boss of me – My life as an archeologist 1 -

How to easily get the achievement “You are not the boss of me”


Before you begin getting this achievement I recommend getting all researches first

The skill tree

Focuses on poison and flat increases
-> never worth getting in any case
Helps in breaking the game later on with auto casting everything as soon as it is off cooldown and reducing cooldowns but the first skill is useless and we need to survive the beginning first
-> you can get it after the core build if you want to (not necessary)
Lots of crit and autoclick skills however it also has two defensive skills which are key in surviving on the hardest difficulty. One gives a 2,5% chance to dodge (up to 25% when maxed) and the other gives a 2% chance on crit to gain a shield equal to 10% of your maximum life (10% chance when maxed)
-> always go for this first
So our skill tree build will be this
How to easily get the achievement - You are not the boss of me - My life as an archeologist - The skill tree - 4EF51ABF1
The rest of the skill points can be allocated however you like but i recommend getting tier 4 skills of theologist first for a good damage increase

The right equipment and stat allocation

We need alot of crit and overall stats to survive the beginning (mainly the second world) so auto stat your stat points into dexterity.
For equipment we want the following:
crit chance, all attributes, dexterity
hp, regen life, strength, dmg resist
exp chance, intelligence, click damage
crit multiplier, poison, autoclicks, energy, energy regen, poison, gold found, item found, rarity chance
Basically we are looking to get the highest combat strength possible while having high crit chance and hp so that we can survive with the %hp shields.
After you have reached 100% crit chance and the core build is ready, make sure you drop unnecessary crit chance, hp regen and dmg resist for higher hp, intelligence and maybe energy

Tarrot cards

Just like with our equipment we want the highest combat stats possible early on
Star (dex, int and str? Hell yes)
Chariot (more crit chance)
Empress (more skill points is great early to reach the build in time)
Strength (hitting harder and extra hp, why not)
High priestess (just reroll for three new ones)
Wheel of fortune (a high chance to get multiple good equipment pieces)
Moon (should be easily doable with the use of active items but the legendary may not be good)
Magician (intelligence is nice but not as good as other stats)
World (atleast you get a bit more exp and chance on more items)
Lovers (better then nothing and could save you when you are already low)
Justice (can be good if you got no better cards and your artifact sucks)
Hermit (you are just delaying the inevitable)
Temperance (we lose dexterity and thus crit, only get this when you are well above 100% crit chance)
Sun (we don´t need more research
Devil (we need items and exp so no skipping)
Tower (no need to make it harder)
Hanged woman (no need for gold)
Death (…)
Hierophant (no need for gold)


Too random and no complete list to look up the names so you will have to figure it out on your own
Just pick whatever helps you survive longer
Most of the artifacts don´t have much impact so it doesn´t matter too much

Written by Epholos

This is all we can share for How to easily get the achievement – You are not the boss of me – My life as an archeologist for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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