How to farm POINTS – Chivalry 2

How to farm POINTS – Chivalry 2 1 -
How to farm POINTS – Chivalry 2 1 -

Here are some tips to help you farm XP and Gold faster.

The Team

Always choose the team that attacks, because it will give you more points for completing the objectives.

Farming Cla*ses

Knight – Guardian
You can farm a lot with the banner For your team to remain together, you need to be patient. This happens most often when there's an objective to capture a specific zone.
Skirmisher and Archer
The javelins These projectiles are among the most dangerous in Chivalry 2.

Ballistas and Catapults

Destroy, repair, repeat
You can destroy all ballistas, catapults and other objects as much as possible. There are stages on every map that you can find them behind you spawn. You don't have to be afraid if your spawn is destroyed.
Points/Repair Time
Ballista: 160 to 185 Points – 8 Seconds
Catapult 65-85 Points in 5 Seconds (Not every catapult gives points)
The damage inflicted on ballistas, catapults, and other objects has a significant impact on the points.
For example, if you spam left click with a messer at a Ballista, you get 162 point and is slower. However, if you spam wheel down, 175 point and is faster.
Avoid the enemy barricades. These can be easily destroyed and will give you a good amount of points.
Learn to shoot with a catapult. It can help you score many points.
Best maps to farm
The Dark Forest Because there are so many ballistas. The last stage also includes a ballista, as well as a bonus catapult.
How to farm POINTS - Chivalry 2 - Ballistas, Catapults and Barricades - CA6E3AD


Many players don’t know the number of points that objectives can award. It is particularly important when they must destroy or capture an object.
When your goal is to capture You can get anything you capture if you have 75 points.
When your objective is to eliminate It all depends upon what you destroy and how many.
How to farm POINTS - Chivalry 2 - Objectives - CD0C204
Best maps to farm
The Raid on Aberfell The objective is Push the pagan rocks The most points of all objectives. Each stone can easily be pushed three times. You get 200 points every time you push it. The pushing duration is 3 second.
How to farm POINTS - Chivalry 2 - Objectives - 6A34AC4

The End Of The Match

You will have many points regardless of whether you win or not. These points can be converted into XP, and GOLD.
How to farm POINTS - Chivalry 2 - The End of the Match - F068DFC
Enjoy the PAIN

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