How to Find the Best Talents in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

How to Find the Best Talents in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince 1 -
How to Find the Best Talents in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince 1 -

How to Find the Best Talents in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Hey there, Dragon Quest Monsters fans! Ever wonder how to make your monster team in The Dark Prince super awesome? It’s all about knowing their Talents. Think of Talents as the secret sauce that makes your monsters rock in battles. Here’s the deal: if you want a rad monster baby, either mom or dad monster needs to have the Talent you’re after. This guide is your ticket to figuring out which Talents are top-notch and how to use them to your advantage. Let’s dive in!

Spotting the Coolest Talents in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Ready for the inside scoop on Talents? I’ve been playing this game like crazy and have some hot tips to share. I’ll keep updating this guide with fresh info, so stay tuned. Here’s a breakdown of some talents that are total game-changers. Each Talent comes with its own set of cool skills and bonuses. Check it out!

Talent: Booster

Key Skills: Stat buffs

Maxed Talent Perk: None, but leveling up (like going from MP Booster I to MP Booster II) makes it stronger for the next gen.

Talent: Ward

Key Skills: Stat buffs

Maxed Talent Perk: Castslasher – Slashes MP use in half. Sweet, right?

Talent: Willing Helper

Key Skills: Midheal, Cures, Oomph/Ping

Maxed Talent Perk: Max MP +24 – More MP, more power!

Talent: Healer

Key Skills: Big heals, Zing

Maxed Talent Perk: Kazing – Brings back an ally from the brink.

Talent: Fortifier

Key Skills: Midheal, All the buffs

Maxed Talent Perk: Oomphle – Boosts your team’s attack for a few turns.

Talent: Defender

Key Skills: Heals, Defense Buffs

Maxed Talent Perk: Selflessness – Takes all hits for a round. Hero move!

Talent: Evil Genius

Key Skills: Kasap, Kanumb, Thwack

Maxed Talent Perk: Giga Drain Magic – Steals MP from enemies. Sneaky!

Talents: Thin Air, Hulk, Blusterer

Key Skills: Spells, debuffs OR Attacks, buffs

Maxed Talent Perk: A sweet elemental attack that gets stronger as you level up.

Talents: Tongue Twister, Enfeebler, Vexologist, Anaesthetist

Key Skills: All the debuffs you can imagine

Maxed Talent Perk: Tongue Bashing – Stuns and weakens enemies. Ouch!

Talents: Stinker, Prankster

Key Skills: Loads of debuffs, like paralysis and stun

Maxed Talent Perk: Burning Breath – Paralyzes everyone. Whoa!

Talent: Charmer

Key Skills: Sultry Dance, Sweet Breath, Fuddle Dance

Maxed Talent Perk: Giga Drain Magic – Drains MP randomly. Handy!

Talent: Dancer

Key Skills: Sultry Dance, Buff

Maxed Talent Perk: Sword Dance – Hits enemies multiple times. Super effective!

Talent: Cupid

Key Skills: Fizz, Dazzleflash

Maxed Talent Perk: Shining Shot – Zaps enemies with light damage. Zing!

Talent: Blade Maven

Key Skills: Multislash

Maxed Talent Perk: Miracle Slash – Damage enemies and heal yourself. Double win!

Talent: Bang Afficionado

Key Skills: Bang

Maxed Talent Perk: Boom – Big booms to all enemies. Kaboom!

Talent: Antimagician

Key Skills: Mist Me, Silence spells

Maxed Talent Perk: Bounce – Reflects spells. Take that, magic users!

Talent: Magic Maven

Key Skills: Every spell you can think of

Maxed Talent Perk: Boom – Explosive magic damage to all. Bang!

How to Filter Monsters by Talent in The Dark Prince

Wanna find monsters with these cool Talents? Here’s how:

  1. Hit up the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the Adventure Journal and check out Monsterpedia.
  3. Use the filters to pick your Talent. Easy peasy!

Monster Hunting Guide

Armed with this knowledge, you’re all set to track down the perfect monsters. For scouting tips, peek at our local monsters guide. If you need to create some, our synthesis guide has your back. Happy monster hunting!

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